Bachelor in Paradise featured Becca Kufrin, Tia Booth and Kendall Long arriving on the beach and shaking things up, Abigail Heringer and Noah Erb splitting up, and five Season 7 participants going home during Tuesday night's episode on ABC.

Tre Cooper and Tahzjuan Hawkins self-eliminated prior to the second Rose Ceremony of Bachelor in Paradise's seventh season, and then Karl Smith, Chasen Nick and Connor Brennan were denied roses at the ceremony and had to go home.


The Bachelor in Paradise broadcast began with Aaron Clancy and Thomas Jacobs fighting on the beach before the season's second Rose Ceremony. Aaron was extremely upset Thomas had disrespected him by kissing Tammy Ly while he was watching nearby.

The solid couples at this point in the process were Kenny Braasch and Demi Burnett, Jessenia Cruz and Chris Conran, Noah Erb and Abigail Heringer, Maurissa Gunn and Riley Christian, Joe "Grocery Store Joe" Amabile and Serena Pitt, and Brendan Morais and Natasha Parker.

Aaron said the fact Tammy had straddled and made out with the both of them in the same day was "already mind-blowing," not to mention how she decided to kiss the guy whom Aaron had "the most beef with" in Paradise.

Joe joked about how Tammy likes to put herself "in bad situations, maybe because it's exciting for her." And Demi also claimed Tammy likes the attention of two guys arguing over her and "likes to stir sh-t up, likes to be a b-tch, and likes to be malicious."

Tammy interrupted the fight and asked Aaron to talk to her, and he certainly wasn't happy.

"Thomas is smirking... I'm humiliated, I'm a laughing stock, I'm a joke. People are pitying me... I'm involved with you emotionally; you have a responsibility!" Aaron explained to Tammy.

Tammy said what they had was genuine, but Aaron accused her of lying. Aaron told Tammy that she had completely betrayed his trust and fooled her.

"She was like, 'Trust me, trust me, trust me.' And now I feel like a freaking idiot because that's the reason people have trust issues! They say, 'Trust me,' and then go to some horrible sh-t," Aaron said in a confessional.

Aaron told Tammy that she was going to regret her choices "like no other" because Thomas "is not a good person." Aaron couldn't believe Tammy had sacrificed what they had built as a couple just to test the waters with a new arrival and smooth-talking bachelor.

Aaron called Tammy "selfish" and "manipulative," and he admitted that he'd be fine if he never saw Tammy again.

"[Tammy] is irredeemable... I really liked Tammy. I thought she was beautiful and I thought she was sweet, but she makes me feel like sh-t... I thought she was different, but her and Thomas deserve each other," Aaron lamented.

Aaron was upset he had put all of his eggs into one basket and vented to his castmates about how he was "done" in Paradise, and Tammy cried, saying she felt awful about hurting Aaron.

Tammy determined she wanted to pursue things with Thomas after Aaron's meltdown, and so she and Thomas took off and made out on a daybed.

Once the storm settled down, Riley rapped Maurissa a song he had written for her, and Chasen Nick pulled Deandra Kanu aside for a chat.

Chasen gave Deandra a back massage and gifted her a thick, blingy silver chain necklace.

Chasen -- in a "Hail Mary" attempt to stay in Mexico -- admitted he was trying to one-up Karl, who had previously presented Deandra with a silver charm bracelet to represent their experience in Paradise together.

Deandra then decided to give Karl the bracelet back, saying he should give it to a woman who mutually reciprocates his feelings and felt a connection with him as well.

Karl was very sweet and polite to Deandra as she dumped him, but he called it "the biggest punch in the gut," especially because Chasen had tried to trump him. Karl called Chasen "fake as f-ck" and ultimately confronted the bachelor, but Chasen insisted he was actually connecting with Deandra.

Karl told Chasen that his move was a "low" blow since he had only known Deandra for one day.

As Noah and Demi joked about how the two silver pieces of jewelry were ugly and disgusting, Deandra questioned if Chasen was being genuine in how he felt or just wanted to receive a rose, and she was worried about potentially getting played.

Tre then pulled Tahzjuan aside and confessed how he didn't think they were meant to be together and communication had been lacking on both of their parts. Tre wanted Tahzjuan to be able to focus on her other opportunities, other men whom she could connect with and give her rose to.

Since Tre's relationship with Tahzjuan had been rocky and he wasn't romantically interested in anyone else on the beach, Tre opted to leave Paradise.


Serena assumed Tahzjuan had been blindsided, but she thought Tre was just doing what's best for him.

Tahzjuan therefore also chose to leave Mexico and go home. She had apparently given up on love at this point and called her experience "really unfortunate" and her "worst nightmare" since it didn't work out again for her.

"I am crying, sweating, and crying more," Tahzjuan complained. "It's a lot. It's not even funny anymore."

Just as several men -- Karl, Aaron, Ivan Hall and James Bonsall -- were concerned about being denied a rose at the upcoming Rose Ceremony, Bachelor in Paradise guest-host and former N'SYNC member Lance Bass said goodbye to the group and then left then with "a big surprise" he anticipated would "change everything."

"I reached out and I convinced someone to join you here on your journey. It's someone all of you will know. Someone so special that they needed to bring something here that no one has ever brought to Paradise before," Lance announced.

Suddenly, Becca, who starred on The Bachelorette's fourteenth season, arrived in Paradise with a rose in her hand to give out!

A former The Bachelorette star had never graced Paradise with her presence, and the single guys who weren't coupled-up were completely thrilled.

Becca said she hoped to fall in love in Mexico and focus on her own love story, and all of the women were left "squirming" a little bit, according to Deandra, because Becca looked beautiful and has a great personality.

"She's my favorite [Bachelorette]. I have a big crush on Becca," Aaron revealed.

Becca got to sit down and chat with the single men in Paradise. Karl read her palm and Becca had a nice conversation with Aaron, who sincerely revealed how he had a big crush on her and would love to take her out on a date.

Aaron complimented Becca on being gorgeous, easygoing and intelligent, and he said he'd be totally down to explore a relationship with her -- but Becca seemed a little uneasy about their age difference given she's 31 and Aaron is only 26.

The second Rose Ceremony of the season then commenced.

Natasha gave her rose to Brendan, Serena offered her rose to Joe, Abigail handed her rose to Noah, Jessenia gave her rose to Chris, Tammy gave her rose to Thomas, Demi gave her rose to Kenny, and Mari Pepin-Solis handed her rose to James so they could explore a connection.

Deandra surprisingly gave her rose to Ivan, saying he deserved to be on the beach and could now resume his search for love in Paradise.

The final rose of the evening belonged to Becca, and she offered her rose to Aaron, whom she had heard is the funniest person on the beach. She said she looked forward to getting to know him better.

Karl, Chasen, and Connor were therefore all eliminated, and they left Paradise upset, deflated and disappointed.

"I tried. I did everything I could. It just feels like no matter what I do, I'm just not good enough. I just want somebody to choose me," Connor cried following his ouster.

After a long night, Serena shared how Mari still had "super strong" feelings for Kenny even though he had paired up with Demi, who was convinced Kenny wouldn't leave her since she bragged she's so much fun and the couple was horny for each other.


Tia, a self-declared hopeless romantic who had been dumped on Bachelor in Paradise's fifth season by former The Bachelor star Colton Underwood before he came out as gay, then entered Bachelor in Paradise serious about finding a man and hopefully getting engaged.

Tia had a Date Card in hand and was immediately attracted to the guys with tattoos and abs, Thomas and Kenny.

Demi felt confident Kenny wasn't up for dating other women, but he seemed taken with Tia during their first conversation.

Kenny therefore spoke to Demi about how she'd feel if he went on a date with Tia. Kenny said he didn't want to disrespect or hurt Demi, but he seemed to be asking for her permission to go.

"I wouldn't be happy about it," Demi admitted. "What else do you want me to say about it? I would be bummed?"

"So should I not do it then?" Kenny asked.

"Well, I don't want you to, but I also don't want you to be upset that you didn't go," Demi replied, adding how she liked Kenny and would not go on a date with another guy because they were "a 10 out of 10 on every level."

Kenny said he didn't think they were exclusive, but Demi was surprised Kenny was even thinking about letting go of their "amazing" connection.

Much to Demi's dismay, Kenny ended up accepting Tia's invitation to go on a date.

"Life is hard when you're dating the hottest guy on the beach," Demi said. "It hurts the ego a little bit, I'm not going to lie... [But] he'll be back. I know I'm more fun. I am fun, playful and sexy, and I think Kenny really likes that."

Demi also pointed out how Tia is "definitely not a Demi."

But Tia and Kenny apparently had a whole lot of fun on their date. The pair came across a trio of people -- two women and one man -- who suddenly stripped all of their clothes off for a game of naked volleyball. Even the man showed his privates!

Following suit, Kenny stripped down nude and Tia took her bikini top off. Tia and Kenny proceeded to play volleyball, kiss multiple times and flirt in the ocean.

"You can say he is the full package and HE HAS the full package," Tia joked.

Kenny said he had an "awesome" time with Tia, but Demi said the idea of Tia and Kenny kissing made her want to throw up.

But Tia was shocked to learn Kenny and Demi had gone to "The Boom Boom Room" together, and it appeared Kenny and Demi had sex, although Kenny wouldn't come right out and say it.

Meanwhile, Serena said she felt secure in her relationship with Joe and they were both on the same page about their relationship, which was very "reassuring."

But Abigail felt the opposite. While Abigail said she and Noah had a very strong emotional connection and could laugh together, she noticed how they weren't all over each other in an affectionate manner like some of the other couples.

Abigail wondered if she and Noah were moving slow or had already friend-zoned each other.

Maurissa believed Abigail and Noah were having fun but weren't showing their true emotions to each other. She thought Abigail and Noah needed to dive deep in order to advance their connection, and Abigail agreed that Noah was "playing it safe."

"Are we not pushing this relationship to the full potential or are we just friends -- and should we explore other options?" Abigail pondered. "I'm nervous. I need to know what's going on with us."

Abigail noted how she felt comfortable with Noah but didn't want their romance to get "stale" and not progress.

Abigail therefore confronted Noah about their "situationship," and Noah seemed caught off-guard. Abigail admitted she felt like they were both holding back and had not reached a relationship level yet.

Noah didn't feel like he and Abigail were just friends, but she said it seemed like he had stop trying with her. In response to that, Noah explained that when he tried something with Abigail, he didn't get much of a response from her, which was hard and "frustrating."

Abigail said she was confused because she had never felt such an easy connection, but then she suggested, "Are we just delaying the inevitable?"

Noah started questioning things and became very serious, and he asked Abigail if they could get back on track and get to where they needed to be in order to leave the show together as a happy couple.

Noah wondered if his connection with Abigail was "too far gone" and she was right about them delaying the inevitable, but he appeared kind of crushed.

"Do you want to try again?" Abigail asked.

"I feel like I want to think for a minute," Noah replied.

Noah said he and Abigail had been strong the entire time but he didn't like where their conversation went. Noah determined he should pull back from Abigail and he didn't like it at all.

Abigail then started to cry to her friends about how she and Noah didn't seem "all in" and maybe they were scared to open up to each other. Abigail worried she had hurt Noah and caused him to shut down, which seemed to be accurate.

"I really self-sabotage. We really had such a good thing going on, and I just f-cked it up," Abigail lamented in a confessional. "There's nobody else here I'm interested in. It's Noah. I just feel like I hurt him and I feel horrible. I don't know why I always do this."

Just as Joe gushed about how he liked Serena, they were vibing, and "nothing" could get in their way, Joe's ex-girlfriend of almost two years, Kendall, showed up to Paradise in a hot red skirt and crop top.

The pair had been broken up for about a year.

"Joe was the closest thing I ever came to marriage, and I don't want to just completely let go of him, and I see Paradise as where we began. I think my worst fear is walking down and seeing Joe holding hands with somebody. That would just literally break me," Kendall admitted.

"I still have love for him, of course. We still loved each other when we broke up, so I don't know if we ever really stopped having that connection. I definitely miss Joe. I hope he's excited to see me, because I'm excited to see him."

Ivan said Kendall looked beautiful and gorgeous and it probably meant "trouble" for Joe.

Kendall walked past James, who was ready to introduce himself, and made a B-line for Joe.

Kendall then approached Joe as he was sprawled out on a giant daybed with multiple Bachelor in Paradise females, including Serena.

"Hey butthead," Kendall said.

"Hi," Joe replied.

"Want to go talk?" Kendall asked.

"Yeah," Joe responded with a smile.

The episode ended with Joe lamenting in a confessional, "F-ck!"


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