The Bachelorette alum Ashley Hebert has revealed whether she's dating post-split from her estranged husband J.P. Rosenbaum and whether she'd be interested in getting married again.

Ashley revealed to her followers in a Q&A session on Sunday how she's already been on a few dates since parting ways from her The Bachelorette Season 7 winner, J.P., People reported.


When asked if she's been dating, Ashley, 36, replied, "Maybe."

"Omg the first date I went on was horrrrific. I wanted to run," Ashley continued.

Ashley and J.P., 44, share two children, son Fordham Rhys, 6, and daughter Essex Reese, 4.

"The second date I went on was at top golf and I am legit the worst golfer you could imagine," Ashley shared. "We are no longer dating."

But Ashley assured her fans that she'll be careful whom she introduces to her children and that J.P. will meet her future boyfriend first.

"I'm pretty sure my kids don't understand what dating is," Ashley noted. "If I am serious enough with someone, they will meet JP first, then the kids. But wow, I don't feel ready for that yet!"

And when asked whether she'd consider tying the knot again, Ashley responded, "Hmm great question. My vote is no."

"I believe that seasons change and it's okay," she added. "I know this is probably an unpopular opinion."

Ashley may not be ready to walk down the aisle again, but she acknowledged she knows what she wants in a relationship.

Ashley said she's "focusing on how people make me feel, or how I feel when I'm around someone."

"I tend to be most attracted to men that are kind, mommas boys, nice to their friends and even strangers," Ashley wrote. "This is a major emotional turn on for me."


As for JP's dating life, Ashley said she'd love for her estranged husband to meet a nice woman and she's "all for it" if it makes him happy.

"If JP introduces someone to me, that means it's serious. I would be very happy for him. Honestly," Ashley insisted.

"If JP is happy that means my kids are around someone that is bright, uplifting, loving, etc etc."

Ashley also shared how she and J.P. are currently doing a "50/50 time share" with their children in which they each have "2 days with, 2 days without" Fordham and Essex as well as "alternate weekends," according to People.

Although Ashley said she and J.P. broke up in part because they "see the cup differently," it appears they're still on good terms because they communicate three to five times a week.

Ashley said she plans to remain "honest and open" with the kids about her divorce and hopes to maintain stability for them in homes filled with love and fun.

"If I'm ever in a situation where I'm torn about what to do or say, I ask myself.. what is the right thing for the kids... I let that guide me," Ashley explained.

She advised other mothers going through a divorce, "It's easy to get caught up in our emotions. But let the kids' well-being guide your actions."

Now that Ashley is on her own again, it seems she's happy and in touch with her own needs.

"I lost a huge part of what I loved about myself towards the end of my marriage," Ashley confessed in her Q&A. "I feel like myself again. Don't have an explanation for it tho."


J.P. filed for divorce from Ashley in Miami-Dade County in Florida on July 28, according to court records obtained by E! News.

J.P. told the website there's "no fighting" as they proceed with a divorce and they remain "friendly" as they co-parent their children.

Ashley and J.P. first announced in October 2020 they had decided to split up and "separate ways" after nearly eight years of marriage.

"It is with a heavy heart that I share with you that, after months of separation, JP and I have amicably decided to go our separate ways," Ashley captioned a photo of the couple in happier times on Instagram.

"We created the most beautiful children and shared memories that will never be forgotten. Our differences have taken a toll on our relationship and after years of attempting to repair the damage, we've decided that it is in our family's best interest to create new and separate lives for our children."

According to J.P.'s Instagram posting, The Bachelorette couple had already been separated for months prior to their big announcements.

"I have written and rewritten this post dozens of times and each time I feel the same level of disbelief and extreme sadness," J.P. wrote.

"While I realize that this will come as a complete shock to everyone, I can assure you that this is something that has been developing in our relationship for quite a while. It is with a heavy heart that I share with you that after months of separation, Ashley and I have amicably decided to live our lives apart from one another."

In his posting, J.P. also insisted the couple had done "absolutely everything" they could to save their marriage and they have had irreconcilable differences for years.

"Please please please know that there is no one to blame, that there's no event that triggered this decision, that no one is the victim, and that we've done absolutely everything we possibly can to try to salvage this marriage," he wrote.

"I think we've both come to realize that we are just two very different people, with very different personalities and perspectives, who just don't see eye to eye on a lot life fundamentals, those which are the building blocks for a happy and healthy marriage."

The Bachelorette couple's split announcement came two years after Ashley and J.P. had renewed their wedding vows in a beachfront ceremony in Aruba in August 2018.

Ashley originally appeared on Season 15 of The Bachelor starring Brad Womack and then became The Bachelorette's seventh-season star.

Ashley ended up selecting J.P. over her runner-up, Ben Flajnik, at The Bachelorette season's Final Rose Ceremony for Season 7 in Fiji.

J.P. proposed marriage to Ashley in the finale that aired on ABC in Summer 2011, and the couple got married in December 2012 in a ceremony that was also televised.

The Bachelorette couple welcomed Fordham in September 2014 and Essex Reese in November 2016.

In 2017, Ashley and J.P. also appeared on Season 7 of Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars.

During their Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars appearance, Ashley voiced her frustration with J.P.'s "tunnel vision with work" while J.P. found Ashley's inability to put him first "reprehensible."

In addition, Ashley and J.P. were shown disagreeing on parenting approaches.

In late 2019, J.P. revealed he had been diagnosed with Guillain-Barre syndrome, a rare disorder in which the body's immune system mistakenly attacks nerve cells.

According to J.P., the condition had made it difficult or nearly impossible for him to pick up a phone, button buttons, tie shoelaces, put on deodorant, or play with his children.


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