The NYPost reports that an upcoming issue of TV Guide will feature a blockbluster "behind the scenes" reality story of sorts -- news that the first "Bachelor," Alex Michel, who snubbed "Bachelorette" Trista Rehn for a younger woman at the end of the first ABC "The Bachelor" series, continued to carry a torch for Trista, writing and phoning her for months after the show ended. Upon learning of the secret relationship, Amanda Marsh, dumped Alex.

In an interview with TV Guide, Trista tells that Alex came down with a bad case of buyer's remorse almost immediately after proposing to the other woman. According to her, last May, "basically he told me that he thought he had made a mistake," she tells TV Guide. Alex and Trista conducted a sort-of secret relationship from there, as he dogged her with letters and repeated phone calls - even though he was in Los Angeles living with Marsh. "He'll probably deny that he said [that he'd made a mistake], but that's the reason I continued to correspond [with him]," Trista says. "Going by what he told me, I didn't see anything wrong" with writing to him.

Trista says she broke off the correspondence with Alex for several reasons. For starters, her family and friends didn't like him, telling her she'd "lucked out" by losing to Amanda. Then, a public appearance by Alex and Amanda at last May's Kentucky Derby added to her doubts even though she says she still "really wanted to be with Alex."

When contacted by TV Guide, Alex said he had no comment on the story.