According to the Associated Press, the weird world of the Osbourne family just keeps getting more bizarre. In the latest development, Sharon Osbourne has filed a police report alleging that a Hollywood talent agent, who won a $15,000 necklace in a raffle during the New Years' Eve party thrown by the Osbournes (that was filmed for airing as part of their MTV series), committed theft by winning and taking the necklace.

According to the complaint, the winner of the necklace, agent Renee Tab of the powerful ICM agency, was not an invited guest to the party. Therefore, the Osbournes allege that she had no right to be in the raffle or win the necklace, so she committed theft by taking it. A Beverly Hills police lieutenant confirmed the filing of the report.

A spokesperson for Sharon Osbourne claimed that she was disappointed that the necklace had not been returned. Meanwhile, a spokesperson for ICM requested an apology from the Osbournes to both ICM and Ms. Tab.

It appears that the Osbournes are determined to test the truth of the old adage that the only bad publicity is no publicity...