Unlike some reality television producers, Average Joe executive producer Stuart Krasnow freely admits that he intentionally cast his show in such a way that the former beauty queens starring on it were faced with having to backup their pre-show claims that "looks aren't that important" or come off looking shallow or hypocritical -- and he makes no apologies for it.

In an interview with Zap2It.com that makes one wonder if a better title for the series might not have been The Revenge Of The Average Joes, Krasnow says that he and fellow executive producer Andrew Glassman had a goal of creating "a show we all could relate to" and that the program was the "most real thing we've ever done."

Later in the interview, Krasnow doesn't hide the fact that the eight attractive young himbos which make a surprise appearance midway through the program were specifically selected because they offer the former beauty queen a possible photo shoot partner but apparently little of the other non-physical attributes that the women alleged to desire in a partner.

"The show is about choosing between guys from two worlds, and we want it to be a clear-cut choice," Glassman told Zap2It. "Every one of the hot guys you'll meet in Hawaii, they're great guys in their own right, they have interests, they have jobs, but you can always add '/model' to the end of whatever their current career choice is." "I think if we're being accused of stacking the deck, sure. Guilty."

For her part, in perhaps an early giveaway that, just as original Average Joe beauty Melana Scantlin, she also failed to notice the producer's intentional himbo casting, pretentious Average Joe 2: Hawaii star Larissa Meek told the website that "most people are lucky to meet one amazing person in their lives, and I was fortunate enough to meet a group of 26."

Considering the Average Joe 2 cast only features eighteen "average joes," that comment might say it all.