The Real World: San Diego, the latest scandal-filled installment of MTV's The Real World will premiere on January 6, and if the police reports filed to date are any indication, it's going to be a drama-filled -- and possibly deeply disturbing -- season.

Bookended by an on-camera Labor Day weekend barfight arrest of female castmember Robin Hibbard and a late November San Diego police raid of the Real World house due to a date-rape allegation, the production, which began in August and concluded late last year, also included the replacement of one cast member who, partway through the production, opted to leave the house.

For viewers, the unanswered question is how much the production's controversial activities -- which include allegations that the show's producers not only failed to report the suspected house rape to police but also interfered with the police's attempts to investigate the incident and conveniently whisked the cast out of the country as the investigation began -- will make it into the edited twenty-five episode season of the show, which premieres January 6 at 10 PM ET on MTV.

Formally announced by MTV last week (but long-since identified by online fansites such as, the seven initial castmembers are described by the network as follows:

Brad, 22. From Orland Park, IL, Brad is a "hunky, fun-loving daredevil" and "passionate motorcycle maniac" who "looks like a cocky frat boy," but allegedly is "a genuinely nice guy with a big heart." A "muscular Italian with a Chicago accent." Brad just graduated from school with an accounting degree and has a girlfriend of four years... to which he's apparently not too attached, since he's quoted as saying he'd have to give her up if forced to choose between his bike or his girl. Figure on Episode 3 or 4 for his first hook-up.

Cameran, 19. From Anderson, SC, the young Southern belle was raised in a "picture-perfect upper class family" -- or at least it was perfect until her parents suddenly divorced while she was in high school. According to MTV, "people find Cameran's beauty so stunning that they are shocked when they find her to be so warm, friendly and down-to-earth." Don't hate her because she's beautiful folks -- hate her because she admits that her on-and-off boyfriend of one year "is merely a 'trophy' to her" and apparently makes such arrogant public comments.

Frankie, 21. From Blue Springs, MO, Frankie is an "extremely pretty, pierced and very creative" young woman and former part-time porn store employee who was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis as a child. According to MTV, she "likes to shock people with her appearance, date bad boys, party all night and dreams of being an artist." Frankie is also the castmember who apparently comes to her senses (albeit perhaps a couple of months too late) and leaves the house partway through the filming process and is replaced by a 19 year old male skateboarder from Oregon named Charlie.

Jacquese, 19. From Virginia Beach, VA, Jacquese is this season's token African-American male castmember. A student at Morehouse College, after years of teasing due to his resemblance to TV's Urkel, "Jacquese has developed a quick wit and an even quicker tongue." According to MTV, Jacquese also has a "tenacious work ethic and drive" and considers "don't judge a book by its cover" to be his personal motto. As a child, Jacquese also "reluctantly took on the role of 'man of the house' because his dad wasn't around much."

Jamie, 20. From San Francisco, CA, Jamie is a "no nonsense and in your face" young Korean woman "raised by uneducated, first generation, traditional parents." A student at the University of California, Riverside, Jamie is also reportedly the only castmember who apparently came to the aid of the alleged date rape victim the morning following the alleged rape, informing her she may have been sexually assaulted in the bathroom the night before (when Jamie was not home) and arranging for a male friend of hers to give her a ride home

Randy, 24. From Boston, MA, Randy apparently is the going to be the second Boston-based castmember in a row (following Real World:Paris' C.T.) to give Boston a bad reputation. An "industrial artist" and "head security man" (that's code for "head bouncer") for a popular Boston nightclub, Randy says that it's "not uncommon for girls to wait three hours until he gets off work in order to talk to him." An admitted playa who's "not involved in any kind of committed relationship," Randy "takes full advantage of his single status." Unsurprisingly, among the castmembers, Randy's name has been the one which has been most directly associated with the alleged date-rape. According to the victim's statement and comments by Jamie, it was a friend of Randy's named Justin, who was visiting and staying at the house, who is allegedly at the center of the possible rape and "date-rape" drug allegations.

Robin, 22. From Tampa, FL, Robin is a former student body president, cheerleader and sorority sister who works as a "Coyote Ugly" bartender and, when not working, "is most likely dancing on another bar just for fun." And if she's not dancing on bars, she's apparently also not opposed to fighting in them as well, as evidenced by her September 2 barfight with a male U.S. Marine, after which she was charged with misdemeanor battery and spent about nine hours in the slammer before making bail.