Antonio Sabato Jr. was revealed to be Celebrity Circus' champ during last night's finale broadcast of the NBC reality competition series.

"This means the world," said Sabato after his victory.  "I've learned so much about people and life and so many other things.  This has been amazing and I thank the judges, the fans and my family.  This is for you."

The former Melrose Place and General Hospital actor was crowned Celebrity Circus' winner based on a combination of the judges' scores from last Wednesday night's episode and home viewer votes cast immediately following the penultimate broadcast.

"My grandfather from my mother's side and my mother were both in the circus, so I guess I have it in my blood because now I'm doing it too.  This is the hardest thing I've ever done physically.  From the first moment I walked in the training facility, I gave it 150% because I want to finish first," said Sabato during a video package that aired prior to his victory.

"This whole journey has been an amazing experience.  I have friends that I will consider friends for the rest of my life.  I've loved everyday that I've been coming here.  I will never forget it."

Despite placing among the bottom two during both the third and fifth weeks of the competition, Sabato was still able to defeat Clueless actress Stacey Dash -- who was atop the judges' leaderboard for the first three weeks of the competition and never found herself in the bottom two.

"My fear of the circus is exactly what intrigued me to do it.  It was terrifying, and I don't want to not do it because I'm scared.  Now I've decided to let go and just have fun with this," said Dash during a video package that aired last night. 

"I think this has been more difficult for me mentally than it has been physically.  This whole process has been like a mirror for me to see myself.  These wonderful trainers have been believing in me and pushing me and lifting me up anytime I did fall down.  I'm so grateful.  I will forever be changed from this experience because I now know what I can do.  The word 'can't' will never enter my vocabulary again."

Former Jackass star and Armed & Famous celebrity cop Jason "Wee Man" Acuna finished third during last night's finale.

"I came here to have fun, and that's all it was for me," said Acuna after his ouster was revealed.