Celebrity Circus contestant Christopher Knight had already pushed his injured elbow to the limits in an attempt reclaim a part of his childhood.  However the 50-year-old former The Brady Bunch actor re-injured his left arm during a recent rehearsal and was thus forced to withdraw from Celebrity Circus during last night's broadcast of the NBC reality series.

"Yesterday when I fell, I guess I did more damage to the arm," said Knight during last night's broadcast.  "I had an appointment with the doctor this morning, and it's broken again.  With that, their advice to me was that I really can't go on and I have to withdraw."

Knight appeared onstage with his left arm in a sling, and Celebrity Circus host Joey Fatone called Knight's fall "shocking."

"I feel very privileged to have been part of this," said Knight before he left the stage for the last time.

Knight -- a former The Surreal Life houseguest and current My Fair Brady co-star -- initially fractured his elbow on the German Wheel during rehearsals leading up to Celebrity Circus' July 2 premiere.

While doctors said he was able to continue in the competition only by not putting any weight on the elbow, he re-injured it during the recent rehearsal on the trapeze.

"You've had to overcome obstacles every step of the way, and each and every night you came out to perform you gave it your all," judge Mitch Gaylord told Knight during last night's broadcast.  "You did overcome those obstacles.  You had to work around the injury.  It was most impressive that you made it through.  I think you are an inspiration to people of any age to follow their dreams and overcome obstacles.  Great job."

Following his unexpected exit, Knight told Entertainment Tonight his main priority is taking care of his injury.

"I have to go start some new therapy tomorrow and re-heal it because it's now broken again," he told Entertainment Tonight.  "But it doesn't hurt, which is sort of troubling, you know, so I have to remember that it's broken so I don't use it."

Knight had previously stated participating in Celebrity Circus gave him the opportunity to "live out a part of my childhood I never had an opportunity to explore.

"Big bummer, I mean it really is," Knight told Entertainment Tonight about his withdrawal. "This is just a fun place... I wish it didn't have to end [but] it does -- life is what happens when you're making other plans."

As last night's broadcast continued, Fatone revealed that Knight would not have been eliminated based on home viewer votes cat immediately following last Wednesday night's broadcast -- meaning one of the four remaining contestants had "gotten a second lease on life."

Celebrity Circus' four remaining contestants are former Melrose Place and General Hospital actor Antonio Sabato Jr., Clueless actress Stacey Dash, former Jackass star Jason "Wee Man" Acuna, and former Dancing with the Stars participant, The Real Gilligian's Island castaway and supermodel Rachel Hunter.
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