Home viewers apparently felt Rachel Hunter's canine-themed Celebrity Circus performance was for the dogs.

The 38-year-old supermodel and reality show retread was eliminated from Celebrity Circus during last night's penultimate episode of the NBC reality series.  Hunter was ousted based on home viewer votes cast immediately following last Wednesday night's broadcast.

"I had an amazing experience and I did a variety of different acts -- albeit some of them were a bit silly," said Hunter after Celebrity Circus host Joey Fatone revealed the voting results.  "But I enjoyed myself."

During last Wednesday night's Celebrity Circus broadcast -- which saw My Fair Brady co-star Christopher Knight withdraw from the competition due to a broken arm -- Hunter was billed as attempting to "tame a raging bull," according to Fatone. 

However home viewers instead saw Hunter serve as a circus matador for a pint-sized pooch with horns attached to its head.

"It was cute and... entertaining?" had commented judge Aurelia Cats.  "I'm not sure what I'm supposed to say... It was entertaining.  That was all I have to say."

"I almost feel the same way as Aurelia," added judge Mitch Gaylord.  "I'm at a loss of words.  I wasn't expecting this type of act from you.  I've been watching you progress -- getting more and more daring and more athletic... So this was kind of unique to me.  I get the joke.  I'm speechless as well."

"It was car crash, but I loved it," said Louie Spence, Celebrity Circus' Bruno Tonioli-type judge.  "It was certainly entertaining, and I know one thing darling, America is going to love this!"

Spence was wrong, as Hunter -- who has also competed on Dancing with the Stars and The Real Gilligan's Island, served as a judge on Are You Hot?, and hosted Style Me with Rachel Hunter -- was booted by home viewer votes during last night's broadcast.

In addition to Hunter's elimination, Celebrity Circus' broadcast also feautured the show's three remaining finalists -- former Melrose Place and General Hospital actor Antonio Sabato Jr., Clueless actress Stacey Dash and former Jackass star Jason "Wee Man" Acuna -- each performing for the final time.

Celebrity Circus' finale broadcast will air Wednesday, July 16 at 10PM ET/PT on NBC, with the winner being crowned based on home viewer votes cast immediately following last night's broadcast.