The Bachelor star beware.

Former The Bachelor: Officer and a Gentleman star Andy Baldwin provided some words of wisdom to current The Bachelor: London Calling star Matt Grant as he looks for love via the ABC reality dating series.

"It's easy to fall in love on the show.  The hard part is keeping it going once the cameras stop," said Baldwin in In Touch Weekly's March 24 issue -- a lesson that the 31-year-old Naval doctor learned the hard way.

Baldwin presented his final rose and also proposed marriage to Tessa Horst during Officer and a Gentleman's pre-taped finale broadcast last May.  Horst accepted both the rose and the proposal and told reporters after the finale broadcast that she planned to relocate to his homestate of Hawaii in "the next few months," but it never happened.

"The fantasy ends after the final Rose Ceremony and reality sets in, so don't propose unless you're 100% sure," Baldwin told In Touch.

Baldwin and Horst apparently weren't at 100% when it came to their real-life romantic relationship, as the couple announced the end of their engagement last August.  While they insisted they were still very much a romantic item -- that apparently didn't last very long either.

"We got engaged way too soon," Baldwin told In Touch.  "That was our downfall."

Baldwin recently returned from a military mission in Palau and is reportedly "quietly dating" Donald Trump's ex-wife Marla Maples. 

As for Grant, he told reporters prior to London Calling's premiere that he "definitely found love" via The Bachelor -- a comment eerily similar to the one made by Baldwin prior to Officer and a Gentleman's debut.

"I came out with an amazing woman and I'm totally in love," Baldwin told reporters at the time.