Considering Teller has performed as a Las Vegas magician for years, one would expect him to be a bit more savvy when it comes to placing bets.

However that's apparently not the case, as Teller placed a $5,000 wager on Penn Jillette -- the other half of his comedy/magic act -- to walk away with Dancing with the Stars sixth-season mirror ball trophy, The Associated Press reported Friday.

Not only did Jillette fail to win the show's sixth season title with his professional partner Kym Johnson -- they were the first pair eliminated during Tuesday night's live results show broadcast. 

The odds against Jillette were 30-1, according to The AP, so Teller stood to win $150,000 from his $5,000 wager.

"I have paid that kind of money for ringside seats for famous events, you know, and I think paying five grand to have a prime ringside seat to the dance of the century was a good deal," Teller, a pantomime on stage, told The AP via a phone interview.

Despite losing the loot -- fairly quickly -- Teller still enjoyed watching his friend attempt to master the art of ballroom dancing.

"[He] danced amazingly," Teller told The AP.  "He was perfectly in time, his footwork was amazing. I think the judges just have a blind spot for grace in men with size 14 shoes."