Julianne Hough used Brad Paisley's summer tour to promote her self-titled country debut, and apparently found herself a new beau to boot.

The two-time Dancing with the Stars professional champ is currently dating fellow country singer Chuck Wicks, People reported Wednesday.

"He's just a great guy! He's awesome and really, really talented," Hough told People about Wicks.  "I'm having a great time getting to know him."

The 20-year-old Dancing with the Stars starlet and 29-year-old singer began dating while participating in Paisley's ongoing summer tour, which Hough said is strange since they were both so busy.

"It's very difficult to date," she told People.  "I just got kind of lucky!"

Hough added the two were workout partners while on tour and also enjoyed some of their down time together with the other acts.

"When we play amphitheaters, we'll run up and down the stairs," she told People. "And all of us -- all the bands -- bought bikes and we go mountain biking and we'll go to amusements parks and things like that."

Hough canceled her August 2007 wedding to Zach Wilson -- a subsequent Dance War: Bruno vs. Carrie Ann "Team Bruno" winner -- less than two weeks before ABC's broadcast of Dancing with the Stars' fourth-season finale, in which she was crowned champ with celebrity partner Apolo Anton Ohno.

Wilson later stated he and Hough still planned to wed and hadn't "fallen away from each other at all," but the couple subsequently split for good.

While Hough and Wicks enjoyed a summer of fun together, she departed for Los Angeles on Tuesday to meet her Dancing with the Stars seventh-season partner while Wicks -- who split from his long-term girlfriend earlier this year -- will remain on the Paisley tour.

However Hough is apparently confident that she and Wicks can date long-distance with busy schedules -- hurdles that hindered her relationship with Wilson.

"That's what's cool about being with an independent person," Hough told People about Wicks.