America's Next Top Model eliminated Hadassah Richardson and determined Season 22's Top 5 finalists during Friday night's broadcast on The CW.

Hadassah, a 23-year-old 5'5" model from Houston, TX, was ousted from the competition after she received the lowest total score of all the contestants when combining their 1-10 scores from Top Model judges Tyra Banks, Kelly Cutrone and Miss J Alexander as well as their 1-10 challenge score.

"I came in a pageant girl but I've transformed into a different person. Mikey is really fun. We had a lot of fun together. I wish we could've hung out more. I don't know who he's going to flirt with now. I'm sure he'll find someone, maybe Nyle, I don't think it matters to Mikey," Hadassah joked about her romantic interest this season following her elimination.

This week's challenge took place at The Sayers Club, where the contestants participated in an interactive runway show challenge during which they modeled outfits designed by Zappos representatives on a big computer screen for all to see. The representatives chose six looks for each model, one of which the models had to change up on their own last minute.

The challenge favorites were Devin, Nyle and Mame, who ended up winning the challenge -- her fifth challenge victory this season. Mame received a full look delivered to her suite.

For the contestants' photo shoot, the models each posed for a "Fierce-A-Gram," which turned out to be a wild scene featuring all the models at once. The point of the photo shoot was to creatively crop each model out of the picture to tell a different story than what was happening in the crazy wideshot. Each closeup offered up an innocent feel, while the larger photo displayed strange chaos.

Tyra handed out best performance this week to Mame. She received a 7.9 from Miss J, a 9 from Tyra, an 8.7 from Kelly, and a perfect challenge score of 10. Her total was 35.6 points.

Following Mame, Tyra's call-out order was as follows: Mikey with 35.2 points, Devin with 34.6 points, and Nyle with 33.9 points -- leaving Hadassah and Lacey in the bottom two.

Hadassah earned a 7.4 from Miss J, a 7.8 from Tyra, an 8 from Kelly, and a 7 challenge score. Her total was 30.2 points.

Lacey racked in 8.1 points from Miss J, 8 points from Tyra, 7.9 points from Kelly, and 7 points from the challenge. Her total score was 31.0 points.