The Amazing Race "Mother and Son" team Denise Williams and James Corley survived a non-elimination leg during Friday night's broadcast of the CBS reality competition's 27th season.

Denise and James were not shown arriving at the Race's sixth Pit Stop at the Arc de Triomphe, an iconic landmark in Paris, France. However, all of the other teams stepped on the Pit Stop mat and immediately continued racing, so it was clear Denise and James were going to finish the leg in last place.

The Amazing Race broadcast began with Denise and James thanking "Best Friends and Texans" Tanner Kloven and Josh Ahern for giving them their extra Express Pass. Tanner and Josh explained the mother and son had really helped them out a lot in prior legs.

Denise and James departed the fifth Pit Stop in Zimbabwe at 5:40AM followed by "Engaged Couple and Amazing Race Super Fans" Justin Scheman and Diana Bishop at 5:50AM and Tanner and Josh at 6AM.

One member from each team then had to complete a Roadblock task.

The Roadblock required the Racers to bungee jump 364 feet from Victoria Falls Bridge and then write down their Fitbit heart rate on a provided card. The Amazing Race host Phil Keoghan explained the teams must record their heart rates after each challenge during the leg because they'd reference that information later on in the Race.

Denise and James made it to the bridge in first place but discovered the task didn't open until 7AM, so they figured all the teams would unfortunately catch up with one another.

Denise opted to take on the Roadblock for her team, and she was later joined by Diana, Tanner, Joey Buttitta, Krista Debono, Rick Chac, and Chris Gordon.

Denise and James finished the Roadblock in first place. They were then followed by Justin and Diana, Tanner and Josh, "Dating Co-Workers and News Anchors" Kelsey Gerckens and Joey, "Former NFL Cheerleaders" Tiffany Chantell and Krista, "Married Couple in Medicine" Cindy Chac and Rick, and "Dating Paparazzi Business Partners" Logan Fazio and Chris.

The teams then learned they'd be flying to Paris. Once there, they were instructed to make their way to Aerodrome Musee Volant Salis.

All seven teams got on the same plane. After rushing out of the airport, Justin and Diana arrived at Aerodrome Musee Volant Salis in first place. They were soon followed by Tanner and Josh, Tiffany and Krista, Logan and Chris, Denise and James, Cindy and Rick, and finally Kelsey and Joey.

In another Roadblock, the Racers who did not bungee jump were required to fly in a vintage training biplane and attempt to spot three words on the ground that constituted the motto of the French Revolution of 1789: Liberte, Egalite and Fraternite.

If a Racer missed any of the words, he or she would have to get in the back of the line and do it all over again. Justin performed this Roadblock as well as Josh, Tiffany, James, Cindy, Kelsey and Logan.
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When Logan was in the air, she missed the third word -- Fraternite -- and was beating herself up for it. She and Chris therefore fell into last place and worried they wouldn't be able to recover.

Justin and Diana completed the second Roadblock task in first place. On their heels were Tanner and Josh, Tiffany and Krista, Denise and James, Cindy and Rick, Kelsey and Joey, and finally Logan and Chris.

The teams' next set of clues led them to Square Louise Michel, where they had to search for Le Fantome Blanc.

Justin and Diana bickered a lot but still worked well together. They ended up making the first available train. All of the other teams hopped on the second train except for Logan and Chris, who got stuck on the third train that departed an hour behind the second.

Maintaining their lead, Justin and Diana arrived at the Detour cluebox before any of the other teams. They were then followed by Tanner and Josh, Tiffany and Krista, Kelsey and Joey, Denise and James, Cindy and Rick, and finally Logan and Chris.

It then became time for the teams to choose one of two possible Detour tasks: "Drops Mic" or "Bust a Crab."

"Drops Mic" required the teams to perform a rap song by legendary French artist Passi. If they could master the pronunciation, rhythm and vibes, they'd receive their next clue.  

"Bust a Crab" required the teams to travel to the famous La Coupole restaurant, where they had to shuck, crack and split seafood to create and decorate the establishment's signature dish, the Royal Platter. If the teams could meet the chefs' high standards, they'd earn their next clue.

Denise and James got lost trying to go to the food task, so they ended up having to go to the rap one instead.

Meanwhile, Logan and Chris hadn't seen any other teams so they feared they were in last place.

Justin and Diana took on the "Drops Mic" task as did Tiffany and Krista, Kelsey and Joey, and Denise and James.

Cindy and Rick tried the "Bust a Crab" task. Tanner and Josh and Logan and Chris were on it as well.

Denise really struggled with her rap song and the show featured her making over eight attempts to get it right. 

Justin and Diana finished the Detour task in first place after their fourth attempt at the rap. They were then followed by Tiffany and Krista -- who got it right on the first try -- Cindy and Rick, Kelsey and Joey after their attempt, Tanner and Josh, and Logan and Chris. Denise and James were never shown completing the task after hours on the job.

The teams then learned they must travel to a bridge and then make their way to the next Pit Stop at the Arc de Triomphe.

Justin and Diana arrived at the Pit Stop and met Phil in first place. Phil revealed they had to keep racing and the team was a little disappointed there was no prize. Tiffany and Krista claimed second place, while Kelsey and Joey stepped on the mat in third place. Tanner and Josh made it to the Pit Stop in fourth, followed by Cindy and Rick in fifth, and then Logan and Chris in sixth place.

The "to be continued" episode concluded as Denise and James were still struggling to get through the rapping Detour task.

The teams' first set of clues for the next leg instructed them to travel by train to Rotterdam and keep their heart rate cards handy.