Big Brother is apparently going old school for its upcoming tenth season.

"We've had our share of interesting and amazing twists and turns and casting secrets and so forth," Big Brother executive producer Allison Grodner told during a Tuesday interview.  

"A big part of Season 10 was sort of looking back and going, 'Hey, why don't we go back to where it all began -- back to the beginning few seasons and the original concept of the show with strangers moving into the house with diverse points of view, coming from all places, all different ages, all different walks of life -- and try to put that back into play for this special Big Brother 10 season.  So that's a big part of this."

Big Brother's tenth season premieres Sunday, July 13 at 8PM ET/PT, but Grodner said the game will have already started by that point.

"I'm not saying there won't be twists and turns to keep our people on their toes... The game starts before these people even enter the house," she told "Expect the unexpected. Expect a completely different Big Brother from what you've seen this past year."

Grodner also assured that the tenth-season's 13 houseguests are "different from any other cast we've had."

"As far as the cast is concerned, rest assured they are all strangers," she told the website about the cast.

"We have a wide range of ages on the show this year.  There's young, there's old, there's in between; there's parents, there's students; there's people with white collar jobs, blue collar jobs. It's all very different. We've got a lot of very specific types of people in this house, and people who have very extreme points of view than maybe we've had in the past."

Grodner also explained that Big Brother's tenth-season house will be made in the image of the guests who inhabit it.

"This year [the house] reflects the cast in all the different places and eras they come from," she told "This is a very different thing and it goes with the cast."

In addition, Grodner confirmed live studio audiences will also be present during the eviction episodes -- which will air Wednesdays at 8PM ET/PT beginning July 15.  It will represent the first time since Big Brother's first season that the show will have a studio audience present for the live weekly evictions.

"We feel like it adds energy to the show," she explained to the website.  "It gets [host Julie Chen] on her toes to get the fans involved, to have them in our audience and to have some audience involvement.  It will really be a nice, refreshing change."