Linda Hogan claims her estranged husband is having a hard time giving her the space she requested.

The Hogan Knows Best matriarch filed a motion in Pinellas County Court on June 30 accusing Terrence "Hulk Hogan" Bollea of stalking her since she filed for divorce last November, according to documents obtained by

Linda claims Hulk has "intentionally and willfully" driven to their "marital and beach homes" in Florida, "parked outside of the property, and waited in his car" for her and whomever she's with at the time, according to the documents.

"In addition to stalking the wife at and about these residences, husband follows the wife and her guests in his car once they leave the marital home or beach home," reads the document.  "Husband relentlessly and methodically follows the wife, causing her fear and anxiety for her safety at all times."

Linda also claims in the motion that Hulk "has a history of violence" towards her "and is capable of attacking [her] at any time" -- which caused her to seek the help of law enforcement officials on May 22 when she found him parked in front of their beach house. 

"The wife's only relief to the overwhelming and continuous harassment by the husband is to repeatedly call law enforcement to deal with [her] husband's antics," reads the document.

When approached by police on the aforementioned date, Hulk claimed he was just "passing by" while he was "out running errands."

In response to Linda's allegations, Hulk's lawyer David Houston issued a statement that uses the May 22 incident in his client's defense.

"Linda Bollea's allegations are pure fantasy, in line with her recent 911 call that has been widely played in the media," reads the statement, also obtained by

"On May 22, Linda called 911 claiming Hulk was stalking her, which Hulk vehemently denied. Since November, Terry Bollea has been in Los Angeles working. The limited time that he has spent in Florida has been solely to visit his son and daughter. In addition, he has no history of violence."

In the motion, Linda is asking the court "grant her relief" by amending a previously granted order to include "stalking, harassment, and any and all improper and unwanted contact" by Hulk.  In addition, the motion seeks to prevent Hulk from "entering the curtilage or outdoor premises" of their marital and beach homes.

Since Linda filed for divorce, she has accused Hulk of "legal shenanigans" dealing with the couples finances. 
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Last month she requested a judge hold Hulk in contempt of court and be jailed until he pays his share of a $4.2 million condo at The Palms hotel and spa in Las Vegas.