Jerry MacDonald became the eleventh houseguest evicted from Big Brother 10 during last night's live broadcast of the CBS reality show.

The married 75-year-old former Marine and retired marketing executive from Magnolia, TX was revealed to be evicted from the Big Brother house on Day 66. 

Jerry became Big Brother 10's seventh and final jury member after being booted by Dan Gheesling, a single 24-year-old Catholic high school teacher from Dearborn, MI who won the right to serve as the season's final Head of Household.

Last night's broadcast began following Keesha Smith's eviction at the conclusion of Tuesday night's special live broadcast.  Keesha was ousted by Robert "Memphis" Garrett, a single 25-year-old mixologist and party planner from Los Angeles, CA who was the sole houseguest to cast an eviction vote.

"We felt we had a better chance of beating Jerry than beating Keesha in the final HoH mission," Memphis said in a Diary Room confessional, explaining how he felt Keesha's exit gave his "Renegades" alliance with Dan a better shot at making it to the Final 2.

"I'm just glad it wasn't me who had to do the stabbing this time," Dan added in a separate interview.

Jerry, Memphis and Dan then began the first challenge in Big Brother 10's three-part final HoH competition. Dubbed "Wing and a Prayer," each houseguest had to keep their balance while standing on a plane suspended in the air, with the last houseguest standing winning the first-round competition.

While the challenge was taking place, Dan made comments and pretended to be aggravated at Memphis' decision to evict Keesha.

"It was all staged," said Memphis.  "The plan is to make Jerry believe that Dan's pissed off at me -- that he will never take me to the Final 2.  So Jerry is probably sitting on Cloud 9 right now."

The plan was apparently working perfectly.

"The more they shun each other, the better off it's going to be for me," commented a gleeful Jerry.

Not surprisingly, Jerry was the first houseguest eliminated from the first round.

"That takes care of the heat with him not winning," said Dan.  "I felt we were one step closer to our goal."

Despite staying in the competition longer than Dan had thought he would, Memphis was ultimately the second houseguest eliminated -- handing the first round to his "Renegades" partner.

"I was definitely hanging in there just to give the illusion that I wasn't trying to throw the competition," explained Memphis.

That night Jerry continued to fall for Dan and Memphis' plan, thanking Memphis for saving him earlier in the day and instead evicting Keesha.  Meanwhile, Dan hoped Memphis could claim the second round of the HoH competition.

"If he loses to Jerry, all my hard work is going right down the toilet," he said.

The second round of the final HoH competition then commenced. 

Both Jerry and Memphis had to don boxing gloves and were taken into the backyard individually.  Once there, each had to correctly guess who the HoH and final two nominees were for each of the previous 10 weeks in the house.   Whichever correctly guessed the HoH and final nominees for each week in the fastest time would win the second round and get to compete against Dan in the third round.

"I was concerned," Memphis opined once it was over.  "I was concerned with my time, I was concerned I just blew this."

There was no reason for concern as Memphis finished in 8:35, while it took Jerry 51:22 to do it.

"I was totally ashamed and embarrassed at how badly I did," said a sullen Jerry.

"First thing that came into my mind was that the 'Renegades' will be successful," commented Memphis.

Prior to the live portion of last night's Big Brother 10 broadcast commencing, viewers saw footage of Keesha arriving in the jury house and joining previously evicted houseguests Renny Martyn, Bryan Ollie, Michelle Costa, April Dowling and Libra Thompson.

"I'm so mad at him," Keesha told the other jury members about Memphis after explaining how she was evicted.  "He's a coward.  He never had to be the bad guy."

In addition, Keesha also told the jury members how Dan had whispered that her had taken Michelle on the luxury trip to the deserted island to her.

"I think Dan knows what he's doing," said Michelle.  "He did a good job having Keesha disliking Memphis.  He's a great competitor."

The live portion of last night's broadcast then commenced before Dan and Memphis competed in the third and deciding round of the final HoH competition. 

Big Brother host Julie Chen explained she would read the beginning of statements made by one of the six jury members while they were at the jury house, with the choice of two possible endings.  Dan and Memphis had to complete the statement, and for every correct answer they'd receive a point.  The houseguest with the most correct answers after six statements would be crowned the final HoH.

Dan was able to correctly finish four of the statements while Memphis only got two -- meaning Dan was crowned HoH for the third time this season and Memphis was unable to capture his first HoH.

Memphis and Jerry were then each given one last chance to state their case for remaining in the house.

"I played this game as hard as anybody and I feel I should be considered strongly to go the Final 2," said Jerry.  "I never broke my word but to [Brian Hart] in the beginning and that was a forced issue.  But I feel I played the game strong and would take any consideration to go to the Final 2 with you."

But Dan instead was true to his "Renegades" alliance and evicted Jerry.

He gathered his belongings, exited the house and was met by Julie and a live studio audience.

"I think that they had a great ride together, spent a lot of time in the pool and I'm not sure it wasn't even a plan to go ahead and do this," said Jerry about Memphis and Dan.  "I think that they agreed that they would stick together through this."

Julie then asked Jerry if he thought Dan made a mistake in taking Memphis to the Final 2.

"I think Dan made a big mistake because I think I'm going to be the deciding vote on who gets the $500,000," Jerry stated boldly.

Julie also asked whether Jerry would base his jury vote on who played the better game or to instead "settle a personal score."

"It's hard to say which one was the best player there," he said.  "One went under the radar for quite a while but I had him ready to go out the door twice.  Somehow he got saved so he played pretty smart to do that.  I was after Dan too.  So I was kind of chasing Dan for a while too."

Big Brother 10's live finale will air on Tuesday at 9PM ET/PT -- with either Dan or Memphis receiving the $500,000 grand prize.
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