90 Day Fiance: The Other Way featured Nicole and Mahmoud reaching a breaking point in their marriage, Jen undergoing Indian "wife training" and questioning her future with Rishi, Gabriel answering Isabel's sex questions, Kris planning a return to Alabama much to Jeymi's dismay, and Yohan apologizing to Daniele during the Season 4 episode that aired Sunday night on TLC.

The show's returning couple, Daniele, a 42-year-old from New York, NY, and Yohan, a 32-year-old from the Dominican Republic, first appeared on Season 2 of 90 Day Fiance: Love in Paradise.


Fresh from the 90 Day Fiance spinoff set in the Caribbean, Daniele left her home in New York and attempted to convince Yohan they should spend the rest of their lives in the Dominican Republic.

In addition to Daniele and Yohan, Season 4 of 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way also stars Jen, a 46-year-old from Stilwell, OK, and Rishi, a 32-year-old from Jaipur, India as well as Kris, a 40-year-old from Haleyville, AL, and Jeymi, a 30-year-old from Venezuela who currently resides in Bogota, Colombia.

The series also stars Gabriel, a 32-year-old from Margate, FL, and Isabel from Colombia; Nicole, a 38-year-old food delivery driver from Los Angeles, CA, and Mahmoud, a 26-year-old from Cairo, Egypt; and Debbie, a 67-year-old from Sugar Hill, GA, and Oussama, a 24-year-old from Khemisset, Morocco.

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way follows American citizens moving to or living in foreign countries for the sake of love and their future spouses and experiencing culture shock.

Below is what happened on Episode 6 of 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way's fourth season.


Jen discovered the night before that Rishi had been lying to her because his parents had been looking for a wife for him for a year-and-half. Jen was upset about the revelation and wondered when Rishi was going to tell his parents that they were more than just friends.

In order to blow off some steam, Jen took a fitness class that was instructed by one of her friends, Dheer. She hadn't seen him in two years. Jen said Dheer is a good listener who gave her some good advice, and she had cried on his shoulder on more than one occasion. Jen also said Dheer gave her good cultural perspective.

Jen shared with Dheer how her relationship was confusing because they had chemistry but she didn't trust him about certain things. Jen admitted she was doubting her fiance because he had yet to tell his family about it her. Dheer seemed surprised by the news and didn't think it was a normal way to go about things.

Rishi confessed after Jen's meeting with his family that he had hidden his parents' plan to set up an arranged marriage for him in order not to hurt Jen or lose her. Jen seemed to understand, but she asked him not to lie to her again. Rishi therefore promised there would be no new surprises.

Jen explained how her brother back at home would kick a door down for his wife, and so she asked Dheer if that was just an American trait. Dheer dodged the question and asked Jen to think about how she was feeling in her heart.

Jen then asked Dheer if he thought Rishi's family would ever accept her.

"If he wants it bad enough, then he will make it happen... At the end of the day, if a son wants anything, his mom will do it for him," Dheer told Jen.

Dheer told the cameras that Rishi had been "making a fool" out of Jen, who had traveled from one country to another only for him and deserved respect. Dheer thought in order to prove Rishi's love for Jen was genuine, he needed to tell his family about their relationship and engagement, regardless of how they may react.

Dheer told Jen that marriage is about security and Jen seemed very insecure. Dheer advised Jen to tell Rishi to come clean to his loved ones and prove his love to her because marriage is a lifetime decision.

Jen and Rishi later enjoyed a kite festival and flew a kite together. They had a great time, but the mood quickly changed once Jen brought up Rishi's parents.

Jen said she felt awkward and uncomfortable, like she was deceiving his family. Jen was getting really mad because she just wanted Rishi to be honest with her about everything.


Rishi told Jen that everything was fine and she was overthinking things.

Jen asked what would happen if Rishi's parents found him a match, and Rishi said it wouldn't matter because it's ultimately his choice of whom to wed.

"They told me already, 'If you find a girl,' tell us," Rishi told Jen. "I will give them a choice: either you go with [Jen] or I will not marry anyone. They want [me] to get married because... [of my] age."

Given Rishi was 100 percent sure about his relationship with Jen, Jen asked why they were waiting to tell them. Rishi explained how he needed a little more time for Jen to get used to his family, his culture, and the idea of joining their lives together.

Rishi wanted Jen to live with his family, and so he asked her to move into his house.

Jen said she'd be willing to compromise for Rishi but living with his family was going to be "an issue." The scenario didn't sound good to her, and she didn't think it sounded practical. but Rishi said it would be nice for her to have that experience of a joint family.

"Is this wife training?" Jen asked.

Rishi said it would prepare Jen for so many titles, such as wife and daughter-in-law, in a joint family.

Rishi then brought Jen to a friend's house so she could see a wife in action, taking care of the household. He said Indian parents have a lot of expectations for a daughter-in-law.

The Indian wife, whom Jen was going to watch and observe, assumed Jen would have a difficult time serving her husband and elders in the family because men and women are equal in American culture.

The Indian wife explained, for example, how Jen may be asked to massage her husband's thighs without being rubbed in return.

Jen learned how to dress like an Indian wife and cook a meal, and she was shocked by some of the teachings. Jen couldn't believe she'd always have to serve Rishi tea in the morning without reciprocation, and she admitted it was hard to picture herself being a traditional Indian wife.

Jen felt "overwhelmed," explaining, "I didn't expect this is how my life would be after marrying Rishi."

Rishi had apparently told Jen that he liked how independent she was, and so she had assumed they were on the same page about gender roles and how they'd be equals in marriage.

Jen said she respected the Indian women's traditions but serving Rishi's family was not going to be her life.

"I don't have a Master's Degree so that I can go and be a maid for your family, I'm sorry. If that's who he thinks I am, he doesn't know me at all -- and this makes me question our whole relationship," Jen lamented in a confessional.



Jeymi and Kris were shown shopping for furniture for their new apartment, and Jeymi quickly realized they have very different taste. Jeymi explained how she's essentially a minimalist while Kris loved a lot of decor and bright colors.

Kris then told Jeymi that her mother had contacted her, informing her that she needed to go to court in order to prosecute the man who had stolen her rare motorcycle. Kris therefore broke the news she may have to leave and go back to Alabama for the court date in one week.

"That means we would have to change our wedding date," Kris said.

Kris had been planning to sell her rare motorcycle, which her father had passed down to her, to build a future with Jeymi. It was therefore difficult for Kris when a man had broken into her garage and stolen it from her.

Kris insisted that she didn't want to go back to Alabama or leave Jeymi but she had lost $50,000 from the incident. Kris had been planning to spend that money on her relationship with Jeymi, and so she didn't want the man to walk free and get away with it.

Jeymi shared how she felt really "hurt" and didn't know what to say.

"I'm feeling worried, sad and hopeless. It hurts to know she has to leave so quick," Jeymi cried in a confessional.

Jeymi worried this was going to be a repeat of her last birthday. Eight months prior, Kris was supposed to visit Jeymi for her birthday but got cold feet and didn't come. Kris had ghosted Jeymi for one month at the time, when Jeymi feared their relationship was over.

But Kris reminded that Jeymi had broken her trust and she was able to get past that.

"I became overwhelmed by her neediness, and so I ghosted her," Kris admitted to the cameras. "But at this point, I've left my children behind, my mother, and everything... to be here. I can't possibly do anything else to show Jeymi that I'm 100 percent committed to our relationship."

Kris was going to find out in a couple of days, for sure, if she had to go back to Alabama.

Kris' court case resulted in her fighting with Jeymi. Kris, whose neck was in a lot of pain, also said she was pushing herself more than she should be. Jeymi took her to a flea market, but Kris was in too much pain to walk around.

Jeymi supported Kris and comforted her, but she was in a bit of a panic seeing Kris in so much pain. The couple therefore returned home, and Jeymi cried about feeling bad and helpless.

Jeymi called a doctor, who determined that Kris was feeling muscular, lumbar pain due to traveling on a plane. He gave her an injection, a muscle relaxer, to help with the pain.

Jeymi worried that when Kris returned to Alabama, she wouldn't be able to come back to Colombia due to her neck pain.



Debbie was shown landing in Morocco, and she admitted she was experiencing a mix of emotions but was so excited to reunite with her man again and have the "magical moment" she had been waiting for her entire life.

Debbie was about to start her new life, and she looked forward to Oussama giving her reassurance about their relationship. Debbie hoped to get married in about a month, but she didn't know at this point that Oussama wasn't feeling ready to wed.

When the pair met up at the airport, they hugged each other, and Oussama said that Debbie looked like an angel. She said their reunion felt like "a dream" and only they could understand their "strange" but "beautiful" connection.

Oussama surprised Debbie with a flower and said she looked like an angel, and she said she felt like she was in a trance or in a surreal other world. Debbie couldn't stop herself from staring at Oussama, whom she was attracted to "like a magnet."


Daniele was still waiting for the full story about the abortion one of his ex-girlfriends had. Daniele said Yohan wasn't willing to open up to her about the experience or explain why he had left out some truths from the story. The pair therefore slept apart.

The morning after the couple's night apart, Daniele planned to express how important honesty is to her in a relationship. She said it was their responsibility to solve conflict and find a solution in their marriage.

Yohan told Daniele that he wanted to fix things, and so he explained how he had met a girl and got her pregnant. He recalled thinking that she had a miscarriage, only to find out from someone else months later that she had aborted their baby.

"I told you she miscarried because honestly, I really wanted that baby," Yohan confessed. "I'm not comfortable remembering and talking about that because it was a very unpleasant moment."

Nicole thanked her husband for telling her how he felt, and she said they needed to talk things out. Daniele also wanted to know about her husband's past, and so she explained how it wasn't right of him to get mad at her for asking questions or demanding an explanation about a serious event in his life.

Yohan said he understood where Daniele was coming from, and so he apologized for having withheld information from her. Daniele reminded Yohan that having a wife is different from having a girlfriend, and so he promised to communicate better.

Yohan acknowledged that he needed to be more clear in conversation, but Daniele thought he had a long way to go in order to have a mature relationship. She said it would take time to figure out if they truly trusted each other and could trust one another going forward.

The pair ended their argument by saying, "I love you," to each other.


Isabel and Gabriel, one week into his move, were shown visiting a plastic surgeon in Colombia so that Gabriel could hopefully remove the trace of breasts he had left. Gabriel said his last visit to a doctor wasn't a good one because the doctor didn't even believe he had been a woman and was transgender.

Gabriel said he had to show the doctor his scars in order to prove he's transgender -- a situation he thought was wrong and ridiculous.


Gabriel hoped for a better experience this time around, but he wasn't sure how accepting this clinic was going to be of the fact he's transgender.

The pair then met with Dr. Roberto Cardona for a sit-down conversation about removing Gabriel's self-declared "feminine" chest, which made him feel uncomfortable.

Gabriel -- who had already undergone a phalloplasty about five years prior using a piece of skin from his thigh to create a penis -- was this doctor's second transgender patient ever. Gabriel explained how he had a complication during his big surgery because he didn't have enough nerves in the leg he had originally wanted to use.

The nerves would be needed to create sensation in his clitoris.

Doctors therefore used his other leg for the procedure and then Gabriel covered up his scars with a big tattoo. Gabriel spent about three weeks in the hospital for the major surgery. Gabriel's urethra also closed and so he needed another surgery three months later.

"I had three surgeries for my bottom. So it was a very painful experience," Gabriel shared. "I think my penis is a good size and I can have sex, so I don't want an [erection] implant at all."

Gabriel feared further complications, especially his body potentially rejecting the implant.

Getting back to his chest surgery, Gabriel told the doctor that he was afraid of getting bad scars but he thought his nipples looked too loose and flabby. The surgeon therefore recommended moving up his nipples for a "more masculine" look.

Dr. Cardona warned there would probably be a big scar, and so Gabriel had some thinking to do. It was also going to cost him about $13,000.

Isabel said she was "perfectly satisfied" in her sex life with Gabriel, and Gabriel confirmed that his penis was always ready and so he had no problem with penetration.

While speaking about his abilities in the bedroom, the couple had a few laughs over their language-translation app messing up some phrases. Isabel also confirmed that she didn't need Gabriel's penis to be bigger and she liked it the way it was.

Gabriel, however, admitted he thought his penis was ugly, which made Isabel laugh. He also shared how he thought his penis was going to fall off the first time he had sex after the surgery. Gabriel also told Isabel that he felt everything during sex and could ejaculate normally during sex with her.

"Everything is good. It's normal," Isabel concluded. "Now I understand things better."

Gabriel said it felt good to be with someone who accepted him and was comfortable with him.

"It feels good to not feel defective," Gabriel noted, adding how he hoped her parents would be accepting because he didn't want to lose her.


Nicole had been in Egypt for a few days, and she said things had really been a struggle so far. She didn't like being alone in the apartment when Mahmoud went to work, and there were a lot of everyday tasks and hardships to adjust to.

Nicole, for example, didn't even know how to light the stove top.

Nicole and Mahmoud then met up with Mahmoud's uncle to talk about the idea of starting their own clothing business. Nicole, however, feared shopping for items that were both stylish and modest.


"I'm supposed to have no skin showing from the neck to the ankles... Since I have a background in fashion design, I thought, perhaps, Mahmoud and I could start a family business making clothes that I actually like that are modest," Nicole explained to the cameras.

Nicole refused to cover her hair, mainly because she thought a hijab was hot and uncomfortable. She felt like she had betrayed herself, which was a terrible feeling.

"You can say, but you will do," Mahmoud told Nicole.

"That's not true," Nicole snapped back. "You also went back on your promises... You said I could wear short sleeves."

Mahmoud disagreed, saying that Nicole never showed him this short-sleeve style and had worn a jacket during their FaceTime conversations. The conversation quickly got heated and so Mahmoud left the room and stormed off.

Mahmoud said he was serious about her clothes and was never going to change his mind about it. Nicole insisted she wasn't going to change her mind either, and so Mahmoud pointed out how they probably couldn't stay married to each other.

"I don't want to talk anymore, I'm serious. I'm done," Mahmoud told his wife.

Nicole had been hoping to compromise, but Mahmoud pulled away from his wife and left her feeling alone. Mahmoud didn't think he could make Nicole happy, and so he told the cameras that he probably wasn't the right person for his wife.

Since Nicole wasn't Mahmoud's ideal version of a wife, Nicole said she was going to leave and didn't see the point of visiting with his uncle. She didn't think her husband wanted to be with her, and so she was packing her stuff to go home.

"If you don't want me, I'm gone. I gave up everything to come here and be with you," Nicole told Mahmoud.

Mahmoud didn't want Nicole to leave, but he said he wanted her to prove that she wanted him by following his religion's rules a little closer. Nicole, however, thought moving to Egypt was a pretty big gesture of love.

Nicole said Mahmoud didn't know how to handle his emotions and tended to take all the power before leaving. Nicole said she already had "enough" of this.


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