Charity Lawson is one of four bachelorettes who will receive a hometown date on Zach Shallcross' The Bachelor season.

Charity is a 26-year-old child and family therapist from Columbus, GA.


It took no time at all for Charity to impress Zach with her calm demeanor and intelligence on The Bachelor's 27th season.

Zach asked Charity on a one-on-one date in London, but The Bachelor star tested positive for COVID-19 and had to cancel their outing.

Charity was devastated about potentially falling behind and getting "skipped over," but Zach took the bachelorette on a romantic date in Estonia to make up for lost time. The pair took a horse-drawn carriage and participated in a crazy wife-carrying contest with some locals.

Charity opened up to Zach about how she had been in an "emotionally abusive" relationship before, with several instances of infidelity on the man's part. She claimed her ex had cheated more than anyone could probably imagine.

Charity recalled getting stuck in a "vicious cycle of manipulation" with her ex and hiding the former couple's problems from her parents, especially her mother, who is her best friend.

"It's shameful and regretful to think I was ever in that position," Charity cried. "But I'm genuinely so grateful to have gone through that because it's really made me who I am today."

Zach told the cameras at the end of their date, "Look at her, she is literally the person that can make everyone in a room feel good and happy and comfortable. It feels good with her."

And Charity called her date with Zach a dream come true, and she said she was "100 percent falling for Zach" and could "definitely see a future with him."

Until we can watch Charity and Zach's relationship progress on The Bachelor, let's get to know this bachelorette better and learn some information about her right now.

Below is a list of seven facts Reality TV World has compiled about Charity Lawson.
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ABC says Charity has a smile that lights up a room

In addition to having a great career, Charity also has "a sweet personality to match" and she's "the total package," according to ABC.

"The Georgia beauty takes her name as a call to love and care for people and has built her life on that purpose," shared the network.

Charity therefore hopes her future husband will be honest, loyal and have similar morals. She predicted before appearing on The Bachelor that she and Zach would be a perfect match on paper.

Charity specializes in mental health therapy

Charity has worked at Tri-County Child Advocacy Center since July 2021, where she started out as an intern.

Charity's populations of interest include trauma, child developmental disorders, anxiety, veterans, couples, and families.

Charity's goal is to leave an impact on someone's life by ensuring and fulfilling positive change for humanity, while also connecting and promoting a diverse environment that creates long-lasting interpersonal relationships.

Charity appeared to make the most of her college experience

Charity received her Bachelors of Science degree in Rehabilitation and Disability at Auburn University in 2018.

While in school, she was a member of the Physical Therapy/Occupational Therapy Club, Sigma Kappa sorority, the Auburn University Modeling Board, and the Auburn Alumni Association.

She was also a tutor, an intern at the Auburn University Braveheart Center for Place and Purpose, and a volunteer at the campus kitchen and for the Eagles Program.


The Bachelor bachelorette went on to earn her Master's Degree

Charity graduated with her Master's degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Auburn University in 2022.

"The past 6 years at Auburn, has been an experience of a lifetime, one that I don't take for granted. I've been challenged, pushed and molded into the woman I am today. Looking back on my journey, I've met the most incredible people, professors, created the BEST memories, but most importantly, unconsciously, I walked right into my calling," Charity wrote on Instagram in May 2022.

"The joy that comes with obtaining a degree the second time around is so much sweeter when you gain confirmation that it is exactly one of the things God has called you to do. The last two years has challenged me every single day in the areas of personal growth, but also in my professional identity as a therapist."

Charity added, "Auburn truly owes me nothing. I can't believe this is the final page of this chapter, but super excited for what's to come. God has been so incredibly faithful in this season. Auburn forever will be the greatest little village and family...War Eagle!"

Charity is a religious bachelorette driven by her faith

Charity is extremely passionate about helping people live their best lives and loving people the way Jesus loved.

Charity celebrated passing her boards and becoming a counselor over a piece of peanut butter pie in May 2022.

"This field of work is so beautiful, and I'm passionate about always advocating for mental health in today's society," Charity shared on Instagram last year.

"One of the most powerful tools we as humans have is our minds, it's important we treat it as such, and take care of it. I know for certain my growth will forever be evolving. I would not have made it without my outstanding support system: my parents, family, friends and cohort/coworkers -- thank you is simply not enough."

Charity was nominated to compete on The Bachelor this season

Charity revealed that she never filled out an application to be on The Bachelor's 27th season during a recent appearance on the "Bachelor Happy Hour" podcast.

"My best friend from high school, she actually nominated me," Charity shared with Becca Kufrin and Michelle Young.

"She's not a Bachelor fan by any means, but I watch it and I've seen several seasons -- [Peter Weber]'s, Hannah Brown's, and I've seen so many. But I never at any point said, 'Okay, I'm going to nominate myself for this.'"

Charity said she had gotten out of a toxic relationship two years prior and so her friend thought it would be the perfect time for Charity to compete on The Bachelor and hopefully find love again.

"A lot of people were happy I was no longer in this relationship, so they took advantage of that moment. She was like, 'I'm going to nominate you. I think you'd be perfect for it. You have a great personality.' I did not take her seriously... we're always goofing off," Charity explained.

But after Charity finished her Master's Degree, she received a call from producers and then went through the casting process last summer.

"I definitely had reservations [going into The Bachelor]. I was unsure of what the outcome would be or what would actually transpire. But for me, with the timing of everything, everything just kind of fell into place," Charity said.

She elaborated, "I remember right before the decision was made for me, everything was pointing to The Bachelor... I was like, 'You know what? If it's for me, it's for me. And if it's not, it's not.' That was kind of my mindset going into this; I wasn't going to force anything."

Charity said she believes "everything does happen for a reason, good or bad," and so she jumped into The Bachelor with a positive, optimistic mindset.

Becca Kufrin and Michelle Young believe Charity is leading-lady material

Becca, who starred on The Bachelorette's fourteenth season, and Michelle, who starred on Season 18 of the series, have named Charity their top pick from Zach's The Bachelor season to star on The Bachelorette's upcoming 20th edition.

"I'm just going to say it: I hope you're not with Zach and I hope you're Bachelorette! I'm saying it right now!" Becca said on the "Bachelor Happy Hour" podcast in February.

Michelle agreed and shouted, "Damn right!"

"Oh my gosh, we need a Bachelorette [like you]," Michelle continued.

"You have it all. You're so well-rounded, you're so sweet, you're such a hard worker, you're genuine, and I love that you just have perspective... I absolutely love it."

Michelle added how Charity is "self-aware" and she'd love to see another woman of color star on the show.

"Campaign! [I'm] starting it now. We are campaigning!" Michelle exclaimed.


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