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The Amazing Race 7 - Episode 10 Summary

'Traveling With A Friendly Little Gnome' By strid333
Original Airdate: April 26, 2005

Previously on Survivor, Janu ostened and Stephanie was spared for at least another three days. But this isn’t Survivor. It is The Amazing Race, so previously on The Amazing Race, the "to be continued” led to more bunching, Joyce lost her hair, and the gay guys, Lynn and Alex, were eliminated.

That was last week. This is this week. We begin the episode with an introduction to India and its rich history. Too bad we don’t get much more than that, because the clue said to fly to Istanbul, Turkey.

Then Phil started braking about going onto a ferry and going to an island called Kiz Kulesi and finding the clue on top of a tower. I don’t know why he tells us about this now, because we will be spending a while in the airport and listen to Rawb strategize.

Yep, Rawb is talking about severing his alliance with the Ron and Kelly team. Oh, and Meredith and Gretchen are surprised to still be in this race. Note to Meredith and Gretchen – you’re not the only ones to be surprised.

Uchenna and Joyce decided to go to a hotel to see if they can use the phone and call a travel agent. Lucky for them, the agent was open, and immediately, Uchenna tried to get the earliest flight to Istanbul. And Rawb and Ambuh and Ron and Kelly, with the aid of Rawb’s guide from the previous leg of the race, went to a 24-hour travel agent. Romber and Ron and Kelly got the “best” flight that they possibly could get.

It seems that every single team got the same set of tickets. Bunching again, sigh. Well, anyways, Uchenna and Joyce want to help Meredith and Gretchen along the way because they are such nice people but also want to beat them out in the end of the race. Gretchen told Joyce that she looks beautiful with her shaved head. No arguments there.

Remember, that Rawb is strategizing and is trying to psych the other teams out. So he asked Meredith and Gretchen if the got the faster flight. Rawb knew that this was BS but thought psyching the teams out might not be so bad. Well, Meredith and Gretchen were psyched out, and went back to Uchenna and Joyce and immediately, these two teams started to do some research and discovered that, indeed, there was a faster flight. I have one thing to say to Boston Rawb. Karma, dude, Karma. If you are going to start ruffling feathers, you better check out the faster flights immediately because they might be gone when you get there. Underestimating the other teams could be your downfall. Oh, and by the way, with this faster flight, suddenly, there isn’t the bunching anymore. Woohoo!

If you were curious, Kelly thinks Ron is not committed and is a quitter. He asks her what she means by that. She said that he’s quit everything that he’s done. He has a pattern of not committing to things. Ron asks her about his time in the military. He got out of that one by being a prisoner of war. Oh yeah, Ron really had choices in that one, chicky. He almost died, and he went through torture, just to get out of the military. Yeah. Sometimes, I wonder if brown is her natural hair colour. (I know, a dumb blonde joke but then again, I’m a natural blonde, too.)

Ok, it is 14 minutes into the show (without the commercials) and the show is 42 minutes long. So 1/3 of the show was spent with airport talk. Remember what Phil told us what the teams were supposed to do? No? Well, it doesn’t matter because Phil tells us again that the teams must go to that little island.

Joyce and Uchenna and Meredith and Gretchen, with their earlier flight, take a train, admire the scenery, and take a ferry to the island. Romber and Ron and Kelly got off their flight and rushed to catch the train. Ron and Kelly just missed the train that Romber caught.

On the island, Joyce and Uchenna and Meredith and Gretchen left their bags near the entrance so they could get around faster. Joyce and Uchenna got to the clue first and discovered that they are supposed to find a gnome. Phil fills in more information and tells us that the teams must find a Big Brother gnome, name it “Boo,” and give it to Marcellus so he won’t cry. Well, not quite, but if they find a gnome with a certain picture on it, an airplane, and they present it at the pit stop, they will win a trip, even if they are in last place. The teams must, then, drag their gnomes around to Galata Kulesi tower, home of the next clue.

Remember how Romber and Ron and Kelly caught a later flight? Well, now we go back to them on their trains. Rawb, who was so over India, admires the clean, smog-free air. Yes, it is nice to be able to breathe your air. God bless the Kyoto Accord. Ron and Kelly are nervous about being behind Romber. Hey, has anybody noticed that these two seem to always be chewing gum, and when they do, they look like cows chewing their cud?

We go back to Uchenna and Joyce finding their clue just outside the building and Joyce being happy about it. It is time for a detour, a choice between two tasks, each with their own pros and cons. In this detour, the teams must choose between columns or kilos. In columns, the teams use a grid system to find numbers on four columns, and then pull up a box with a combination lock. The four numbers are used as the combination, which unlocks the next clue. In kilos, the teams must weigh people in the streets with a scale. The collective weight must be 2500 kg. If they get that, they’ll be given their next clue. Wow. That was easy. I should be the next Phil. They could use a girl as the host. I’ve already got the boobies. Uchenna and Joyce think that kilos sounds easier and go on to that task.

We go back to Meredith and Gretchen sitting in a taxi. Meredith (? – the guy) asks Gretchen what they should name the gnome. Gretchen, feeling particularly creative, suggests “Gnome.” Meredith thinks “Jerome” is a better name. “Boo” is still the best name. Besides, everyone knows that “Jerome” is a giraffe name.

Romber, finally get off their train and take a ferry over to the island. At the same time, Uchenna and Joyce go over to find their man with the scales. They start calling over people and start weighing them.

Meredith and Gretchen get out at the place where they will get their detour clue. They immediately start climbing the stairs to the tower, assuming that the clue is up there. Gretchen then thinks it could be downstairs, outside (mmmmm hmmmm where it happens to be).

We go back to Uchenna and Joyce weighing people and Uchenna calls out that they only need one man. They get their man and their clue. They must go to Rumeli Hisari, an old fortress, to get to the next clue.

We go back to Meredith and Gretchen going back up the tower. This time, they actually look down and see the clue box. Yep, they wasted their time going up, not once, but twice. Gretchen starts whining. They get their clue and they decide to do kilos.

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