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The Apprentice 3 - Episode 13 Summary

'That Was Easy' By KObrien_fan
Original Airdate: April 21, 2005

Previously on The Apprentice... the all-male Not Worth Much team was defeated in a car advertising task, and Chris was kicked to the curb like a wounded crying 4 year old child. We are down to five contestants in this 16 week job interview, 3 that are Book Smart and 2 that are Street Smart. Also we have 3 men, and 2 women remaining. If I had to wager, I would put a small fortune on the fact that a Book Smart man is going to get fired tonight, but I suppose we must wait and find out...

Home Suite Home

Magma Corp consists of Craig, Tana, and Kendra and we see them speculating over which Not Worth Much applicant will not be coming back to the suite.

Tana: I think it is Bren that won't be coming back. He's just a funny guy. I've seen him work, and he's just a big zero.

The door opens slowly and necks crane to see who is entering, it is Alex and Bren. The faces don't even pretend to hide their shock as they hug the two and chatter about how unbelievable it is that Bren is back. Hell even Bren didn't think he was coming back.

Bren: I can tell you after this last board room I feel lower than whale crap at the bottom of the ocean in Mr. Trumps eyes.

Fortunately for you Bren, Chris was lower than the muck beneath the whale crap on the bottom of the ocean in Mr. Trumps eyes, and that is why you are still here.

Tana questioned Bren on what happened in the board room. "They said my writing was horrible and it was a real disaster."

"How did you keep your tongue?" replied Tana.

"Oh, I just sat there and wasn't a wise guy, it was tough." Bren answered.

Bren: I have bit my tongue on numerous occaisions throughout this process. Quite frankly I am getting tired of the taste of blood in my mouth. On the other hand, maybe it is making me thirsty for more. All I know is my mouth is half empty.

The Smoking Room

Bren and Alex, the Not Worth Much guys, decide to go on a date the evening before their next task, to bond and unwind from the long day. They are having drinks and lighting up stoagies. Bren is teaching Alec all about cigar etiquette and they are having a good old time.

Bren: I came here for fame and fortune, and what I got was a best friend.

I don't know about you, but I have already pegged who is going to get fired tonight. Could the editing be more obvious?

Alex: Bren is my oasis in this vast imbecilic land, like I'm surrounded by morons and their mascots. Bren is this guy who is steady and if I give him a task to do, it will get done.

Did he actually just say "oasis in this vast imbecilic land"? Yep, he really did.

Alex tells Bren that "We need to go balls to the wall tomorrow." Bren agrees.

Morning is Suite

Most executives wake up to alarm clocks, but here on the Apprentice they are awaken by the ringing of the telephone. It is Rona with a message "Mr. Trump would like you to come down to his office right away."

Both teams prepare themselves for the meeting. Craig shaves, Tana brushes her hair, Alex blow drys his armpits, Kendra replaces the AA batteries in her brain, and Bren tightens his Raj bow tie. They hop in a cab and head to the upper East side to Trump Towers.

Trumps Cluttered Office

The Donald sits and entertains a couple of executives from Staples while they wait for the Apprentices to arrive. DT shoots the bull and gets his camera time.

The door opens and in walks Magma Corp and Not Worth Much. The stand in front of Donalds cluttered desk and say hello to the Staples execs.

Trump: This is week 13 of your 16 week interview. These executives are from Staples a 13 billion dollar sales per year company, the largest in the world. Your task today is to create a new product to clean up the clutter on peoples desks. You will have access to a design and manufacturing team. When you are finished you will present your product to these executives and a group of office managers for judging. Kendra, since you were the project manager last time, you will be exempt should your team lose, you have made it into the final four. But there are no more exemptions now. Go.

And he shoos them from his office to go start their tasks.

Not Worth Much

Bren: This is week 13, no breaks, no lovin', no sleep. Now it's just a matter of survival, it's about stamina.

Caroline is in charge of watching the proceedings of Not Worth Much. Alex designates himself as the project manager and Bren does not oppose the decision.

Alex: I wanted to be project manager because I like to take risks and I feel that now is the time to step up. Whoever is good at taking the most risks is what being the Apprentice is all about.

They decide that it would be best to start off by polling a focus group of office managers to see what product would be helpful. Bren volunteers to take care of that part of the task. And as we heard from Alex earlier in confessional, Bren is a steady guy and will do whatever task is assigned to him.

Bren: We need a victory, alot is riding on this. My ass for one thing.

Well if it is anything like Gretchen in TAR7 riding that big old wooden elephant, then you shouldn't be up there in the first place and you are just going to slow your team down.

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