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The Apprentice 3 - Episode 11 Summary

'We Put The Stress In Seamstress' By Oscirus
Original Airdate: April 7, 2005

Previously on The Apprentice: We learn that once again how unimaginative these two teams were when they both used Donaldís ideas instead of their own. Team Migraine won again not because of their talent but because Team Worthless really is that bad. Trump showed us that he prefers raving psychotics working for him as opposed to inept women as Stephanie got fired.

The Remaining Cast

Team Worthless

ē Alex - somehow was deemed a superstar by Trump. I guess his ability to use that wannabe street lingo of his actually is good in the business world

ē Angie - considers herself the mother hen, which would be cute if it werenít for the fact that of her three supposed kids one was a smart a55, one was an incompetent idiot and one is a raving psychotic. Maybe she should consider giving up her actual kids for adoption.

ē Chris - apparently there is a shortage of foul mouthed nimrods named Chris in the Trumpís organization.

Team Migraine

ē Kendra - Sheís actually pretty qualified meaning that she must have been too busy to participate in the first apprentice.

ē Tana - Perky and also pretty qualified. Meaning that she too was too bus to participate in the first apprentice

ē Bren - His only major contribution was that thanks to him Americans everywhere will never look at cucumbers the same way ever again

ē Craig Ė apparently he thinks that he is playing survivor and has utilized the UTR strategy to success so far.

The Intro

You have a lot of black and white pictures a bunch of smiling (including one form Kendra that is just ghastly) and the coolest intro ever, the Michael head bop.

The Show

Everybody waits for Chris and Alex to come back, when they come back hugs and smiles all around. Chris and Alex relay to the rest of the crew that Trump thinks that Alex is a superstar and Chris is a psycho.

Chris spouts off some more nonsense and then this leads us into the first task. As the candidates come in Trump disguises his inability to read by talking about the fabrics, after using another of his trademark catchphrases to the executives he starts talking to the candidates. He starts by introducing Michelle the attorney who is very tough despite her looks and Caroline who is grinning like an idiot. He then proceeds on with blah blah blah hereís your visa blah blah blah create the best clothing line blah blah blah someone will be fired and Bren will not be fired due to the fact that he was the last winning pm. He also informs the candidates that they all sucked on the last task and instead of sucking up to him that they should do their own market research from here on out.

Team Worthless

Alex is project manager. Alex decides that putting a laptop in the back of a jacket is a good idea (sounds like someone isnít doing their market research) Chris calls him a metrosexual which is a nice way of calling him a girl, and when the choice of who will deal with accounting comes up, they decide that Angie should be in charge as opposed to the psychotic Chris.

Team Migraine

With Tana as their project manager, Migraine decides to take the advice that Trump just gave them a couple of hours ago and do their market research first. Tana then proceeds to point out the stupidity of Worthless.

Team Worthless

Chris is over at Best Buy buying supplies while a register guy whose name apparently is Bubba rings him up. Bubba gives him his receipt but fails to give him back the credit card. Bubba then proceeds to rush Chris out the door so that he can keep the credit card and go on a shopping spree on Trumpís dime. Later on that night we learn that Chris has bought dinner for everyone and while they are at dinner we learn that Chris has lost the credit card. O NO. Thatís when we go into our first commercial

Trumps Lesson of the week: Donít let anything get in your way.
Oscirusís lesson of the week: Donít get picked by worthless.

Team Worthless

Chris goes back to Best Buy and tries to get his credit card back, the manager looks in the safe but it isnít there, apparently Bubba has started his shopping spree. Chris takes this opportunity to let us know how calm he has been since quitting dipping. He emphasizes this point by threatening to break someoneís legs if his credit card isnít found.

Team Migraine

Bren demonstrates how to use a Game boy SP. Tana picks a name for their clothing line while Craig picks out all the logos for the menís clothing line, and then Craig tries to get Kendra to design the logos for the womenís line, since she sucks at this she declines -- at which point Craig starts screwing with Kendra. Kendra then has a confessional in which she pulls an Omarosa and complains about her blood sugar. Tana defuses the situation and moves on to the next phase.

Team Worthless

Angie micromanages the whole clothes making process, we also learn that Alex has given Angie 1002 tasks to do while giving Chris 5 tasks and himself one. Over at Best Buy Chris is standing by a counter while one of the workers briefly looks outside the door to see if Mr. psycho is still out there. After seeing that he is she retreats into her cubby hole.

Team Migraine

As Craig and Bren are in the cab on their way to getting the clothing, they speak to Tana on phone to verify this fact. They go into this shop that nobody in their right mind should have used. If there is more than one person there wearing a shirt about marijuana then itís probably not the place that you want making your clothes. They receive their clothes back with paint on them and the backwards logo which may or may not be hip according to the current teen trends.

Team Worthless

As Chris is getting training on how to be a security guard over at Best Buy, the manager finally managed to stop Bubba and get the card back. The manager gives Chris the card back and Best Buy employees breathe a sigh of relief at having the psycho finally leave their store.

Team Migraine

Tana sees the screwed up clothing for the first time and surprisingly avoids having a fit right there. She gets everybody to fix the problems as best they can and moves on to the next phase. While Craig is whiting out the clothing, Tana preps the models and all is well.

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