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The Apprentice 3 - Episode 10 Summary

'It’s Not 'Rocket Scientist'' By ARnutz
Original Airdate: March 31, 2005

Previously on The Apprentice:

Magna won with Craig’s simple thinking about “the box” idea. The Home Depot execs were impressed with their presentation and they actually got the do-it-yourselfers involved! Over at Net Worth, the team of incompetent babies (and their mommy Angie) really sucked. They chose a rolling kitchen island and they didn’t even let the customers try it! Erin got fired after being useless at the Home Depot. According to her she was in a foreign country. However, I think she buys her clothing in the bath department there.

You know, I always get to summarize the episode after the candidate I hate the most gets fired! That means I don’t get to bash them. Oh well, plenty of other idiots are left. On with the show!

Back in the Suite:

Angie and Chris re-enter with their bags and the other candidates seem overjoyed that Erin is gone! Except Stephanie, because she won’t have anyone that actually likes her in the suite and on her team now. Angie wonders why Stephanie didn’t have her back in the boardroom. Stephanie is oozing with more negativity.

Magna is still celebrating their win and we see Alex, Bren & Kendra in one of the cubicles they call bedrooms deciding who will be PM. The three of them choose Bren because they don’t want any Net Worth members coming in and taking over their team. They also discuss how those three really need to stick together to keep getting those wins. Wait… you mean Craig’s win last week didn’t help Magna? In the meantime, Tana & Craig are in the kitchen toasting their win. I guess they missed the memo about the team Magna meeting!

The next morning Kendra answers the phone and is told by Rona that they have to meet Mr. Trump at Trump Grill at 9 am.

The Task:

Trump, Carolyn & George come to the Grill to meet the teams. The Donald fluffs and preens his feathers again and tells the knuckleheads candidates about how he has built the greatest buffet in New York. Note to self: Next time you’re in NYC, go see if Trump is telling the truth. Trump tells Net Worth since they are down one member, they will be allowed to choose someone from Magna to come and join their team. After a moment of discussing, they choose Alex. So much for Bren, Kendra & him sticking together, huh? I wonder what would’ve happened if they chose Bren who was already elected PM? Would he have become the Net Worth PM? Hmmm…

Any who… Trump tells them they have to come up with a new pizza with original toppings that Domino’s doesn’t currently use. They will be trained to make the pizzas and then will have to sell them the next day in a mobile kitchen. Trump says he likes, “meatballs and all kinds of toppings”. Craig is reminded that he is exempt this week.

Net Worth:

Stephanie is PM. They are going to the training facility in Brooklyn. They meet their trainer Roy Jones. No, not the boxer! That’s Roy Jones Jr. and if he were on a reality show, he’d be on The Contender, that’s another Mark Burnett show and by the way, it’s really a much better show than this stupid dreck! Well this team really thinks outside the box! They come up with some stupid “Meatball Masterpiece” pizza. Chris is chewing on sunflower seeds to help overcome his tobacco chewing habit. He tells Angie he “could be a bit testy” or something. Huh? Chris, a bit testy? Nah, not him! After training, Alex & Chris walk across the street to some construction workers and ask them if they’d like to order lunch for the next day, they agree.


Cut to Magna’s turn at the training facility and the team discussing toppings. Bren suggests a BBQ chicken pizza with BBQ sauce, chicken and cheddar cheese. I think, “yummy, that would be awesome!” Without a second thought, they move on to the next idea. Kendra is spitting out several while Craig shoots down all of them. Kendra says, “a pepperoni based pizza, everyone loves pepperoni” Craig says, “not everyone”. I agree, I hate pepperoni. It is greasy, nasty and makes my pizza soggy. Kendra says, “pepper steak pizza” Craig says, “that’s the same thing as the Philly cheese steak pizza.” Craig’s right, but he babbles something incoherent and Tana & Kendra are as stunned as I am. Tana says, “These are pizzas, it’s not Rocket Scientist”! Yes, those are her exact words! She sure knows how to butcher the English language. She finally comes up with a really original idea! (not!) How about… MEATBALLS!!! Wow, where have I heard this before? Sheesh! 8 different people and they can’t come up with a friggin’ new idea for pizza? Tana dedicates the project to her Grandma and was inspired by the Domino’s training facility kitchen (which reminds her of her Grandma’s kitchen... Huh?) and her Italian heritage. They name their pizza “Meatball Manga”. Hmmm… I wonder how they thought of that name? Let’s see, team Magna with the Meatball Manga. Magna… Manga… not a huge leap there, huh?

Pop Quiz!

a) What topping did Trump specifically say he liked?

b) What is the name of the trainer at the Domino’s facility?

c) Which of the five boroughs is the training center located in?

Don’t know the answers, it’s OK here they are: a) meatballs, b) Roy Jones (not Jr.), and c) Brooklyn.

The Lesson of the Week:

“Know when to fold!”

Trump says, “Often times you’ll have an idea and you fall in love with it. Then it turns out to be not such a good idea, and you can’t get rid of it. When the idea turns out bad, cut it out of your mind, get rid of it, go on to the next thing and let it be better.”

Ummm, what? What are you talking about? Does this have anything to do with this task? Exactly which one of these bozos you call candidates fell in love with any of their ideas? OK you’re right about the ideas being bad, but Trump you’re slipping! You used to have intelligent lessons that were directly related to the firing of the next candidate. Perhaps you should listen to your own advice this week. These “lessons” are bad, get rid of them, go on to the next thing!

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