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Survivor: China - Episode 11 Summary

'A Tsunami of Tears Flow' By strid333
Original Airdate: December 6, 2007

Previously PG won reward and picked Eric and Denise to go with her. James was blindsided and voted out because he chose not to use either of his immunity idols. You can read about it in last week’s official summary.

So the tribe returns to camp and they conclude that voting out James was the most shocking tribal council ever. It could be but then again, we’ve had fifteen seasons and we’ve had people get blindsided before. The tribe was more scared that James would use an idol and stay in the game. James would be digging a grave for everyone if he used the idol and remained. PG is, of course, happy to be still in the game and she will fight to the end. With that, the credits roll.

Rain falls on the camp. (My friend, who is from China, said that rain is quite common in China. Watching him complain about the snow in Canada while he goes outside for a smoke is funny. I tell him he has to quit sucking on his cancer sticks.) The tribe misses their loved ones and is starting to feel homesick. You just know that this means the loved one challenge will be in this episode.

Yep, it sure is the loved one challenge. So, while being blindfolded, the tribe members have to find their loved one on opposite sides of a maze and work their way to the centre platform. The prize is a meal on a boat, a cell phone call, and the family members get to hang out at camp for a day. Let’s meet the family and let the tsunami of tears flow! Eric sees his mom. Mom tells him to stop losing weight. Amanda sees her sister Katrina. Amanda apologizes for stinking. PG’s dad runs up to PG and also comments on her thinness. Todd’s sister Brandi comes. She informs him that his other sister miscarried. (Of course thoughts of Johnny Fairplay enter our minds.) Courtney meets her father. Daddy is an Englishman and hugs his daughter. He is wearing a suite. Shorts are not proper. That might explain why Courtney has turned into such a sarcastic whiner because she has been brought up in a strict household. Denise sees her husband, Robert. Denise asks her husband for his socks. Yep, the first thing she says is that she wants socks and not, “I love you.” Courtney apologizes to her dad when he is told that he will be participating in a challenge. Englishmen only play football (soccer in North America), cricket, and perhaps rugby.

So in the challenge, Amanda and Katrina communicate by making bird sounds. It seems to work, but they don’t win the challenge. Denise and her husband, Robert, are crowned the winners. Denise, as the winner, gets to choose two other pairs of people. She chooses Todd (probably because of the miscarriage story), and Amanda. (This decison, by the way, makes PG angry because she chose Denise to go on reward with her in the last episode.) So the final goodbyes, for everyone else, are said.

The winners climb up the boat and see a feast of food including pizza. It doesn’t look like there is any traditional Chinese cuisine. I know that the Chinese can eat some weird things and have some odd flavour combinations but some stuff is excellent. For example, my friend, who I was mentioning earlier, eats French fries with his ice cream. (It’s just like that Dairy Queen advertisement where the one guy says that is unnatural.) Sometimes my friend makes fun of me when I get into a chocolate moment but I always reply that this is coming from a guy who eats fries with his ice cream. He swears it is good. I tried it once. It is not good.

So back to the show, Denise is happy her husband came. He is afraid of flying. I don’t know what the big deal is. Denise gets her phone call. It is her daughter on the other end. She is crying. Her daughter came in third in a sports tournament. It was a traditional I miss you and love you conversation.

Back at camp, PG is complaining about not being picked. Courtney, being her usual whiny, sarcastic self, is convinced that Todd is channeling Johnny Fairplay in the miscarriage story. Eric also did not believe the story. Courtney is making fun of the sister who got knocked up, and then lost the baby. That’s convenient and Todd’s tears were just a grand Oscar performance.

The winners return to camp, and their fingers are just covered in chocolate. They let the losers lick their hands and they take them up on their offers. PG still has sour grapes. She picked Denise to go with her on the last challenge and Denise did not return the favour.

Amanda and Todd and their loved ones go off and have some fun and jump in the water. Todd knew that he would be thought of as Johnny Fairplay but said it was real. His sister clarified the story and said that the miscarriage was shortly after Todd left for Survivor.

Denise and her husband go off and spend some time together. Denise feels she has difficulty relating to some of the younger kids that are playing the game. Back at the pond, Todd and Amanda say that Denise is too likeable and has to go out at four. Courtney, Todd, and Amanda have about the same likeability factor and have better odds of winning than against Denise.

The boat to take the remaining loved ones away arrives at camp. Final embraces and goodbyes are said. After that, Denise finally goes over to PG and apologizes for not picking her to go on reward. Denise said she chose Amanda because Amanda started to act sick, was stumbling around and probably needed the food the most. PG said maybe she should start playing the sympathy card. PG felt a little better that Denise came over to talk to her, but PG still needs to win immunity.

This, of course, leads to the immunity challenge. The tribe members must navigate through a swamp while attached to a rope that is looped around posts. At the end of the rope is a series of questions, one true and one false, which will release a key. The correct answers will unlock padlocks on the other end of the course and the open padlocks will open a box with a lever to release a flag, declaring the winner.

It is evident that the race seems to be against Todd, Amanda, and PG. The three of them get their first locks undone. Todd and PG get their second locks but Amanda misses her second lock. Todd gets his third key and returns to see if he is correct. He is wrong. At the same time PG returns with her third key. Is she correct? Yes, she is and she wins immunity again.

PG is so happy that she won immunity that she is crying. She’s been the underdog since the merge. Now she has to fight to keep Eric in the game. The best bet is to work on Denise and explain to Denise that she will be fourth place if she stays with Todd, Amanda, and Courtney. If Denise flips, she will guaranteed be in final three. This is a tempting offer. Of course, Todd’s group works on Denise to keep her on their side. This could be an interesting tribal council.

Jeff asks questions about the loved ones reward challenge. Denise admits that it was great but she might have put herself at risk because she has shown people that she has a good happy life. Jeff asks PG what it feels like to be the underdog. PG says that she’s been trying to convince a person that fourth is not a good place to be when it is possible to go to first by joining her. Todd trusts people because he has to trust people. Will that backfire, he doesn’t know. Eric tried is very best to crack the other alliance. It is time to vote now.

Todd votes for Eric.
Eric votes for Todd.
Those are the only votes shown.
Denise is sorry and thinks this vote could be a mistake.

The votes are tallied.

Eric is voted out and hugs PG as he leaves.

Next week on Survivor, Amanda is targeting Todd. Todd fights back. Alliances crumble and PG tries to keep herself in the game.

Eric’s final words said he wanted to go out on top. He might look at things in hindsight but he’s exhausted right now. He’s proud of what he did and is curious to see how the remaining tribe members battle out for the rest of the game.

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