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Survivor: China - Episode 6 Summary

'Charmin, Idols and birds...Oh my!' By bdemoney
Original Airdate: October 25, 2007

Before I begin, I must admit that this is my first Survivor recap, so if it is not up to the usually snarky standards, I truly do apologize.

We start out in typical Survivor fashion with a recap, showing James and Aaron getting screwed by last week’s tribal switch-a-roo. We see Aaron get the boot after Jaime and PG decide to throw the immunity challenge.

We are reminded that the other team deemed Sherea and Frosti as the toughest members of Zhan Hu, which must say a lot for Eric’s capabilities.

Todd continues to search for the immunity idol.

Welcome to day 16. Over on Zhan Hu we see Jaime and PG sleeping while James is up working. PG wakes up and is shown boasting that they have full control over James. She’s counting on the merge to happen right after they vote him out, once they've thrown the next immunity challenge of course. Apparently she has never seen this game before, and doesn’t realize that CBS will do whatever the hell they want as long as it boosts ratings. Personally, I hope they vote off James, the merge never happens and these bitches end up losing their asses.

Jean Robert is snoring obnoxiously over at Fei Long. Heck, he’s even putting my husband to shame! Meanwhile Todd is sharing the fact that he has received three clues to the idol with Amanda, because he is still unable to figure out where the damn thing is located.

Todd explains to Amanda that if they can win reward today they need to bring either Aaron or James over to their camp to receive another clue from them. Gee, I wonder who will win the reward challenge today?!

Cut to the reward challenge and the Survivors are racing to untie and collect eight planks and then put them together inside a puzzle. The winning tribe will be taken to a tea house with refreshments, two working toilets and a buttload of Charmin toilet paper. (Can you say product placement?)

James and Jean Robert zip off first. They both untie a plank and bring one back. The contest continues until it is tied seven to seven. At this point Fei Long gets another small lead. Zhan Hu tries to catch up, but Fei Long figures out the puzzle and wins the reward. They pick James to kidnap, which is not much of a shocker.

They board a boat to an island and are welcomed by cute, little Chinese ladies. Bundles of Charmin line the shelves. Don’t you want to leave right now and go buy some? I think CBS wants you to. Don’t worry, I’ll wait.

Tea and crumpets are served, and Courtney gets some much needed food.

Bathing begins and more tea and watermelon are served.

Frosti steals SpongeBob’s line and claims it’s “The best day EVER!”

Courtney confesses she wants Jean Robert gone. Wow, I never would have guessed.

Meanwhile James is showering and the crowd goes wild. Men and women begin throwing themselves at him. I have just learned that buff, naked, black men cause quite a stir!

Cut to PG, Jaime and Eric sulking and realizing they may no longer be able to count on Sherea or Frosti to stick with them. They finally figure out that winning immunity challenges is better than losing them. Gosh, you’ve got to give them credit, this team is sharp!

Todd approaches James and talks about the private message he received. He convinces James to share his clue and if so, he will repay the favor if given the opportunity. James goes off, reads the clue and then shares it with Todd. He knows he doesn’t have much chance of staying in the game at this point, so figures he doesn’t have much to lose.

Todd reads the clue and he figures out the location. Amanda has as well and is quickly hitting off shingles at the idol location to try and divert attention from what she is really doing: which is trying to grab the immunity idol, in front of everyone, in broad daylight. (Can you say WTF?) As Todd goes along with this ploy, Frosti jumps up (literally) and tries to help them knock off the shingles from a better vantage point. Todd panics and peels the idol down, right in front of Frosti’s button nose.

Todd apparently believes that if he places the idol under Amanda’s foot it will magically disappear – even though the idol is clearly bigger than her foot. This logic does not work and Frosti asks to see it.

Amanda says it has to be the worst way to obtain the immunity idol EVER. (Which I’d have to say I agree with). What the heck was she thinking?

Todd then goes one step further in his lunacy and gives James the idol, telling him to throw the immunity challenge. I think we all know how this one is going to end up, don’t we folks?!

Todd instructs James to vote off Jaime so that they can break up the alliance of her and Eric. Once again, this tribe seems to discount any threat that Eric may be during immunity challenges. Apparently they view him as a complete pansy.

Switching to the immunity challenge and we are informed it is an eating contest. Not an easy challenge to throw of your own volition.

First up is chicken hearts. PG and Frosti go head-to-head and Frosti licks the plate clean to rub in his win.

Next we have Jaime and Courtney eating eel. God, Courtney doesn’t even know how to eat! How can she we expected to win an eating competition? No surprise, Jaime wins.

Moving on to baby turtles, Eric and Amanda both manage to chow down on them, shell and all, but Eric ends up pulling off the win.

Next Denise and James step up to baby bird fetus. Now I figured Denise was guaranteed to win, since I know James wishes to throw the competition. But Denise cannot bring herself to eat these baby bird fetuses. You would think being a lunch lady she’d be used to eating nasty things, but no luck. James finally eats his last bite after dawdling for many minutes trying to give Denise a chance to win. In her defense, I will say the little critters were very repulsive looking and I don’t think I would have been able to choke them down either.

Frosti and Eric are up next to eat 1000 year old eggs. Both scarf them down in record time, and Eric wins. My hubby and I thought it looked very close to a tie, but Jeff is un-phased by our observations and declares Zhan Hu the winners.

Sherea and Jean Robert are the ones being considered for elimination tonight. Todd and Amanda tell Courtney to vote out Sherea and she promptly goes back and tells Sherea everything.

Both Courtney and Sherea scramble to try and get Jean Robert voted out. Next we see Todd saying to Amanda that perhaps they should vote out Jean Robert instead. She claims that Sherea is a bigger risk to them in the long run. Let’s get to tribal council and see who’s really running this show.

At tribal council, Courtney moans about Jean Robert and his unpleasant demeanor. She also claims to feel on the outskirts of her tribe, a claim Todd tries to dispute. But minutes later when Sherea is the one voted out by a vote of 4 to 2, we know that Courtney was correct, as she is not the one calling the shots here. It’s clearly Todd and Amanda who are running the show.

Scenes from next week show Eric and Jaime finding the immunity idol. Either James doesn’t know how to hide an idol very well, or he got beat to the punch. I’m guessing the former. We are left as all the remaining survivors drop their buffs. Is this the merge or merely another reshuffle? Guess you’ll have to come back next week to find out…

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