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Survivor: China - Episode 7 Summary

'Dumb and Dumb Bunnies' By kircon
Original Airdate: November 1, 2007

Previously on Survivor:

Fei Long kidnapped James, he gave the clue to Todd who in turn tells him where to find the idol. Itís those two stupid bats above that freaking thing. Todd gives the clearly marked Hidden Immunity Idol to James. Throw the challenge, get everyone to vote for you and then vote Jaime out.

The battle for immunity falls on James and Denise who canít finish her egg. James wins immunity for Zahn Hu. Todd is shocked. Genius idea smashed. Isnít that the way of life?

At Tribal Council, Sherea was voted out. If you want to know more read bdemoneyís summary: Charmin, Idols and BirdsÖOh my!

10 are left. Who will be voted out tonight?

Day 18 - Fei Long

Jean Robert wants to talk about the tension as the tribe is going to bed. Amanda tells him, itís between you and Courtney, like, itís your thing to resolve. Courtney rolls her eyes. Todd tells JR, I personally like the person you have shown me you can be. (I guess his Lazy strategy is working)

Courtney says, they suck up to him (JR). I donít need to be anybodyís friend in this game. I dislike everyone else more that I dislike Todd and Amanda. I think they mistake that for friendship. *shrugs shoulder, turns head to the side and breaks into a big grin*

Day 19 - Zhan Hu

Peih Gee tells James. See James, I told you we would work with you. Donít we seem like loyal people to you? To each other, yeah! Donít let me down James. We need to stick together when we merge. We sacrificed one of our tribe mates for you. Yada, yada, yada...James doesnít hear a word. Heís looking at the Idol and trying to take it off with his fingers. PG believes she can trust James, either a good con man or exactly how he is. She walks off.

PG joins Jaime and Eric who are sitting down by the water. Jaime says weíre the underdogs. We really need to look out for ourselves. Sheís not dumb. PG states she hopes they can trust James. Wasnít he acting weird when he came back, like something was going on?

Meanwhile back at camp, James walks over to the arch looking nonchalant. He stretches and puts his arm on the arch. He looks around.
Iím not going to be impatient, like Todd. There are plenty of times Iím alone. He takes the hatchet and knocks off a tile. Itís a blank sheet of wood. He knocks off the tile on the other side. He holds it up to show us and reads the back: Congratulations, This is an Immunity Idol, not a blank piece of wood. James hears the rest of the tribe coming back. He must leave the other tile on the ground. Iíll replace it when I can. Itís not obvious.

I have the idol in my possession now. I have two idols! Thatís funny.
Iím a Survivor with two idols!

ďYou guys get anything?Ē he asks as he closes his pack.

Day 19 - Fei Long

While Frosti and JR are out fishing, Courtney walks over to where Denise, Todd and Amanda are talking. She collapses onto the log and releases a long exhale. JR hates me, heís mean to me. You donít stick up for me, da, da, da, he walks around like heís the god of everything. Todd has to yell over her whining. Courtney, we canít let him know we donít like him or he will flip on us. Todd chews his nails and worries about the other tribe finding out about Courtney and JR, they will vote him off. ďThen we will lose our numbers.Ē

Courtney, canít we patch things up between us? Todd pleads. ďWhy does it matter?Ē she whines. Amanda and Denise ask, ďObviously you donít care. Do you care? Courtney throws her hands up and shrugs her shoulders.

Todd chews a blade of grass, he adjust his cowboy hat and kerchief. ďWhat does she want from me? Right now JR is one of my numbersĒ. Todd heads off to Bonanza City as he shouts, ďDEAL WITH IT! No gold star for you." Oops, sorry wrong CBS Reality Show, Kid Nation on Wednesday

Day 19 - Zhan Hu

James takes off with the fishing net.
While Jaime and PG are lying on the bed, Jaime notices there is something missing on the ďoverhang thingĒ. Eric says thatís weird. He picks up the tile. It looks idolish to me, do you think James picked it off and we surprised him? When PG leaves, Eric hands the wooden tile to Jaime.

Later that evening: James and PG go frogging. Jaime tells Eric she wants to look in Jamesí bag. Watch out for me. She unbuttons the bag and starts digging. She asks Eric to watch for James. She pulls out a pair of jeans thatís folded with a belt around it. She takes the belt off and unfolds the jeans. I think itís the same thing we have. Itís wrapped up the in the leg of his pants. She looks at Eric and exclaims, ďHe has two of them!Ē She folds everything back with out ever looking at the real Immunity Idol. Sheís not dumb.

Day 20 - Zhan Hu

The sun rises on a sleeping tribe while James the gravedigger, is doing chores. He keeps looking at the spot where the idol use to be. He doesnít see the fake one. Did someone pick it up? Oh Joy! One of them thinks it the idol. He flashes a big smile which reflects the sun and wakes Jaime up. She volunteers to get the water. She gets out of bed pours water over her feet.

James starts to daydream about Jaime. Thereís no way this woman picked up the wrong one. It would have to say immunity or something. Oh!, That this woman has a blank piece of wood. I would pass out in pure joy. *grins* He starts laughing. Please let that happen. Please. That would be the best thing ever. James falls over laughing. Please let it be. She pulls out a fake thing, *laughs*, holds it up and like, *laughs*, what do you mean? *laughs*, you need what on there? *laughing very hard* you need the real idol. He thrust his hands out and shouts, ďLike one of theeeeeese!

Reward Challenge Merge and Feast

We fly over a half moon shaped thatched canopy and zoom in on Jeff. Come on in guys. Zhan Hu enters first. Todd charges in for Fei Long. Jeff announces that Sherea was voted off last tribal council.

Letís get to it. One of the major tenants of the Art of War is to know thyself and thy opponent......Drop your buffs, you are merged. There are a lot of hugs, grins, and giggles all around. Jaime doesnít know what to make of it. ďIt all happened so fast. Iím glad to have the Hidden Immunity Idol. Itís going to be a whole new ballgame.Ē She ainít dumb.

Jeff hands out new buffs from a large jar. They are black and clean.
Jeff continues. In keeping with the Art of War, Fei Long will keep its beach for winning the most battles. Peih Gee frowns. In addition you must paint a flag and name your tribe. To celebrate you will get a merge feast.
*screams, yells, and cheers* In addition you will enjoy an afternoon of Chinese cultural performances.

Jeff shouts, ďNow I give you this strong reminder...As you head out... keep in Frosti and JR look perplexed. Jaime just looks confused. JR tells us he tried to figure out what it meant. I started to put a little thought into it, but I get food. He starts to drool. Not just food, but a feast. I honestly canít wait for the first course. He wipes his arm across his mouth.

Phil calls; here is your clue envelope. The last to reach the pit stop could be eliminated. Follow the bridge to your Feast. Oops, sorry wrong CBS Reality Show - The Amazing Race Ė Sunday (Yeah! I love TAR. Glad itís back.) Hereís an idea. The racers arrive on the Survivorís island, to do puzzles, eat gross foods, or have a square dance.

The Feast

The survivors sit down to a long table. Courtney is ecstatic. She puts thumbs down. Boo Challenges! She raises her thumbs. Yea Feast! Amanda yells Sweet and Sour Pork you guys!

Courtney continues they brought meat and vegetarian dishes and several choices of alcoholic beverages. Her voice rises to a higher pitch. I really, really enjoyed. Her voice rises to a pitch which breaks glass. I thought it was quite nice. She continues on but only the dogs can hear it now. I know because my puppy started barking.

The camera crew seemed to enjoy filming the girls drinking their ďbeveragesĒ. There were several shots of shots. Jaime loved the acrobat show. Itís great to drink and watch a great show. Spinning plates, girls twisting their bodies into stuff Iíve never seen before. (Itís hard to describe but the two girls bent and folded themselves into the shape of a two foot high box.) Now the men speak up. Oh my goodness. Wow! Now thatís a push up. James leans back and says I can do that. (I love this man.) Jaime says it was Amazing and asks if they were really doing that?

*drums and firecrackers*

As the cultural dancers came out in long flowing skirts, Amanda was thinking who to pick off next. Even though we are one, we are still two tribes. It will be that way until Zhan Hu is gone. It starts to rain as more firecrackers go off. Several young men use large knives to climb to the top of a tall pole. As they are climbing Amanda looks at Todd and licks her lips, sheís ready. Todd bats his eyes at her several times. Awwww

Day 20 - Merged Tribe

The united tribes walk back to Fei Long camp. JR holds his belly and heads straight to the bed. This merge hasnít changed my game plan. I do like my position now. We are at the next level of game play. To be honest with you, I donít see my name on a ballot at the next TC. Everyone joins JR in bed to nap and let their feast settle. Courtney puts her arm around Frosti and whispers sweet nothings in his ear.

Later Frosti starts working on the flag. Shout out a name. Hungry monkey. How about angry monkeys? Black Buffs. Black is Ha. I like black. Monsoon survivors. Black Monsoon. Fighting wind. Black fighting wind. Thatís it.

Peih Gee realizes even though they took her name the numbers are against her. If I can get James and Frosti to vote with me, I could be in a good position if not, well itís sucky.

Jaime notices a boat pulling into their dock. Denise says, ďSomeoneís coming. Is that? Itís Jeff. Is that Jeff? Is that Jeff? Jeffís coming. Jeffís here you guys. Jeffís in our camp. Jeff asks why no one is greeting him but Denise. He walks into camp. ďWhat up?Ē I see youíre working on the new flag. Whatís the name? Todd puffs his chest out and tells Jeff, Hae Da Fung, Black Fighting Wind.

Jeff pulls a canvas bag off his shoulder. Well I brought you something. He reaches into it. Is it cookies? No! Is it Pizza? Jeff looks down at Jaime who is painting the flag. No Jaime, itís not pizza. Itís a gift much better than food for one of you. Todd puts his hands on his cheeks and starts to hyperventilate. Jeff pulls out the Immunity Necklace. Todd falls down. I present: the Individual Immunity Necklace. As bed buddies JR and James craw out of bed, James tells him their team must win this.

Itís time for the first Individual Immunity Challenge. Follow Me. Before the merge I issued this reminder. As he says each word he slaps his hand into his palm. ďĒ Did you listen to me? For todayís challenge you will be tested on what happen at the Feast and Celebration. Several survivors start to cry and Jaime asks what celebration?

Single elimination, no second chances. Last one standing wins immunity and is safe at Tribal tonight.

Immunity Challenge

Jeff hands out the tablet and asks, ďAnyone pay attention? JR says he paid attention to how much he could eat.

Here we go. First question. How many times did firecrackers go off?
Reveal your answers houseguest. Remember we are playing for POV. Oops, Sorry, wrong CBS Reality Show. Catch Big Brother next summer. The correct answer is 3.

James, Amanda, Courtney and Peih Gee get it wrong.

Next! What was the color of the tall pole with knife ladder rungs? It was the tallest object in the field. The correct answer is yellow.

Todd (changed his answer), Jean Robert, Denise, and Eric are out.

Frosti, Jaime, immunity is on the line. What did the four cultural dancers wear on their feet? Reveal. Jamie writes silk stocking, shoes with bells. Frosti says nothing. The correct answer is...Nothing.

Frosti dances over to Jeff. Frosti you are immune from the vote tonight. You have a 1 in 9 shot of winning a million dollars. For the rest of you, some one will be going home. Iíll split now.

Day 20 - Back at Camp

James tells Todd what happen with the idol. I had to hurry and take both off. I put the real one in my bag. They grabbed the blank one. Please let that happen. How great would that be James? You do have both of the real ones? Yeah says James. I just had to tell somebody. *grin* (I love when James smiles.)

...and when I came back it was gone, James tells Amanda. So one of them dumb bunnies has a blank board. *laughs* Who do we vote out tonight? Amanda says the silent leader Jaime, who is as devious as Peih Gee. We canít wait until itís too late.

In another part of the camp Todd and JR are talking. *chop, chop, chop* Todd tells JR they have every vote from now on. *chop, chop, chop* we know Jaime is shady. JR tells Todd he thinks PG is kinda cool. Sheís cool. Really cool. Did I tell you I think sheís cool? Letís vote her off. Todd starts chewing his nails.
*ominous music*
*chop, chop, chop* Oh, one thing Todd, if you screw me over, I will hold you responsible because I know you have more power than Amanda. Todd is chewing his finger. You will never see a juror lobby harder to keep you from winning. You will not win! *chop, chop, chop* Todd sticks his tongue out at Jean Robert and shakes the hatchet at him. If I didnít agree to his terms he wouldnít trust me. Little does he know I ready to cut him. Todd walks away.

Jaime is walking with Todd. Do you know anything about the Immunity Idol Todd? Well a little. Why? If you can keep me tonight I will tell you who has the idol on your tribe and mine. Ok, Iíll try. Sheís not a dumb bunny. Todd walks back into camp. He tells us Jaime needs to catch up. Sheís on the small bike in the back paddling as fast as she can.

Jaime tells us she is good at playing stupid and uses it to her advantage. Itís working so Iím going to stick with it. I think the other tribe thinks Iím a Jessica Simpson out here. Wait till they see me play the Immunity Idol. It will floor Todd. It will amaze Jeff. Iím not as dumb as I look and I think they are figuring it out.

In another part of the camp Eric and Jaime are talking with Frosti. We have the idol. We need to use it tonight. How do you know itís the idol? We found one on the ground. It was like the two James had in his bag. If we vote for JR heís gone.

As Frosti walks away, he tells us heís seen the real idol. What Jaime is describing sounds like she could have one? But she wants to get rid of JR. Because I won immunity, Iím in a safe place and considered the swing vote. Both sides think Iím with them and Iím not sure who to vote for yet.

Tribal Council

The sun sets. The survivors walk to Tribal Council. Jeff greets them with: ďFull House!Ē

Amanda, how has the merge changed the game? We always wondered what the other tribe was doing. Now we all get along really well and weíre having fun.

Peih Gee, are you having fun? Not really. Itís easy to have fun when you have numbers.

Jean Robert, as a student of people have you seen a shift. The dynamics are individual now. I see Courtney going to final 3 because sheís not seen as a big threat. Now James and I are very big threats.

Courtney, why are you rolling your eyes? The person I donít get along with thinks Iím the biggest threat there is. JR and Courtney go back and forth for 20 minutes. Big threat! No threat! Amanda starts crying. Todd is biting his nails again. Frosti is swinging from the rafters. James canít contain himself.

James, why does that bother you? Jean Robert just doesnít shut up. He goes on and on and on. He tells us every thing heís doing. We understand youíre a card player who has been spoon-fed and pampered. We donít expect that much from you. So donít go on and on about it. I guess thatís part of his tactic. Just be quiet.

Peih Gee, when you merged, did you look for cracks in Fei Long. Weíve had spies Jeff. Jaime looks at Eric and mouths, we had spies? Jean Roberts name has come up a lot.

Jaime, what do you do when your name is on the block? I talk to Fei long to see if thereís anyone they want to vote off. All it takes is one who thinks Iím more pleasant to be around. (And she canít count either but sheís not dumb)

Frosti has the Immunity Necklace, you canít vote for him. Eric youíre up.

One by one they vote. Jeff announces he will go tally the votes. He walks back with the voting urn. Once the votes are read the decision is final. The person will be asked to leave immediately.

Jeff? States Jaime, I have a question for you.
A surprised Jeff answers, yes? JR is even more surprised.

I found this lying on the floor at camp. I think itís the Immunity Idol.

James starts grinning and looks at Todd.

Jaime gives the wooden tile to Jeff. James is jubilant. Jean Robert looks like he is having a heart attack. Jaime sits down with an expectant and hopeful look.

Jeff holds the wooden tile in front of him. The rules of Survivor state that when a Hidden Immunity Idol is played any votes cast against that person donít count. James blinks and swallows. The next highest vote getter will be sent home. James is ready to burst. That is the case when a Hidden Immunity Idol is played... This... however is not a Hidden Immunity Idol.

Jeff throws the tile into the fire pit. Todd smiles while James high fives himself. Jean Robert passes out. (There was a lot of off screen laughing; every time I listen, it seems to be the crew.) Jeff states any votes will count for Jaime. She shakes her head accepting her fate.

Iíll read the votes: Jean Robert Ė 3 Jaime Ė 7

Seventh person voted out of China, first juror, Jaime, bring me your torch.
The Tribe has spoken. Snuff!!!

Well the game has just shifted again. Now you are voting off people who stand between you and one million dollars and the title Sole Survivor.

Grab your torches and head back to camp.

Next time on Survivor

Todd blindsides, Peih Gee power plays, Amanda questions while James goes fishing.

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