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Survivor: China - Episode 3 Summary

'Boats, Blades, and Blabbermouths, Oh My!' By vince3
Original Airdate: October 4, 2007

Previously on Survivor: At Fei Long, (known from now on as the Red Jaguars Dragons) Jean Robert (JR) slept while everyone else worked their collective butts off, prompting Aaron to give him heck for it, including a confession which basically said “shape up, or get voted out!” Also, Leslie began a downward spiral which included a confessional breakdown. But, at the Reward Challenge, the Red Dragons remained undefeated in challenges, winning the mud soccer/wrestling match, which snagged them the usual Episode 2 prize: Fishing Gear! At the RC, a twist was revealed: the winner of the RC’s will kidnap a member of the losers. Also, the kidnapped member will be given a tube which contains a clue to the Hidden Immunity Idols which are back in the camps again! The Dragons decided to kidnap Jaime, who proceeded to give the clue to Leslie, who thought it was a gift from God. Leslie then proceeded to tell Todd about the clue, who confessed that he’d never spill the clues to anyone! At Zhan Hu, (known from now on as the Yellow Tigers…) Dave worked tirelessly around the camp trying to improve their dismal surroundings. Unfortunately that left him very petered out for the Immunity Challenge which involved Jeff’s Giant Puzzle Log. He ended up being replaced at the front of the line by Frosti, which gave the Red Dragons their third win in a row. Back at the Yellow Tigers’ camp, Dave and Ashley argued constantly, putting both in jeopardy. At Tribal Council, they decided to get rid of the wrassler Ashley , and gave Dave another chance. Also you can check out zipperhead‘s summary for more details……. 14 are left, who will be voted out tonight?

Night 6, Red Dragons camp

JR is snoring and trying desperately to cuddle to any female within arms reach. Problem is, the girls of the Dragons are not very appreciative of his sleeping habits. Leslie summed it up with a confession of “Ew!” Both Amanda and Courtney don’t want to lay anywhere near him but he’s insisting since “they keep me warm”. Hah! Courtney confesses that she weighs only 7 lbs. (I would’ve thought it was 8, but I digress….) Leslie figures since JR can’t figure out the social game of Survivor, the first time the Dragons go to Tribal Council, he’d be the one served up on the platter. (Be careful what you wish for, Leslie, you just might get it……)

Roll the Credits! (I miss Ashley )

Day 7, Red Dragons camp

JR’s in the river eating a sea plant while James and Amanda check the crab trap. They caught only one crab. James wants to make a kind of crab stew with the crab. Courtney wants to boil it to make crab stock to boil the rice in. Aaron doesn’t think the crab’s big enough to make any kind of crab rice dish. An Iron Chef-like argument flares up over how to cook the secret ingredient of crab for a tribe of 8. Leslie says the boys are cranky because they’re hungry. James informs us that he seems to be only one on his tribe to read any kind of survival guide before taking on this endeavor.

Day 7, Yellow Tigers camp

Maniac worker Dave is catching, cleaning, fire-building, everything! Peih-Gee (PG) states that Dave hasn’t learned from his mistake in the last episode: work too hard at camp and then you have no energy for the Challenges! PG keeps trying to remind him, but he’s not listening, la-la-la-la-la. He confesses that, in order to save energy, you must efficiently expend energy because the camp doesn’t take care of itself. It’s not rocket science, Tigers! Frosti confesses that Dave should not be ticking people off the day after he was on the chopping block at the last Tribal Council, because he really was given a second chance after wiping himself out in the previous challenge…

Reward Challenge: Clear the Deck (Once again, these are the titles from the website…..)

This challenge takes place on the lake and will be 3 on 3, men vs. men and women vs. women. Since the Tigers are currently made up of 3 men and 3 women and the Dragons are at 4 men and 4 women, the Dragons have to sit out a man and a woman. Each team will start on their color coordinated junks and using two gangplanks will either travel to the other side or wait for the other team to come over. The first team to get all 3 of the opposing members into the drink first will win a point. The first tribe to 3 points will win Reward. The Reward: Comfort! In the form of Kerosene and a lantern, rope, pillows, blankets and a big, ugly, but functional tarp. The Dragons choose to sit out Courtney and Todd.

Round 1 Women: For the Tigers, we got Sherea, PG, and Jaime and for the Dragons, we have Amanda, Leslie and Denise. Survivors Ready? Go! Sherea decides to march over to the other side looking for a fight. Denise sneaks over to the other side, only to get dumped into the drink by Jaime and PG. The other two Dragon women are swarmed by the Tigers and the Dragons are all wet! Tigers lead 1-0!

Round 2 Men: For the Tigers, we have Dave, who pulls a Dicque by stripping down, Frosti and Erik and for the Dragons, we have James, JR and Aaron. Dave and Aaron take each other out. James charges at Frosti and wipes him out. Erik is stuck with both JR and James. JR takes Erik with him into the drink. Tied at 1.

Round 3 Women: After PG fakes a lunge at Amanda, Sherea comes over which brings Leslie over, Sherea and Jaime toss Leslie into the drink. Amanda gets pushed into the drink but drags Sherea with her. Jaime and PG pushes Denise into the drink! Tigers lead 2-1!

Round 4 Men: Second verse, same as the first. The Tigers charged, but got tossed in again. James was again the last one standing. Tied at 2.

Final Round Women: The Tigers charge onto the Dragons boat! Amanda ends up in the drink first after trying to hang onto Sherea’s leg. Leslie got dumped! Denise gets taken into the drink by Sherea! The Tigers win their first ever challenge!

Also, they get the right to kidnap someone from the Dragons. They choose Leslie, more or less to repay the favor of her getting the clue from the previous episode.

Day 7, Yellow Tigers camp

We find the now happy Tigers hauling their Reward prizes home, along with Leslie. Jaime’s the happiest because she’s hoping that Leslie will give her the HII clue in return. Even Dave promises that he’ll behave himself and keep his clothes on and won’t swear, because she’s such a devout Christian.

Leslie feels this is a happier tribe than the Dragons and she can speak more freely about her beliefs here than at the Dragons camp. Funny that she’s not using the confession time to open her sealed tube for the instructions to give the clue to a Tiger….

Day 7, Red Dragons camp

JR and James are at the river/lakeside with JR in the water (again!) and James at the coast bashing “Sister Christian” (Leslie, who is with the Tigers, currently) then deciding on who they would like to see be served up at the Tribal Council buffet whenever they actually lose an Immunity Challenge. Todd and Courtney aren’t too far away gathering husks for fires. JR’s talking about him being distant from Todd because Todd has JR figured out. Then they decide that Courtney would be the first Dragon course at the Tribal Council buffet, since she’s just a bag of bones. Both Courtney and Todd are beginning to have steam come out of their ears because of that and JR’s also got a crush on Courtney and James has a small crush on Leslie. Todd wants both JR and James gone as soon as possible. (Only one problem with that Todd, while we’re in the Tribal Immunity phase, you just might need their strength, especially James’)

Day 9, Yellow Tigers camp

(What happened to Day 8? *shrug*)

Leslie finally decides (probably after a ton of prodding from production….) that she’d better open her message tube that Jeff gave her as the kidnappee which informs her of the sealed clue to hand to a member of the Tigers before she returns to the Dragons at the Immunity Challenge. She decides to give the clue to Jaime to return the favor for Jaime giving her the first clue. *cue shot of the Spirit Gate’s plaque where the HII is probably hidden in both camps*

HII Clue #1: What is thought to be hidden may sometimes be seen. Though their eyes are not, yours must be keen.

HII Clue #2: Waste no more time in searching the ground. Look towards the Heavens, for what will be found.

*cue another shot of the Tigers Spirit Gate as she passes through it….*

Immunity Challenge: Blade Runner *groan*

Leslie gets to return to the Dragons after dishing about her lovely stay with the Tigers.

For this challenge the tribes will designate four choppers and two puzzle builders. The choppers will chop seven ropes that are concealed in small wooden beams. After the seven ropes are cut, they will then chop down a package of wooden puzzle discs that they’ll return to their mat. Once all four choppers have the four packages back to the mat, the puzzle builders will assemble the disks onto a puzzle pole with a very heavy stone base and after stacking the whole pile of disks correctly, drag the entire stack across the finish line to win Immunity. The Tigers have two extra members and you still can’t sit the same person in consecutive challenges so Todd and Courtney must be in this challenge (this might be important….). The Tigers choose to sit out Denise and Leslie instead, then.

First up for the Tigers is Jaime and Courtney for the Dragons. Jaime is chopping like mad! Courtney? Not so much. When Jaime’s bundle drops down she takes a mighty swing at the rope, *freeze frame and zoom* and cuts through! PG’s next out for the Tigers and makes quick work of the ropes *cue next freeze zoom frame*. Frosti’s third out for the Tigers and makes very quick work of all the ropes which causes another *freeze zoom frame*. Meanwhile, Courtney’s wondering how are they doing this, ittttttt’s soooooo harrrrd! (Oh Gawd, another Daniele is born!) Erik is the last chopper for the Tigers and he also gets the *freeze zoom frame* Sherea and Dave are the puzzle stackers for the Tigers. Courtney, after sawing through the remaining ropes takes a big swing at the hanging rope *freeze zoom frame? Nope!* and doesn’t hit it hard enough! So she has to saw through the rope. Amanda’s the second up and quickly works for the Dragons *freeze zoom frame* Aaron is third for the Dragons and quickly works through his ropes *freeze zoom frame*. James is the last one up for the Dragons choppers and he also makes quick work *long slow freeze zoom frame* Meanwhile, the Tigers were having a bit of trouble with the puzzle so the Dragons have crawled back into the challenge! Is that an Ulong ghost image hanging over the Tigers? Nope! Because Dave and Sherea have started to figure out the puzzle and are starting to drag the puzzle stack! The Tigers win Immunity! The Dragons looked devastated!

Day 9, Red Dragons camp

Courtney’s nursing her many hand wounds, JR’s hoping that they’ll get rid of one of the two weakest women on the tribe, and then Leslie grabs James’ shovel and starts digging her own grave in the form of saying how lovely her stay with the Tiger was, how friendly they are, etc. That sets off paranoia alarms in the Dragons’ collective heads because she might’ve had time to form an alliance with a Tiger or two while she was over there…… Leslie’s hoping to lead the troops against JR, because of his cuddling attempts and his general laziness and arrogance around camp. Aaron, however, thinking Leslie because her talking with the Tigers during her kidnapping stay there and blabbing all about the Dragons arguments and such might make her a wildcard come merge time. (Guys, this is only the third to go! Granted, because you started with only 16, the merge might come a little quicker than the past couple of seasons, but that’s still at least 3 weeks away at bare minimum! *sheesh*) Todd’s not happy that the tribe’s leaning toward Leslie because he doesn’t want to compete with the big guys during the individual part of the competition. (Of course, the only problem is, if you get rid of the big guys during the Tribal portion you won’t have the numbers to survive the Individual portion for long unless you pull an Ozzy/Terry/Tom/etc. immunity run…..) JR’s explaining the vote probabilities to us and the tribe that Leslie or Courtney are the best bets to go because they’re both breaking down and he’s not sure how Courtney’s gonna live for 30 more days since she’s already a bag of bones, all while the aforementioned Leslie and Courtney are coming up the trail heading right for them.

Tribal Council

Dip your torches, Dragons and perform the ritual of Tribal Council. JR gets asked if they’re concerned about the recent losing streak. JR says that they might have the two to three strongest guys, but they also have the two weakest females (shots of Leslie and Courtney and neither looking pleased) JR continues to stick feet into his mouth as Courtney states that the tribes sit out decisions is based on “where will Courtney do less damage” and she’s getting sick of it! Leslie buries herself deeper by trying to tell her tribe that the Tigers may not be as strong as the Dragons but they make up for it in smarts and heart. Needless to say, the Dragons aren’t too pleased with Leslie after that statement… Is JR concerned about going? Yes, but he feels that he should make it through the night. All right, Dragons, it's now time to vote! Aaron is first up, and votes Leslie. JR, then James, then Courtney votes JR, then Amanda, then Denise, then Leslie who votes JR, then Todd. Time to tally the votes: JR, Leslie, JR, “Sister Christian” (Leslie), Leslie, “Mom” (Leslie), Leslie (The other vote in the urn was also for Leslie.....)

That’s 5 for Leslie, that’s enough. She’s the third voted out of Survivor: China. Jeff advises that two things came up tonight: this tribe needs to have more fun, and the tribe needs to better utilize each person’s unique strengths…..

Next time on Survivor

At the Dragons, things heat up between Courtney and JR. At the Tigers, Sherea loses her cool to Dave (basically she turns into Alicia from Outback/All-Stars) and both tribes get a lesson in the Art of War. *cue more special effects!*

Any final words Leslie? “I am so proud of myself. I had this dream, I chased the dream, and I would like to have stayed a little longer, of course, but I always knew going into this game that I’d be here as long as God wanted me to be here, and apparently He’s ready for me to come home. I don’t understand why they wanted to vote me out, but I really hope that my tribe made the right decision, and I’d do it again in a heart beat!” (Man, she talks fast!)

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