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Survivor: China - Episode 8 Summary

'The Best Player in the Game' By michel
Original Airdate: November 8, 2007

Welcome to Survivor: China! I will be your guide for introduction to China, Wrong Li. I know many here have different beliefs so, I assure you that I, Wrong Li, am not a spiritual guide, just a TV Guide, provided by our benevolent and enlightened leaders, for those who missed part of story.

Survivor is new to people in the West and you still very excited watching. In China, long tradition of Survivor. Mock Bunette got idea from Fu Manchu, Chinese Producer of epic Survivor: Manchuria with popular winner Judd Man! Many popular seasons of Survivor in China like Survivor: Tian’anmen Square. Very physical challenges: People versus Tanks. In Survivor: Chinese Exile Island, people sent on exile don’t come back…ever. Chinese people prefer old seasons and talk still of Survivor: Ghengis Khan. That…Tough Season!

Before getting to latest episode, brief recap of season so far:

Chapter 1: Confucious says:
“Don’t count on Chicken to be Hatch.”
Zhan Hu: Limp noodles. Fei Long: Fortunate cookies except for one frustrated Courtney.

Chapter 2: Confucious says:
“She who wrestles in mud look like b00b”
Woman making mountains out of molehills got busted.

Chapter 3: Confucious says:
“In China listen to what Confucious says”
State radio only one needed in China. Propagandist Radio host taken off the air. She seeked eternal life, found loser lodge.

Chapter 4: Confucious says:
“Man who show moon look like ass.”
Friends called him Nuts…Enemies roasted Nuts in firepit. Duck with Diced Almond Ding…Succulent!
Episode also featured take-out Dinner for 12 with Wrong Li’s daughter and family. Grand daughter Hu Quan Yue, kid star in China. She deserve Emmy.

Chapter 5: Confucious says:
“Better to be pissed off than pissed on”
Women in Zhan Hu camp have evil in-tent. James mad but Fei Long leader twisted out of game.

Chapter 6: Confucious says:
“Cranky School Teacher who sleep all day get lesson at night.”
She conserve energy for walk of shame. Not long journey but first step was overdue even if it frustrated Courtney.
Wanna Immunity Idol Made in China? Cheap: 2 for 1 dollar. Make James happy.

Last time on…Survivor:
Chapter 7: Confucious says:
“Blonde girl found way to prove wasn’t dumb as she look by being dumber than she appeared.”
Poker dude lose Poker face, James can’t stop laughing and “Jessica Simpson” get fired.
Chinese officials sent complaint to US embassy: Capitalist Corporation Propaganda say China make cheap counterfeit idols.

Thank you, Wrong Li. You can now get ready for your role in tonight’s episode.
Anyone who wants more information on chapter 7 can read Kircon’s excellent Summary: Dumb and Dumb Bunnies

Now, 9 are left, who will be voted off tonight?

Act I: Everybody Loves JR

The episode started on Night 21 after Hae Da Fung had returned from tribal council. JR was still shocked by Jaime’s play and Amanda agreed that she was also terrified. JR couldn’t believe that Jaime could’ve prevented him from winning this game. He took it out on her boyfriend Erik by hogging all the space in the shelter. Erik is shy and he doesn’t get into bed with anybody so he stood out in the cold until James came to his defense: “Get you’re ass up so the poor boy can fit in bed” he told JR who answered: “I thought I was going home tonight.” James offered: “Do you want a hug, baby?” Those two old friends, James and JR, know how to make fun of each other!

Despite the friendship, James had a confessional to set up the upcoming events: “JR doesn’t know I have both immunity idols. We can’t tell him that because it’s JR and he’s gonna mess something up. We need to keep his dumbass in line so we’re stuck with him. We need his vote so we have to deal with it.” JR was shown, in the shelter, laughing as the tension of the previous TC dissipated.

When the scene ended we had the opening credits which were rearranged to show only the members of HD Fung and Jaime as the first member of the jury. The 6 pre-merge victims you ask? Flushed, forgotten until the reunion so we can once again ask: Who’s that? At least here, we had Wrong Li to help out.

Act II: Cliques

Day 22 started with James going out to catch fish and talking strategy which always sounds strange to me because, in episode #1, he told us strategy was going to be his weakness: “I’m back with my original tribemates and we have to stick together. We put ourselves in position by all these personalities coming together. We are complete opposite. I mean, we got a lunch lady, a professional gambler, we have a stewardess (sic), we have a waitress from New-York city, there’s a grave digger. All our personalities, even though we clash, we’ve pulled together. We won together. The other team, that’s not how they work. The other team got together as a clique. They’re not trying to win the million dollars, they’re trying to win a High School Friend Contest

James gave us the title quote of the episode but didn’t he forget Amanda? That’s something for the editing thread! Anyway, James; Survivor fans have a name for a team trying to win a High school friends contest: Pagong.

James’ fishing expedition was quite successful, a fish even getting trapped in his net before he even had finished setting it up. “I catch them too fast!” Another, much bigger fish, would do the same later!

If James was out fishing, the one he forgot, Amanda, was wondering if she could be the hunter going for big game: “At this moment, James is in a very good position because he has both immunity idols. He’s almost guaranteed himself a top 5 position right now. He’s a strong physical, mental player at this game. I’m afraid he could win the whole thing.” Well, shouldn’t you be doing something to stop him instead of just sitting there, Amanda?

The Reward Challenge: You Sank my Battleship!

The tribe approached a rectangular platform on Zhelin Lake. The platform had two square openings, about 12’ x 12’, each of which contained a bathtub sized boat. Jeff told the Survivors that, for this challenge, they would be split in two teams of 4. Hum! Jeff? We have 9 Survivors?! They played for the chance to go to a 1000 year old village and eat a traditional feast. I’m thinking that village must have a warehouse full of eggs that are just about to celebrate their millenium. I hope that’s not the feast. Each Team would designate a player to go in the little boat while the other 3 would be dumping water in the boat and on the soon to be shipwrecked player. A team had to sink two “bathtubships” to win.

They randomly selected two captains: JR for the Yellow team and Peih Gee for the Red. JR had first pick and, after pausing for effect, chose, you guessed it, James. It’s nice how these two big guys get along isn’t it? Peih Gee selected Frosti who selected Erik once James had picked Todd. Jeff commented on how we are back to tribal lines. Except for the reversed colors, I have to wonder why, after losing all the tribal challenges, this group would want to reunite? Even worse, for a player who would want to infiltrate the other alliance, PG had a strange way to show it. With Todd picking who else but Amanda, Peih Gee told Erik: “we want somebody light in the boat” so Erik drafted Courtney. Excuse me, Peih Gee? Do you think you’re fat?

Denise looked sad and Jeff confirmed her fear; she wouldn’t participate in the challenge or the reward. As the two teams got ready for the challenge, we had Courtney and Amanda exchanging defiant looks with the Munchkin making a fist and pretending to use it to squash her opponents in her opened palm.

Courtney: "Be Afraid, be very afraid."

The Yellow team must have been shaking!

For the first round, Courtney was in charge of the Red boat while Todd navigated the Yellow one. James, Amanda and JR unceremoniously dumped buckets of water on Courtney’s head. She got so frustrated she started yelling out her big secret: “I…gulp…hate all *gasp* of you *choke*!” She forgot to move her boat to the center of the area and was getting drenched. Todd kept his floating tub as far away as possible from the Red players and bailed out a lot of water. The Yellow team didn’t even have to throw the water from their buckets, they just poured it on the Munchkin and her red submarine. Denise was amused that PG’s secret weapon didn’t do to well.
1-0 for the Yellow Team and Courtney was very frustrated when she regained the surface.

Courtney's frustated look

For Round 2, the Yellow team was represented by the “Invincible Amanda” while Frosti played around in the Red tub. I’m not sure if he had a rubber ducky or not because it didn’t last very long. Amanda navigated her vessel to a nice safe spot in the middle while Frosti was rub-a-dubbing into trouble, cornered by the Yellow team. Making it worse, Peih Gee and Courtney didn’t have the stamina to keep up with the big guys on the other team. James, JR and Todd were throwing buckets at Frosti who couldn’t bail the water fast enough and Jeff yelled out: “Frosti is sunk.” That wouldn’t be foreshadowing for Frosti’s chances in the game, would it?
Final score: 2-0. The Red team was whitewashed. The Yellow Team won reward.

Jeff told the 4 members of the Yellow team that they were to leave immediately for the village and he gave them a secret cylinder, advising them to read it together.
The four members of the Red team and Denise had to go back empty-handed. Hum! That makes an automatic majority of frustrated players. I think I understand why this challenge was played at 9 rather than 8. Sneaky EPMB!

Act III: Celebrate Good Times

The 4 winners entered the village. It seemed disrespectful to have JR shirtless and to see that Amanda had to have her behind blurred out when the villager opened his door and gave them a gracious welcome. (yes, that was Wrong Li) It was more troubling to have James say he enjoyed the beautiful sights but that he wasn’t too much into the romantic stuff while walking between Todd and JR. Nevertheless, they all sat at a table and JR, being experienced in everything Chinese, told his table companions: “This is authentic Chinese dining. This is the real deal.” You mean Li Ping on 23rd Avenue doesn’t deliver up there? Thanks, I didn’t know.

Immediately JR opened the cylinder, revealing a scroll with 5 clues to the immunity idol. “Idol clue. Wow! There is a hidden immunity idol” he announced in all seriousness. Todd couldn’t repress a smile as he answered: “Really?”
JR read the clues intently, surprised that he hadn’t guessed before then that there was an idol. “That shook me up a little bit” he said. Well, Duh!
Todd had to tell us about it: “It was kinda funny…James has both immunity idols and JR is the only one from Fei Long who doesn’t know about it.”
JR was seeing idols and a million dollar check rolling around in his mind. “That was big, guys. Winning that challenge was bigger than dinner and culture.”
That was when Wrong Li’s daughters, all dressed in Fei Long red, started bringing covers after covers of appetizing looking dishes accompanied by some beverages that Courtney would’ve enjoyed.

As they finished their meal, JR wanted to know what to do with the cylinder and asked James what happened to his.
James decided to play with JR: “I’m not bringing it back, are you brining it back?”
“We’ll have to memorize all this” said a worried JR.
James rubbed it in: “You better jog your memory, homey.”
JR concluded by saying: “Man, I didn’t know there was an American immunity idol.”
“American Immunity idol” repeated an amused Todd!
Amanda told us: “I think the best part of the whole evening was hearing Jean Robert talk about finding the immunity idol and asking ‘What do you guys think it could be? I don’t know where it is?’
JR blamed the wine.
James, who had been trying to stiffle his laughter, used JR’s lapse to join in the fun while he grabbed another beer.

Act IV: Misery loves Company

There was a rainbow over the Hae Da Fung camp but Denise was not a happy camper: “I’m very upset right now but what are you gonna do…I was over there, looking at everybody and just sitting on the bench…I’m big, I’m fat, I’m always the last one picked. It’s been like that my whole life and here it is again. Being the last one standing there, are they gonna do that when it comes down to the final 7? Am I going to be the one to go home before JR? Before James? I don’t want to be that person. I want to stay in this game as long as I possibly can.” I’m thinking that, if she lasts a while longer, she could have the jury give her the final humiliation.

The five losers started eating and talking. Denise told them: “I still can’t believe you guys didn’t get rid of James. I really am very shocked.”

For a rare occasion, Erik joined in: “You think James is the biggest threat but I want to say JR…I think he is more of the full threat package.” Erik has tried so hard to stay UTR that he could certainly spot someone who’s a target. I think it’s Confucious who said: “Man who fly low under radar hit tree in forest. Both fall to ground making no sound.” We should be able to test the saying very soon.

Time for Peih Gee to scramble

Peih Gee showed that she can count better than Lisi by realizing that 5 is greater than 4: “Wait a minute…There’s 5 of us right here” she told them, She tried to get the vote on JR while telling us: “I have nothing to lose. I’ll try anything at this point.” She used Adam’s ploy: “If JR goes before I do and you or Courtney are in the final two, I’d give either one of you guys my vote.”

Denise told us about Peih Gee’s actions: “She’s trying to shake things up and get us to vote out Jean Robert. Nobody likes him so it’s kind of an easy vote. If I decide to go with PG and Erik, I could end up in a good situation with them but I don’t want to go against the rest of the tribe and have them vote against me. I’m thinking it over and deciding what I’m gonna do.” She then showed her strategic brilliance to the tribe by saying: “I’m the fifth wheel over there and I’m the fifth wheel over here. If it’s better for me to go with you guys, I’ll go with you guys. If I think it’s better for me to go with them, I’ll go with them. I’m being honest.” Poor Denise, for once she took the time to elaborate a plan, to see how she could fit in the best alliance possible, and she would still wind up voting alone!!

Act V: Man on a Mission

The party goers returned during the middle of the night. Tiptoeing, they acted like teenagers trying to slip into bed without being noticed but James and JR are big guys and squeezing in wasn’t easy! Anyway, JR had no time to lose: He got right back up and started looking around for the idol while a little frog accompanied him on his quest.
The frog reminded me of the one from the fable, the one that wanted to blow itself to be as big as a bull: “In envy, the frog stretched and strained to rise and match in bulk the bull” until it croaked. You don’t suppose it could have anything to do with JR?

I was laughing as he walked around camp, especially when he took off the head of the statue that guarded their tree mail box and looked inside! He had a confessional: “I didn’t sleep last night, I was so anxious to get that idol. That’s the difference in the game. That could protect me and that could be my million dollars right there.”

As the sun started to shine, JR showed that he had more to catch up on than even “Jessica Simpson” as he picked up THREE blank boards and hid them in a bush before going back to sleep. “If I have the immunity idol, it gives me a trump card. I like the direction I’m going but I’d feel more comfortable with a trump card in my pocket knowing that they don’t have access to it right now.”
I have a question for you, JR: If you picked 3 boards, where was the 4th? Isn’t it as important as knowing where that 4th ace would be?

Act VI: Shenanigans

The next morning, a discussion started about the portions James takes. Todd started the argument by simply saying: “James, you eat a good fourth of what’s in there.” JR agreed: “You eat 2 and a half times the average person.” James replied: “Dude, I’m hungry. I’m not like you, I wasn’t laying down all day.” Could this beautiful friendship be nearing the end?!

Todd had a confessional: “We’ve been in the jungle for 23 days now and these people are driving me insane. I hate hearing Jean Robert’s voice. I hate hearing James complain how he’s so hungry, plus, it kinda pisses me off that James has both idols being that I found it and told him where the other one was and he hasn’t even offered to give one back. That drives me insane. I would love to see some craziness happen here at camp.” More impatience from Todd. Is there any medication for that?

Todd walked over to the water well with Amanda and told her: “James is in a great position. With the immunity idol, he’s guaranteed final 4.”

Amanda wondered: “Do you think people would hand over James a million dollars?” Well Duh! The hardest worker and challenge champion doesn’t make a good goat. Todd agreed with me.

Amanda, having a one-track mind, wanted to get rid of Peih Gee first (Poor Erik. No one is worried about him!) and then get James out at 8 but Todd countered that he could win immunity and be right there at the end. “I’m not messing with two idols like that. If James doesn’t win immunity, he might have to go…If he’s guaranteed that PG’s going, he won’t play that idol.”

The Target: Why is it always the Black Man that is "Target".

Amanda had a confessional: “The plan was to get rid of PG next and then Erik and Frosti after that. Now, all of a sudden, Todd is in a big hurry to get rid of James. For him to change so quickly really makes me nervous.”

Todd went to Frosti: “The game is slipping out of our hands. How would you feel, if James doesn’t win immunity, about blinsiding him? We will not tell PG because she will tell James.”

Frosti was all smiles while James’ numerous fans wanted to choke Todd: “I’m always looking for safety…The plan right now is to blinside James tonight.”

The Immunity Challenge: Ride my Dragon

Jeff, standing on a high platform, told the 9 Survivors to “come on in, guys”. The players, who had to wade in a swamp to join him, weren’t too thrilled but Jeff was laughing sadistically. There was a long red dragon that stretched across the full width of the swamp. Before getting to the challenge, Jeff asked Frosti to walk all the way to the platform and hand in the immunity necklace. Frosti almost drowned to get there but he handed over the idol.

Jeff then explained that each survivor would have to balance on a large barrel that was a segment of the dragon. The players would then push a yellow lever that would release a cork under the barrel, letting the water flow out. Less water meant the barrel would be more unstable, making it harder for the players to stay on. Not quite the action of riding an electric bull in a bar but I guess we have to be cultural Last one left sitting on their barrel would win immunity and have a 1 in 8 shot at a million dollars. As if they all have equal odds!

With all the Survivors on their randomly selected barrel, the survivors pushed on the yellow lever. Jeff then asked them to push the red lever which unlocked the barrel. The players were told they weren’t allowed to put their hands on any other part of the dragon besides their barrel. Immediately, it became evident that excess weight wasn’t good for this challenge. JR said that his barrel wasn’t balanced right. Jeff responded: “Glad you’re still around JR. We always need a complainer.” Courtney was frustrated not to have all of Jeff’s attention: “I thought I was your favorite complainer.”

After only a few minutes, James and JR had to try hard to keep their balance. Courtney, on the other hand wasn’t moving. She looked like that kid in the shopping center who’s mom doesn’t want to spend money on the little horsey but still hops on even if it won’t budge. Maybe she didn’t understand the challenge because, like that child, she looked frustrated.

At the 10 minute mark, JR tried to use his poker tactics: “Ha! Man! I’m itching. Doesn’t anyone else itch? Even with all the mosquito bites from last night.” It didn’t help as he was the first to take a nose dive. Denise didn’t want to be last again so she fell in. James had trouble: “Ayeuh, ayuh, ouye, wooyaeh” he said and the dragon listened, letting him regain his balance.

After 20 minutes, the dragon let James down and he joined JR and Denise on the bench. They were soon followed by Erik. Courtney still couldn’t get her barrel to move. We then had our first surprise: Peih Gee started oscillating and finally reached the point of no return. In she went. It surprised Amanda who had been doing well but the barrel’s movement caused her to reach out to stabilize herself. Jeff saw the “Jenna Lewis” and punished her for not obeying his rules. No more dragon ride for Amanda.

At the 30 minute mark, we had the 3 lightweights remaining but not for long. Todd, probably because all his plans were weighing on his mind, started moving left and right. He never stabilized his dragon and in he went.

So, we were down to the two lovebirds and Frosti was singing. Is he like Billy? Now that he’s found love, doesn’t he care about the million anymore? His love song wasn’t impressing Courtney who was completely frustrated with her immobile barrel. She probably wanted to make it look like she had to fight for it but Jeff pointed out: “Courtney hasn’t moved in 32 minutes.” Courtney took it well: “I am lazy.” As she finally got a little action going on, Frosti showed her how much fun it could be by going wildly from left to right. Unfortunately, he was too much of a show-off and the barrel dumped him in the swamp.

Courtney: "It's like a Pageant!"

We Have A New Immunity Champion! Courtney showed how much of a challenge threat she can be by winning immunity against 8 opponents. She has a shot at Ozzy’s record! The others will have to worry about such a strong challenge threat if only the necklace would stay on her shoulders!! The participants gave her an ovation. “It’s like a pageant” she said.

Act VII: More Shenanigans

Back in camp, eveyone congratulated Courtney: “I don’t like getting wet” she explained. Then she told us: “I didn’t think I would win anything.” Neither did we Courtney, neither did we. She went on: “I don’t care at this point who gets voted out. I’m immune tonight so you can’t get me!!” Wait, you aren’t going to lobby to get JR out? What is going on?

Peih Gee was still hoping: “I’m still scrambling…Denise seemed open to voting with me and my other allies so hopefully that gets me through another council.”

JR decided it was time for a bluff. He approached Erik and told him: “I have the hidden immunity idol. Now that I have it I’m pretty much guaranteed top 5 right now.”
Erik told him it was an old joke. Erik decided it was time to start playing the game instead of just serving as decoration as he had since day 1. “James came over to our camp and that little block over the archway, we looked into his bag and he had two of them. There were idols at both camps and I’m almost positive James has them.”
JR was upset that he was too late. He planned to blinside James, the guy that could win all the immunity challenges: “Here’s what we can do: we might pull a fast one on James.”

JR confronted James: “What’s up with the immunity idols.”
James played it cool: “Not much. Have you been looking for it? What have you come up with?”
“I came up with the realization that you’ve been holding out on me. You have 2 immunity idols.”
"I don’t have no stinking idols...When I find two, I’ll be sure to give you one.”
Thus ended the friendship.
James told us: “I may look like a dumb monkey but I’m not. Come on dude, you’re Jean Robert. No one trusts what comes out of your mouth anyway. It would be the worse move in Survivor history to align with that guy!”
JR said: “James played dumb. He didn’t make any kind of offer.”

JR was happy to talk to Todd! “Big news bro’, big news. I know where the idol is and there’s not just one idol there’s two idols. James has both idols. We can blindside him tonight.” Todd said he had heard the rumor! He told JR that he loved the idea but that they couldn’t be seen talking.

Todd told us: “JR came up with the same idea I’ve been having for days now and that bothered me. I’m always looking for new options and I can change my mind in two seconds. This game is fun and I like keeping it fun.” Yeah! Todd we get it. It’s called overconfidence. He’ll need another pill for that.

Todd, James and Amanda conferred and Todd told James that JR was gunning for him. Todd asked if they should go for JR that night. James hated to break up the system but he was all for it. Amanda? Of course, Amanda was still gunning for Peih Gee. Seeing Courtney walking back into camp, they asked her who she wanted to vote and SHE DIDN’T KNOW!! Even when they proposed JR, she let it up to them, not giving a crap. (???)

Nevertheless Courtney told us: “I don’t know what happened. It is a widely known fact that I hate JR. If they decide to vote for him great but he has become the Susan Lucci of tribal council. His name is always up there but he never quite gets voted out. I don’t have much faith that it will actually happen.”

Amanda says: "Todd's here, there and everywhere."

Amanda was confused by Todd’s ubiquity and strategy: “Todd stands in front of me, Todd’s behind my back. He believes he controls the game, but our alliance has a crack. One person comes up to him and he rethinks his whole strategy. He’s second guessing himself.”

James wasn’t sure if he should play the idol: “I may just roll the dice. If I make it through the next one, I should be alright but you never know.” He didn’t even bring his bag at tribal council. He’d make an easy mark.

The Final Act: All In

Courtney received another round of applause for her win: “You better believe that if I was to win a challenge it would involve not falling in the swamp.”

Jeff turned to James: “Hey! What’s up: You’re the strongest player we’ve ever had and you’re letting your fans down? Do you worry that this night could be your night?”
“Yes, I do” answered James. “I can be a threat but the four greater threats are the talkers. The ones who can form alliances easier.”

Jeff then turned to PG: “You have done so poorly in this game that you’re in a dangerous position.”
Peih Gee agreed: “Me and Erik are the only ones who brought our stuff tonight so obviously we’re the only ones who think we’re going home.”

Jeff then asked JR: “ How frustrated would you be if the situation was reversed?”
“They are in a really bad position right now. They basically got the 2-7 off suit in a no limit game. It’s pretty much inevitable.”

Erik showed Jeff that he had decided to start playing and said: “It’s tough but everybody left in Fei Long is gonna realize that, if they have 6 left, someone’s at the bottom of that. I’m not trying to lobby but if I know that I’m going 5th or 6th, I’m gonna start thinking before that. That is how this game works. People are going to have to split.” Erik, are you trying to put a target on your back? I understand that Jaime looked mighty sexy sitting on the jury in her little black dress. It probably gave you a hard problem and I’d understand if you’re tired of finding a solution alone but you two will soon be together again.

James was also amused: “He’s so cute when he’s trying to play it up! I like it, he’s beautiful.” Jaime laughed at someone trying to move in on her catch.

Bringing up Jaime’s attempt to play an idol, JR said: “When your job is being the local jerk, I will probably have my name on a ballot or two every time. If somebody plays that idol at the right time, that could be me going home. That’s scary.”

Amanda talked about being scared at TC: “Every time you come here, you expect you could be going because anybody could be doing things that you don’t know about. I’m not comfortable.”

Then, they went to vote:
Courtney showed her vote for JR saying: “I hope this is the last time I have to vote for you.”
Denise voted PG: “You just happened to be on the wrong tribe.”
JR voted James: “You played an incredible game my friend. That’s why we have to send you packing.”

Jeff went to tally the votes. Tension built as Jeff asked if anyone was playing the idol. No one moved so Jeff read the votes:
- Jean Robert
- Jean Robert
- Peih Gee
- James
- James
- James
- Jean Robert : We’re tied, 3 votes JR, 3 votes James and 1 vote for (the smiling) PG.
- Jean Robert (Todd was snickering.)
- The 8th person voted out of China: Jean Robert.

Before sending the tribe back to camp, Jeff commented: “Tribal lines are gone, this is a brand new game.” Todd and Jaime had big smiles on their face.

Next time on Survivor:
- Frosti and Courtney look very cosy causing Todd to tell us that he is stuck with people he doesn’t like. If Frosti keeps getting hot n’ heavy with Courtney, he’ll need a new nickname or Courtney will be one frustrated woman. What else is new?
- Tension rise between PG and James
- And a surprise at Tribal Council, Jeff telling the players: “You will not be heading back to camp, we have more business to attend to here.” (????)

JR’s final words were hilarious: “I loved how I played this game. If I can relate, I pushed all in and it didn’t work out but I was playing for first place. The only person who threatened that first place for me was James. They probably realized I was the best player in the game and they felt more comfortable with me out of the game.”
I wonder if he still felt that way watching from home?!!

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