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Survivor: Fiji - Episode 10 Summary

'It's a Turtle!' By michel
Original Airdate: April 19, 2007

Last week was moving day on Survivor...

The Survivors first moved to Exile Island were they removed their stinky old green and orange buffs for shiny new purple ones. Moving back to Moto, the shelter had been removed. On challenge beach, the 10 players moved to either the green mat or the orange mat. They would have to move down a river and remove puzzle pieces. The green team moved too slowly so they had to move to TC immediately. With no time to move players around, the schoolgirl spy was removed from the game.

If you would like to have more details, you can read
Aruba’s fine summary here.

So, where were you on Thursday? Did you steal the water-logged Moto couch and used it to make out instead of paying attention? Did you forget to program the VCR or didn’t even bother because, well…it’s Fiji? Are you a parent that was too busy trying to help your kids with homework but who can’t figure out the new “Lisi Maths”? Or, even worse, did you have a date with an Ugly Betty? Well, it doesn’t matter because at RTVW, we provide a summary if you need to catch up on what happened this week so that you can miss what will happen next week.

The events you are about to read are real...Well, most of them anyway. Some of the names and the words of the players have been changed to protect the ignorant.
I also like to down a bowl of Kava every time Jeff speaks, so please forgive some frivolities.

Proving they can be frivolous as well, CBS titled this episode:


“It’s a Turtle!”

After the recap, Jeff politely paused to give a moment for Lisi to catch up. *Lisi counts: 1,2,3,5,4,6,8,7…9!*:

9 are left! Who will be voted out tonight?

Ahhh! That’s good, strong Kava! Anybody wants some?

“Ooh! Ooh!”
It seems Chad wants a bowl!

As the show begins, we get a beautiful view of the moon and the sky over Bula Bula beach on night 24. I must mention that Bula Bula is a nice choice. I was afraid we’d get either Rato or Movu. We see the winning purple team anxiously waiting for the return of the losing purple team from tribal council.
Purple teams in the past have included:
-Soliantu; a merged tribe where things went crazy.
-Sook Jai; one of the craziest losing tribe.
-Casaya; THE craziest winning tribe.
With 2 purple teams, even if they are “officially merged”, the rest of the season may be a fun ride, or at least not total crap.

The five players are still wondering what happened at the last tribal council. Deadgardo explains that no one likes Stasis so she could be gone. The 4 losers arrive and reveal that Monkey is gone.

For this special episode, a few guests have been invited to watch from the sidelines. Seeing that only two women remain, Jenna remarks:

“I don’t understand why so many girls
have been voted off already. This season
had no cute girls so it’s not like they had a
disadvantage like me and HeiDDi.”

The 4 horsemen have a few scores to settle. You know; you should never go to bed angry. Mookie tells us that Bad-Dreamz screwed them with the vote and gave all the power to Aless. Before Mookie has a chance to vent his anger, Aless drags him out of camp. He tells him that he isn’t happy that his subtle hints during the Tribal Council were ignored and that Stasis got a vote.
Mookie, who must’ve had bashers as parents to have that name, replies that he’s so stupid that he didn’t understand what Aless meant.
Aless lets it go as an example of bad communication but he insists that the horsemen should start playing hot potato with the idol: “The way to seal the final 4 in blood is to take the immunity idol and rotate it so each of us gets it a day.”
That worries Mookie: “That won’t do anything?”
“It does” insists Aless. “What it tells me is that none of us can screw each other over. The 3 of us found it together. Now you’re telling me you’re not gonna part with it unless…only on your terms. That’s messed up, dude. ”
“That’s not what I’m saying” replies Mookie who can’t explain what he IS saying.
To close the argument, Aless says: “I’m sharing my brain with you guys, you should share the idol with me.”

After that earful, Mookie realizes that his dreamz are turning to nightmares. In an example that sh*t always trickles down the chain of command, he has it out with Bad-Dreamz who is more interested in watching a bug flying around.
Mookie tells him: “Aless wants me to give him the idol.”
“You tell him no” argues Dreaming
“Then he says the 4 horsemen means nothing.”
“We recruit, then” proposes Dreaming. “We have the numbers over there.”
“We can’t do that because they don’t trust us” objects an exasperated Mookie. “You screwed up.”
“It will all be better when you wake up in the morning” says Dreaming
“No, it won’t” insists Mookie. “You screwed both of us.”

After that exchange, Dreaming confides that he was scared of that little spy: “Mechelle told me she would never hang out with a guy like me during that last tribal council. It scared me a little bit. It caused me to write her name.” he says.

After this demonstration, don’t you think teamwork is a beautiful thing to watch?

As the sun rises on day 25, The Earl wakes up to a vision of Bad-Dreamz suddenly appearing like a fool on the hill, overlooking the camp. The Earl goes on another of his confessionals: “I was hoping that Stasis was gone. It was definitely a shock and I was really disappointed. It turned the whole script around for everything in my head.”

Unaware that The Earl wanted her gone, we have some camera shots of Stasis as she thinks about her daily chores:

“After my nap, I need a pedicure.”

That girl isn’t exactly a workhorse. Jenna agrees: “Zit-face is lucky. Me and HeiDDi had to work twice as hard because we were cute girls.”

DumBoo has a talk with The Earl: “If you all want to take me as a swing vote, we make it to the 5; You, me, Cassirie, Yau and Dreaming. The rest of them, they’re all dirty backstabbers.”
The Earl appears to go along: “As long as we take out Aless first.”
Dumboo tells The Earl: “Dreaming won’t want to take Aless out. He likes Aless.”
With that information, The Earl hogs a camera and walks off for another confidential talk: “When Dumboo and I had our man-to-man talk, he said he’s with me, I still didn’t buy it. Dumboo is trying to save his own neck at all times. I need to know if he’s with us because we really do need his vote since we don’t have Monkey. The main core is myself, Yau and Cassirie. I trust them completely. Dreaming is an idiot and I don’t know if I trust Mookie all the way yet because he tries to manipulate a lot as well. It’s the part of the chess game where you already lost a couple of really good pieces and you have to really think. You can’t trust everybody. I like playing this game and I am still here.” As he says that, we see him on top of the hill. A fool himself or a King as he claims? That’s for the editing thread!

After that, we get an bird’s eye view of challenge beach. The Reward Challenge is the fan favorite coconut chop. Even if there are no coconuts to chop this time, it is named after the challenge in Marquesas that contributed to the first Survivor revolution.

Some players, who shined in the past in this challenge, were invited for the demonstration. They are the “dream team”: Courtney, Shane, Eliza, Alicia and Jenna. John decides to stay on the sidelines. He’s still sad that he lost his million because of stupid chops. Jenna laughs at him; she’s the only former winner who has also won this challenge.

As soon as Bula Bula enter, Shane yells out: “Hey Jeff! Why is Cirie playing again while we only get…Ooops Sorry!”
Realizing his error, he turns to Courtney and whispers: “I wonder who’s carrying her 300lbs?”

The exhibition question is: Who is the least deserving to have been invited to play on the dream team?
The majority answer is Alicia. Hearing that, Alicia promptly storms off the beach, vowing to take revenge.
Courtney, Shane and Jenna got the answer right and they immediately smash Terry’s towers. Even if he wasn’t in the game, Terry is, again, the first one out. Eliza starts whining: “Why didn’t anybody vote for me? Why didn’t anybody smash my towers?” Eliza gets carried off the beach, still whining: “ It’s not fair! I never have any friends.” As the echoes of Eliza’s blabber fade in the distance, the rest of the “dream team” exits. “Talk about a big poser” remarks Courtney.

The real action is about to begin. The survivors had to answer a series of question about themselves. Now, they must guess what the group said. Every time they get an answer right, they get to smash a tower. Once their 3 towers have been smashed, they are out of the game. The last one standing will be the winner and will spend the night on a 70’ luxury yatch. The winner also gets to send one person to exile island.

Question #1 is: Who would you trust with your life?
I always like to play along at home when I watch a game show. There has been many scumbags in this game but not so many trustworthy players. I’d say Rudy would be the right answer.
I’m wrong, the answer is Earl. Cassirie, Super Yau-Man and Dumboo get it right and they immediately gang up on Stasis to get her out before she had a chance to play. At least, she went off with a smile.

Question #2: Who are you least likely to invite to a family dinner?
Easy one, it has to be Jon Dalton, right? No, the correct answer is Dumboo who is as shocked as I am.
Cassirie, Mookie, Dreaming and Aless get it right. The three horsemen gang up on Dumboo who probably gets the signal. Cassirie smashes Aless’ first tower.

Question #3: Who most has a sense of entitlement?
I can’t go wrong with StepheMe… Well, it seems I can since Jeff says the answer is Aless.
Cassirie and Mookie get it right. They smash Aless and The Earl’s towers respectively.

Question #4: Who would you most like to be stranded on an island with?
I have to say Danni!!! I’m very disappointed to hear that these jerks think it’s Yau-Man. Practical, yes but that’s no fun!
Everyone gets it right except Aless who wrote The Earl?? There was a whole lot of smashing going on. At the end, The Earl and Aless are out of the game and Mookie has 1 tower left courtesy of The Earl and Cassirie.

Question #5: Who do you not want to see again after the game?
I’d say Jon Dalton again but since these guys wouldn’t invite Dumboo, I guess that will be the answer. I’m wrong again, because everyone says Stasis. The Earl can’t stop laughing but I’m getting frustrated. And what about the poor girl who gets a cheap shot even if she has been sitting out of the game.
Super Yau-Man got a few hits, Mookie gave Cassirie her first so she knocked him out of the game. Yau gave Dreaming a hit.

Question #6: Who smells the worst?
Oh! I know this one: Ian was said to smell very bad in Palau! The correct answer however is Dreaming. At least, Dreaming knows he stinks and so does Cassirie who had the advantage of standing next to Dreaming.
Cassirie smashes Super Yau-Man’s last tower in a smart inter alliance move. Dreamz smashes Deadgardo just cuz.

Question #7: “Who mistakenly believes they are in control of this game?”
My answer is Lex but I’m wrong again. The majority answer is Aless who smiles wryly at that revelation.
Cassirie is the only one that is right and she eliminates Deadgardo. Then there were 2. Both Cassirie and Dreaming have 2 towers left.

Question #8: Who has wasted this great opportunity?
I want to write Osten, Ashlee, Janu, Lisi…So many quitters, so little time. Jeff says it is Stasis before I can decide on an answer. Cassirie had it right.

Question #9: Athletically, who out here has surprised you the most in terms of their athleticism?
I’m getting desperate here; I’m gonna guess Super Yau-Man but watch these guys write Cirie. No, finally I’m right! Cassirie also has it right and Bad-Dreamz gets a rude awakening.

Cassirie had a perfect record.

That leaves our winner with a tough decision to make: 1 loser to banish to exile island. Cassirie had only one tower smashed and it was by Mookie. Why is he surprised to be sent in exile? Off he goes aboard the 7’ loser boat. She then gets three boarding pass from Jeff to distribute once she gets back in camp. Deadgardo starts negociations early by saying: “I’ll lick your feet, man!”

Before we learn her decision, we make a little trip to Exile Island where Mookie is fuming: “I’m very irritated with Cassirie. Cassirie has no idea who she is messing with. Cassirie is quiet but in a conniving, deceiving way. Cassirie made the worst mistake of her life. All I want to do is get Cassirie and her alliance. Call it revenge but I am gunning for her.” That’s starting to border on paranoia there, Mookie. At least, he reads the clues and realizes that there had to have been an idol at Moto beach also. More importantly, he figures that, unless you are as dumb as Lisi, you will have been able to find the idol after the third clue. “The Earl must have the other idol.”

Back at Bula Bula, we are deprived of the usual funny recrimination scene. Hey Stasis! They eliminated you first, said that they don’t want to see you ever again, that you are a waste of space and you’re going to take it?? I guess she is completely inert. Cassirie is listening to some offers. Dreaming says that she is the most popular girl again as when she was in High School. She tells us that she wants to choose wisely to solidify her alliance. She first picks I’m-Really-Dreaming-Now and then Dumboo. After some hesitation, she has pity for Yau who, under his true identity, looks like an 80lbs weakling. If Gregg had been with us, he would have seen how this is done but Gregg is still in Palau, working on his plan.

Once on the yacht, Cassirie is feeling like she is living the life of the rich and famous. Dumboo is asking for margaritas and champagne.Yau is happy to have time to brainwash Dreamer. He tells him that they are “the syndicate” and that they have to proceed carefully without making any more mistakes. Yau wants Aless to be their target because, as Cassirie points out, he is playing a Havard graduate game. Really? Maybe Aless, as an attorney, visited the Harvard campus once but did he graduate from there? Dreaming is in a daze, wondering how a poor street kid could suddenly become so popular that the producers are having fireworks to celebrate his great game strategy. “I’m in the middle. Mookie wants to play with Stasis and the 4 boys but I feel like Cassirie could be my new mom. I’m getting so much information but I don’t have the capacity to process it.” Note to the computer geek: You can’t brainwash someone who doesn’t have a brain. At least Cassirie sees in Dreamer’s eyes that he isn’t 100% here, there or anywhere.

Day 27 starts with Aless and Dreaming talking at the water hole. Dreaming informs Aless that his name will be coming out at the next council.
Aless tells him: “What if I use the immunity idol and got rid of one of them.”
“What about Mookie” asks Dreaming. “Will he give up the idol? Have you seen Lord of the rings? He wants to keep his precious.”
“You mean like Gollum? Yeah I understand.”
The music shifts and we get a camera angle from behind the tall grass…Someone is walking in on the conspirators!! After losing his schoolgirl spy, The Earl has become a spy himself and he walks in on the shifty duo. He innocently asks for the pot of water but we know he heard everything!

The Earl tells us that: “There’s a major part of me that wants to let Dreamer go. If you continues to fraternize with the people we want to get rid of, then you are going to get cut.” The Earl shares his feelings with Mc-Not-Dreamy: “I was standing right there.”
Mc-Not-Dreamy replies: “I can tell by the way you’re looking at me that you are doubting me.”
“Here’s something you need to start doing right now…Listen! I’m someone you need to listen to”
Mc-Not-Dreamy sees that he is in trouble so he tells Cassirie and The Earl that Mookie has the idol.
The Earl looks all surprised: “What does it look like?”
“It’s a turtle, A turtle necklace” claims Mc-Not-Dreamy.
“A turtle necklace?? I didn’t even know anyone had the idol.” Nice bluff there, Earl. “He told everybody he has the idol? They found it together and they’re not fighting over it?” The Earl knows how to get information from this loose cannon.

While Yau tells us that he is getting nervous now that he knows Mookie has the idol and that he will have to rethink his whole strategy, we get a shot of the camp as the guys are eating and Stasis is preparing for the next challenge:

“Nobody can sit on their butt longer than me!”

Hearing that from the outskirts of camp, Sandra gets upset:

“Hey! Sh*t-face! If sitting on my a.s.s. was a challenge,
I’d have won the million…Oh! Wait…”

Once more, we go to challenge beach so that the Survivors can meet Jeff for what appears to be a sale instead of a challenge. It looks like the players will be put on display and that we’ll be able to bid on their clothes and their buffs:

CBS must be having problems with the low ratings and is looking for a way to cover the budget.
Oh! No, I’m wrong. It’s the immunity challenge and it’s a test of endurance: Jeff wants to test how long we can endure watching these bozos hang there without moving. While thousands change the channel, I have to stay here to tell you guys about this “action”. I hope you appreciate it.
At least, it’s time for another bowl of Kava!

The Survivors have to stay up on tiny footholds. They can use their arms and hands to help but no other part of the body can touch the sides of their booths. Every 30 minutes they have to move down to a smaller foothold.

Cassirie doesn’t want to be considered a challege threat so, with already one victory to her credit, she gets down after ten minutes. Out of nowhere, Deadgardo decides he better get down. That way, he figures he won’t get on our nerves too long and gain in popularity. Yeah, right!

The Earl “slips” after 34 minutes and joins the other two on the bench. Jeff asks the eliminated players who looks the most comfortable. They all answer Stasis, knowing that once she settles, she doesn’t move. Soon after, Mookie becomes the 4th person out of the challenge.

After an hour, we get a comment from Yul who was watching the action from the sidelines: “You know Jeff, guys with big feet are disadvantaged…It’s why elephant can’t climb trees.” The guys aren’t sure what elephants have to do with this challenge but they know that if they stay up, people will think they have small feet and if they think that they have small feet, then they will think that…Aless and Dreaming decide they better get down right away.

So now, we only have Dumboo, Stasis and Yau still standing. What they don’t realize is that since Yau was given his own little booth, he was able to change once more into Super Yau-Man. Even Stasis cannot stay in position long enough to beat our new challenge stud. After an hour and 15 minutes, she is out of the challenge. Dumboo, however, is still hanging on.
Super Yau-Man is impressed: “How many lives does that guy have?”
What Super Yau-Man ignores is that by standing there, Dumboo is getting free publicity for his “Floz on the Bayou” restaurant. Even if this challenge is made for lightweights, Dumboo is used to pain. He hasn’t felt his feet for the last 30 minutes but he figures every shot of his baseball cap his worth thousands. After a while though, Dumboo sees that the cameramen are starting to film the clouds overhead. The freebie is over so he gets down.

It turned out to be a wise choice; Super Yau-Man was determined to pull a “Tom” and stay up there until the ratings had dropped to equal the popularity level of Stasis. “I could’ve stayed up there until the end of Grey’s Anatomy” he says with a smile as he gets down. Super Yau-Man gets a nice $1.99 necklace for his efforts.

Back in camp, Mookie shows that his obsession has had time to grow: “By sending me to Exile island, Cassirie ruined the game for herself and her alliance. I’m gonna take out her whole alliance, one by one.” He tells Aless and Dreaming that The Earl has to go first. “You get The Earl out. He could have the idol, so it changes the game a little bit in terms of strategy. You want to get the guy with the idol and get him by surprise. Hopefully we can take him out and take him out with the immunity idol and he won’t even use it. The order has to be The Earl, Super Yau-Man and Dumboo.”
“It’s done” agrees Aless.
Dreaming is still worried about Stasis, but they tell him that Stasis is with them.

Stasis also prepares her strategy:

“This little piggy will vote against The Earl,
this little piggy will vote against DumBoo,
This little piggy will vote against Aless…”

Super Yau-Man interrupts her: “So, who are you going to vote for?”
Stasis answers: “I have no idea. There are still some piggies who haven’t voted yet.”
“Vote for anybody except The Earl, OK?” suggests Yau. He goes on “If your heart will let you, vote for Aless if not, then just don’t vote for The Earl.”
“Won’t it be a waste if I vote according to my heart or my conscience?”
“It will not be a blind vote out there” assures Super Yau-Man.
“Then I will do that to save myself then” assures the one nobody wants to ever see again.

Aless finally has a talk with Stasis: “I saved you on the Michelle vote. Mookie wants to vote out The Earl because he has the immunity idol. What do you think? Are you in?” Seeing that Stasis is in stasis, Aless asks: “Are you alright?”
“I’m just hot” she simply responds. “I’m really agitated.” I didn't know agitated was synonym with motionless.

Note to Aless: If someone doesn’t tell you how they are voting, it isn’t a good sign.
Sure enough, Stasis tells us: “I don’t owe anything to Aless. If saving myself means severing a tie, then I’ll sever that tie.”
At least, Deadgardo understands how things work on Survivor and he tells Aless: “That means she’s not in, dude.”

From there, an imbroglio follows:

First, Deadgardo goes to both Dreaming and Mookie individually to tell them that Stasis isn’t on board and that the immunity idol needs to be given to Aless so that they can bounce the vote against The Earl. Next, Mookie is seen going out of camp to retrieve the idol that he had hidden under a rock.

Mookie doesn’t want to play the idol
“My preciousss: It’s too early to play the idol.”

Reluctantly, Mookie brings himself to make the transfer: He sits next to Aless and puts the turtle on the ground. Surreptitiously, but with Dreaming and a bat watching, Aless bends down to retrieve it in his shirt and place it in his pocket. “It’s gonna work Mook. It’s gonna work.” The bat flies off to tell all its friends. Dreaming figures that telling everyone is a good idea and he also goes off to do so.

Sure enough, Dreaming tells the others: “Mookie gave the idol to Aless. I promise he did.”
Boo believes Dreaming.
Everyone agrees that the vote should then go against Mookie.
The Earl tells us: “We will vote Mookie just to get them off guard.”

The horsemen also have a new plan. Deadgardo proposes that they vote Cassirie instead of the Earl just in case he pulls out the idol: “Cassirie is in the middle of the group. You take out Cassirie, you take out the whole group.”
Mookie and Aless agree and they want to tell Dreaming.
Deadgardo is proud of himself: “We are voting for Cassirie. It is the smartest move. Also, it will be the hardest punch at tribal council. It’s an all or nothing move. If it works out it will probably be one of the best moves ever.”

While Dreaming is happily gathering firewood in the distance, Stasis has a good question: “You don’t you think they are trying to throw us off? If they are thinking we are voting between Mookie and Aless, why don’t we vote off Deadgardo?”

When did she start thinking? No one thought she could be smart and make a decision like that. (No one except our editing expert Veruca, that is) Stasis, even if she doesn’t look like that girl from Utah, pulls a “Neleh” and decides to start playing now that nearly a month has gone by. I can’t go on calling her Stasis if she’s going to make moves like that. Jenna’s Zit-Face is a little immature for me so I’ll have to call her Stacy.

Stacy makes a great point: “If we vote Deadgardo, that gets him out of left field. I think we should talk about it between the five of us and not say anything to anybody else.”
They all agree not to say anything to Dreaming.

From the sidelines, John has a funny feeling in his stomach. He remembers what happens when a young girl starts to play on day 24 or so.

Aless is happy to tell Dreaming that they are voting Cassirie. Dreaming tells him that the other alliance isn’t talking to him much but he assures Aless that they don’t know that the horsemen have the idol.

Tribal council

The survivors walk in and sit. They are followed by the members of the jury.
Jeff asks Dreaming if there was any scrambling after the challenge.
Dreaming answers: “Jeff, if you was on that beach, it was chaotic. It was the most chaotic day.” Everyone laughs at that in agreement. The mood is still light.
Deadgardo admits that he is becoming paranoid.

I have terrible visions, something
"...Stands before me,
Figure in black which points at me,
Big black shape with eyes of fire,
Telling people their desire.”

"I just want to make it stop" says Deadgardo to Jeff.

Super Yau-Man, with the immunity necklace, is enjoying his first tribal council with a regular heart rate and a normal blood pressure which is important for an old man. He explain the vote with an idol: “If you suspect someone has the idol, you vote someone in his alliance first. You can cut the head or the cut out all the soldiers.”

Aless wants to avoid voting for The Earl since he went to Exile Island and vote for someone in his alliance.

Dreaming says: “This vote tonight will determine everything. It will separate the snakes from the rats right here.”

We finally get to the vote after Super Yau-Man tells Jeff he is keeping the immunity necklace. Aless is first up.

Dreaming’s vote is revealed:

“I’m a Rat!!”

Deadgardo’s vote for Cassirie is also shown.

Jeff goes to tally the votes and then he tells the players that if they want to play the hidden immunity idol, now is the time to do so. After pausing for a second, Alex stands up, reaches in his pocket and… “It’s a Turtle!”
The Earl has a small smile but Lisi is crestfallen, she was thinking that Alex was happy to see her, instead he’s just decided to pull out the immunity idol.

Jeff’s says: “Aless is playing the hidden immunity idol. All votes cast against Aless do not count.”

Chad is really surprised by the turn of events.
“I guess that’s why the episode was turtled: It’s a title.”
You could be righ…wait…What did you say?
That’s enough Kava for you, Chad.

Jeff reads the first vote: Cassirie

Few people are happy with that vote. Sarge, in particular, isn’t happy. He always puts his money on the old guy. How can Super Yau-Man win if his alliance gets shattered?

The second vote: Cassirie. Even Rocky is grimacing.

Third vote: Cassirie and all the horsemen are smiling.

Fourth vote: Mookie. That gets a few weird looks.

Fifth vote: Deadgardo. The smile on the horsemen’s face suddenly change to a questionning expression. The Earl knows what is coming and he loses his poker face. Hey, even Rocky understands what is happening and he has a big smile.

Sixth: Deadgardo and the horsemen see that there is a problem.

Seventh: Deadgardo

Eight vote: Deadgardo. That’s 4 votes Deadgardo, 3 votes Cassirie and 1 vote Mookie, 1 vote left:

“The 10th person voted off and the 4th member of our jury: Deadgardo. You need to bring me your torch.”

Deadgardo is stunned

Sarge and Chad are really happy.

Rafe is so surprised he loses his balance.

Tom thought the turtle was cute.
Sue liked that Snakes and Rats reference.
Even Alicia is very happy. Can’t you tell?

Danni and BJ enjoy the dramatic turn of events:

Parvati doesn’t care but she is ready for the after-show party

Everyone seems to like that result…

Well, everyone except John who had
chosen Deadgardo as his “Sole Survivor”.

Next time on Survivor: Dreaming has explaining to do. Mookie looks in Yau’s bag and finds that he has the other idol. The remaining horsemen come up with a new plan.

Deadgardo’s last words: “Dreaming messed me up. There’s a couple of people that deserve the million dollars and a couple that don't. Cassirie, I hope you get voted of next because I don’t like you very much.”

Well, that’s all folks. I hope you enjoyed.
I’d like to join the fun in the Bar & Grill, but I can never find the way. Oh! I think
it’s that way ==>

PS: I would like to thank Survivor Fever and Mario Lanza’s Funny 115 list for most of these pictures. Also, FlowerPower for posting the viccaps and Wallflower for her wonderful SOTS that enabled me to invite the proper former player to attend the challenges.
If you hated the summary, I’m to blame but if you liked it, they should share the credit.
The lyrics from Deadgardo's vision are from Black Sabbath.

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