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Survivor: Fiji - Episode 6 Summary

'I'll Train My Puppy If You Train Rocky' By kircon
Original Airdate: March 21, 2007

Previously on...Survivor:

From day one Moto was privileged because of a twist in the game. They had couches, dishes, food, beds, even an outhouse with a seat and toilet paper. Boo says itís not Survival it Thrival.

Previously: Ravu had next to nothing and had to lick leaves for their water. Before Michelle made fire to boil the water, Ravu's tribe members falling over looked like my new puppy. Rocky said half of them canít stand up because theyíre starving. Brunoís not starving, heís just a puppy.

Previously: Moto won three challengesí then came the pillow fight. Rocky is spouting off to Dre and challenges him to fight. Dre accepts, Jeff calls them to the platform. They pick up the pillows, Jeff counts down, wham, Rocky is in the mud...Moto wins again.

Previously: Back at Motoís camp, politics was in play when Dre tried to make instant coffee. He just couldnít figure out what the crunchies were. Alex is mad that Stacy wonít tell them how to make the coffee. Stupid girls! We donít need them.

Previously: At Ravu, Rocky is throwing another fit because Anthony isnít a caveman like he is. Stop being sentimental and sensitive, screams Rocky. Be a man like me! Have a short fuse. *Rocky pounds his chest* *HOWWWLLLL* Rocky knock it off, you're causing my puppy to howl.

Previously: At the last immunity challenge Ravu made a couple of mistakes. The Top Dog of the team (Rocky) could have won the contest and sealed his place in the tribe. But guess who lost? Now Ravu would have to vote someone off. Back at camp they tell Rita they are voting off Anthony. Yap, yap, yap, Iím tired of hearing of lip gloss barks Rocky.

Previously: At the last tribal counsel Rita was the 5 person voted off the island. This does not include Papa Gary Smurf leaving the game for medical reasons.

I believe we just had our recap show. Thatís why this opening is so long.

Jeff signals the start of the show with some of my favorite words.

13 are left, who will be voted out tonight?

Day 15
Ravu camp

*shot of coconut with flies all over it*
Freaking flies! Where did they come from? Ask Earl.

*SNAP* Mookie uses his buff to swat a fly on sleeping Rocky. What a sweet gesture. ARF! Barks Rocky. If you donít stop Iím going to strangle you with that. Arf! Arf!

YauMan is tending the fire and making drinking water. He is surprised he is still here after helping Rocky to lose the last challenge.

After a long opening the familiar Survivor Scream happens. I expect to see commercials, instead, Michelle opens the tree-mailbox lid and Anthony reads it and is excited they might get food.

Today no brawn required.
Some brain-teasing at the least.
When itís over, one gets exiled.
While others get to feast.

The Challenge?
Jeff shouts: Come on in! Both teams enter.

Moto gets to see that Rita was voted out.

Jeff changes the tone of his voice to very sweet. (Like when I call my puppy to try to get him in his cage.) Howís everybody doin? I need one person from both tribes to step over to the spot I point to. *Jeff points to a spot* There!

*tap tap tap* pee here Bruno

Edgardo steps forward for Moto and Earl steps forward for Ravu.

Drop your Buffs!!!

Weíre choosing new tribes.

The reaction is one of amazement. What? Shouts Rocky, as he starts to growl.

Finally I hear the famous Survivor scream, and then the blowing on the conch shell.

19 Castaways, 39 days, 1 Survivor, Sponsored by Lincoln, Reach Higher!
After taking Bruno out to relieve himself, which he doesnít do, I come back in to see Rocky has a DVD coming out? WHAT? I step in a puddle. Great. I clean up the mess and rewind the tape to see itís the REAL Rocky Balboa.

Back to the show:

Edgardo and Earl volunteered to start the Tribe pick 'em. Each person must choose from the opposite tribe that they were on.

Edgardo picks Mookie
Earl picks Boo
Mookie picks Alex
Boo picks Michelle
Alex picks Rocky
Michelle picks Cassandra

Rocky picks, drum roll please: Come on Dreamz, Letís see if we can work this out Baby!
Jeff stops the picking to comment that the biggest rivalry in Survivor history just paired up. Dreamz is joining the tribe with his newest, bestest friend. The picking continues.

Cassandra picks YauMan
Dre is forced to pick Anthony because he is the last Ravu left...
Jeff comments that now this tribe is all Men. aaaRRRRGH.

YauMan picks Stacy

Lisi is left. Jeff tells her itís never good to be odd-MAN-out. He tells her she is still in the game. Lisi thought it would be a good time to exit and then laughs her Smurf laugh. Jeff tells her she just put an X on her back and must still go to Exile Island. Lisiís response is Great, Just Great. Lisi, maybe spending time on Exile will help straighten out your head. Jeff says this while he uses his finger to draw circles at the side of his head. Weíve already had two people quit this season. You want to be the third. Be happy you have immunity and canít be voted out. You also will receive another clue for the Hidden Immunity Idol. You can come back to the losing tribe and give the clue to someone else who wants it. Now be a good dog and go to your island. Great, Whatever Lisi shouts.

Jeff turns back to the tribes. One last thing ... you must decide who lives at Moto and who lives at Ravu. Letís use the Rock-Paper-Scissors game. Earl and Edgardo will play. One-two-three. Earl chooses rock. Edgardo chooses paper. Ed wins the right to reach in the bag and choose the first buff. Green will let the manly team stay on Moto with all its luxuries. Orange will send them to the pits. Edgardo canít decide which hand to use, while he is making up his mind Rocky crosses himself and then crosses his fingers, legs and eyes. Eddie pulls out the ORANGE buff!!! His manly man team is Nu-Ravu. We can stand this test. We are MEN!
Jeff throws Earl a green buff and welcomes them to their new island of Moto. Back at your camps is a little house-warming gift. And remember Earl and YauMan, the clues are good at both camps.
Exile Island
As a sea snake slithers around, Lisi reads clue #6.

The highest point, the jutting point.
The edge of the lip, below.
Dig, dig, dig and save yourself
From the fatal blow.

Yeah, Whatever Dude. In a confessional Lisi whines, (like my puppy wanting my attention), I had a fit, my comfort zone was yanked, my alliance gone, I thought I was going home, yippee! But I didnít know I would get to play drums on a human skull, with the wind blowing through my hair. I should have stopped, but I yam who I yam. Iím Popeye the Survivor Man! Yuk, yuk, yuk. You either take me or put me on Exile Island!

(Bruno! Stay off the chair with your muddy paws. Bruno!)

This is the happiest day for tribe Nu-Moto. Moto Baby, welcome home!
Earl goes running and jumps on the couch. He starts for the bed, when all the old Moto members scream, ďEarl, donít get in the bed dirty, Earl!!Ē Earl looks at the tribe, he looks at the bed, and he dives into the bed. He starts speaking French and orders breakfast. Earl likes having everything. He is very excited that no one else, except YauMan, knows that the HII is on this Island. ďItís not ridiculous, itís redonkulas.Ē
Nu-Moto all sit around the table breaking bread and eating in Earlís words, real food. Dr.Boo tells them to eat slow so they donít get sick. They open the bubbly and pour it into the china teacups. They toast to Nu-Moto, Moto-licious Baby!

As Nu-Ravu marches back to camp they recite a movie poem from The Count of Monty-Python Christy.

Life is a storm, my young friends,
One day you are battered in the sunlight,
And youíre shattered on the rocks the next.
But itís what you do when that storm comes, that makes you a man.
So shout, do your worst for I shall do mine,
and the fates will know you as a man.

We donít need no luxuries. We are Manly-Men now. Itís really not that bad here. We are warriors. Look food! We are Manly-Men. Ravu Men! Ravu Men! As they sit around the campfire eating, drinking, burping and farting, Alex states: Iím glad there are no women here. All they do is yap and politic. We can be Manly-Men. Rocky says he loves to touch, kiss, and make out with girls, but they are stupid and a distraction. We get along better with out them. Dre seems to be the only one to hear the storm coming.

Hi Ho, Hi Ho,
Itís off for wood we go.
We are the men, the Manly-Men,
Hi Ho, Hi Ho.

Anthony lags behind and tells us heís a nerd, a geek, a dweeb. Has been one all his life. He doesnít fit in a Burly-Manly-Men tribe. He knows heís in trouble.

*tap tap tap* Bruno pee here. Good Boy! Woops. He missed the paper and got my sock. But he's getting closer.

Earl and YauMan are tying hooks to fishing line. They take off fishing. Earl believes he has the game won. He says his strategy of keeping his friends close and his enemies closer is still working. Everything has to go through him now. Cassandra just smiles.

Cassandra brings Earl and YauMan a cup of coffee. Earl tells her she could be the swing vote. I know. I know. *smiles* I KNOW. She thinks to herself, I now have all the power. She says Boo is nervous. Earl believes a little word here, a little smile there will bring Cassandra over to his side. He then will have YauMan, Michelle, and Cassandra on his side to push him to Sole Survivor.
Bruno, I must put you in your cage, so I can get some writing done. I will play later. Donít wine. SSSHHHhhhhh. I wonít be far. I just have to do some work.

Day 16

Anthony (Cookie) has been left back at the homestead to tend the fire and boil water. All the big men left poor little me. They are forming bonds and all I can do is tend the fire and purify water. Cookie gets an evil smile then realizes he can do something else; he can spit in the water. Teach them for being Manly-Men.

Alex brings bait to the fishing Mookie and Dre. He asks them to join with him and Ed. We would be strong Manly-Men. Mookie says he had something with Rocky because heís loyal, but things have now gotten shifted up.

Mookie brings back a large bag of fish. The Manly-Men all hoot & holler. We have food. We are Ravu Men. We are ready for battle. We are strong. We are undefeatable. We are Men. Rocky says we are a super power. Let me say it again, we are a super power. Itís over! Right now on paper, we are a superpower. (Hey Rocky, I've got some paper for you)

Immunity Challenge
The new tribes show up for this challenge. Jeff takes back the immunity pole. Immunity is now up for grabs. Who will win? Who will go to Tribal Council? Hereís the challenge:

This challenge will test how well you can communicate with your tribe mates.
You will be belted into a large 6-point sliding hub thatís shaped like a star. By shifting, sliding, and adjusting each other you will maneuver through a maze of bamboo poles. You must all pass through 5 gates. To make things more difficult there will be four intersections where the tribes could and probably will collide. You must get all your members across the finish line first to win immunity. Losers will meet with me at Tribal Council. Letís get started Itís Nu-Moto taking on Nu-Ravu. Survivors Ready. Go!

Both tribes work their way through the gates and intersections. Michelle got caught in the hub of Ravu a couple of times. At one intersection she climbed over Ravuís poles which caused a giant game of Twister. Over, under, back and forth, shove and push. At the last intersection Dreamz and Cassandra get crushed in-between the hubs. Jeff shouts they will have to work this out. Moto is the first through the fifth gate with Ravu right on their heels. All of Motoís members cross the finish line first. Moto wins Immunity. Jeff hands the Immunity Idol to Michelle and Stacy. Moto is still undefeated.

Ravu, great effort, but you are still going to Tribal Council tonight. One of the 6 of you are going home. Grab your stuff. See you at Tribal.

As Moto heads back to camp, YauMan grabs the tribe flag and utters the title in another Smurf voice: IíVE GOT STRENGTH NOW TO CARRY THE FLAG
You are just too cute, Bruno to stay in that cage. Let's go outside, you need to go poo. After 15 minutes and no poo, we go inside.

Day 16

I think my tape got messed up. All I hear back at camp is banjo music and the sound of a machete slowly being sharpened. Anthony is talking like the chuck wagon cook. I canít go fishing with the boys. He calls himself a black, male, Cinderella. Is that the image you really want with this tribe, Anthony?
Anthony walks upon Rocky and Edgardo discussing him. He goes to Dre, who would rather get rid of Rock. In a confessional Dre says Rock is lazy and emotionally driven. Anthony keeps the fire and makes drinking water. But because heís not a Manly-Man the rest of the tribe will vote him out.
Anthony talks to Edgardo who is practicing body contortions, and ask if heís voting for him. Itís 50/50. Anthony reminds him about Rocky tending the fire and burning Mookie on the foot. About his yelling and telling everyone what to do.

Rocky believes heís the one to teach Anthony social skills. (James, please look in a mirror. My puppy has more social skills than you.)He calls Anthony a whiney little girl. The rest of the Manly-Men canít believe this is the person they are choosing to keep.

Tribal Council
The sun sets as Moto hikes to Tribal Council.

Jeff asks Edgardo what he thought when he reached Ravu camp. Ed responds, ďNow Iím going to start playing Survivor.Ē Jeff asks Anthony if heís worried about being left behind at camp. Anthony says of course heís concerned, but you do what youíre assigned to do. Rocky jumps in and tries to teach Anthony how to stand up for himself. He becomes a mean dog and starts mauling Anthony. I think we need to muzzle the Rock, or maybe Anthony could punch him. My puppy book says aggression only feeds aggression. If your puppy learns to control you, he will try it again. It will go from a warning growl to snarling, snapping and finally attack biting. According to my book, Rocky needs professional help, it wonít go away. Bruno, paper! I run to pick up my squatting puppy. Place him on the paper, only to find out he dropped his poo as I was carrying him. *sigh*

Anthony finally revels his plan in the game was to keep the tribe happy, win challenges and make it to the merge. I want to stay in the game and I will help you get there also. Jeff steps in and says itís time to vote. Mookie youíre up. Anthony votes Rocky and tells him to watch his mouth. Edgardo and Dre votes. Rocky votes Anthony and tells him to learn from this and have a good life. When Alex sits down, Jeff, who appears to be sweating profusely, says Iíll go tally the votes.

Jeff stands before the defeated Ravu tribe and declares: Once the votes are read the decision is final. Anthony will be asked to leave the area immediately. Iíll read the votes.
First vote, now donít get mad and yell at me. He holds up the card and says Rocky. He then holds up four cards that say Anthony. Thatís enough. Sixth person voted out of Survivor Fiji. Bring me your torch. Rocky hangs his head. Anthony stands before Jeff like a man. The tribe has spoken. Itís time for you to go. Anthony turns around and wishes them good luck.

Jeff reminds the Manly-Man tribe Lisi will be joining them tomorrow. How are you going to welcome her and what impact will it have on the tribe? Grab your torches and head back to camp.
Next Time On Survivor
Lisi joins the boys club, the Manly-Mans. YauMan searches for the Hidden Immunity Idol with a pick ax. One of the challenges involves blindfolds, paint, fences, and a falling Michelle. And either YauMan or Rocky are having seizers, experiencing an earthquake, or dancing. Tune in next week at the regular time on Thursday the 29th (Happy Birthday Mom!)

Final Words
Anthony is mad at himself for not being a jerk. He is not the problem with the tribe, Mookie and James are. The Manly-Man tribe will not win until they are gone.

I picked up my new puppy on Sunday. He has brought me many hours of laughter already. Also lots of cleaning up of poo and pee. This summary took longer to write because Bruno wants lots of attention. I'm going to spend time with my puppy now. Hope you enjoy the summary.

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