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Survivor: Fiji - Episode 4 Summary

'Yes, We'll Sell You Up the River for Luxury' By Cyndimaus
Original Airdate: March 1, 2007

Last week Moto continued winning. Ravu got weaker but managed to start fire on their own. Gary got hurt. Ravu votes off Sylvia. For a more detailed review, check out Spankyís most excellent summary

Hi, my name is Movu, Iím a little Fijian bug. My usually calm life has been rather altered by the arrival of these large, human creatures. They spent a whole lot of time wandering around and then built all these structures. In my way, I must say. But they do provide a bit of extra nourishment for me and my family. Well, half of them leave. So I follow them and end up in a rather pathetic location. But hey, food is food. Now I spend my days going back and forth between them. Iím quite tired from all that flying but the eating sure is good.

So tonight Iím getting all settled in for the night when the group that calls itself Ravu tromps back in. (I notice one of them is goneÖnot sure whatís up with that) The guy who calls himself Rocky starts ranting and raving about losing. He complains about this other guy named Anthony and how he is always whining and complaining. He says he doesnít usually act this way unless itís with a broad. He says he was raised as a man and acts like one. None of this complaining about everything. Sounds to me like heís complaining.

Anthony doesnít know what it is heís doing to bug Rocky so much but he says heís not giving up. He gets all emotional about it. When he wasnít looking I bit his leg.

The next day I fly back over to the other tribe. Theyíre much plumper so I usually spend more time over there, at least when Iím hungry. A guy named Boo is totally passed out in the hammock. Yum, heís tasty. I call the kids over to have their breakfast. Boo wonít mind.

Stacy and Lisa are hanging out in the water going on about how nice it is out here. (yeah, they just donít know Iím having a party tonight and inviting all the bugs from the other side of the island) The girls talk about the bond between them, Boo, Alex and Edgardo. (Iíll call him Ed cause his full name is a lot for a small bug to say)

Poor guy named Gary is all laid up with a spinning head and such. Heís not doing so well and Cassandra is worried about him. He is noticing all the bug bites on his leg. I swear it wasnít me! Lisi says that Gary doesnít look good but she doesnít want to babysit him. If he doesnít get better heíll have to go.

Later they all get in their boat. Iím bored so I go along with them. Itís a reward challenge. Oh hey! Itís that Jeff guy. Heís been living good, it looks like. Think Iíll hang out with him during the challenge. Snack time!

For the challenge the tribes have to line up on a beam out in the water. Then one at a time they have to cross the beam over their teammates. They canít touch more than one person at a time. They canít touch the beam with anything other than their feet. If they fall off they have to start over. If they want to change the order theyíre standing in they have to jump off the beam first. The first team to get all their members to the platform wins.

And what do they win? Not that I really care, but they get fish, rice, spices, pillows blankets and a king size bed complete with sheets and pillows. Probably that fat tribe will win. Fine with me, more food for my family.

In between bites of Jeff I watch the challenge. Ravu gets off to an early lead since Lisi canít figure out how to cross the beam and falls off four times then touches two people at the same time and has to start over. But after that Moto figured things out and got all their members over before Ravu got any more over. (they had two over before Lisi finally crossed)

So the fat tribe gets more food and more luxury. They send Yau Man to Exile Island. (I think Iíll check that place out at some point) The loser tribe gets nothing again. I think Iíll be going with the fat tribe. Itís about lunch time and Iím getting hungry.

The fat tribe gets to their camp and theyíre cheering and drooling over their win and new bed. Alex says he feels sorry for the individual members of the loser tribe.

After eating my fill I go out for some exercise and end up with the loser tribe. Whoa, glad I swerved there. Just missed being hit by stuff thrown by Rocky. Boy is he mad about losing. Heís ranting and raving and complaining. Saying they might as well just go to tribal council now and get it over with. But he insists he isnít being negative, just realistic.

Earl keeps a good attitude and says he does his work even though heís hungry and tired. He and Anthony are out working and Earl says he trusts Anthony but itís getting harder to look out for him. Anthony knows heís a target.

Okay, this is boring so Iím flying out to Exile Island. Hm, lots of snakes. Oh, thereís Yau Man! Heís reading clues about the immunity idol. Says he knows where it is but is wondering when he will have a chance to look for it. Iíd be willing to help out with that. If I get all my friends and family to go on a biting rampage maybe everyone will leave the camp and then he can have the whole place to himself to look.

Must be leaving. I have a date tonight and the best eating is with the fat tribe.

Itís dark now and I am stuffed! Hope these guys keep winning cause I love the easy access to such tasty food!

Whoa, thereís Liliana giving out massages to the guys. But Lisiís got her number. She knows Liliana is just inacting a little strategy on the guys. Those guys totally donít know whatís going on. After they're all asleep I'm sneaking in and biting them, every last one of them.

The next day Gary is still doing badly. He has no energy, feels nauseous and his head is spinning. He says he canít function and heís never been this way before. Heís scared.

The med team is called in (yum, I get Australian for lunch!) and they tell him thereís nothing more they can do for him there. So he chooses to leave camp and the med boat is called.

Lisi, compassionate person that she is, says that now the odds are better for her with one less person around.

Alex is frustrated at losing Gary and hopes they donít lose the immunity challenge.

Time for another exercise flight. I head over to the loser camp and Rocky is ranting a bit. I have a snack as he says that heís going to lead by example.

They get tree mail and as Michelle is reading the exquisite poetry they received everyone is startled (dare I say, revolted) by Rocky walking up in nothing but his birthday suit. (I donít feel so hungry anymore) Rita says it wasnít a pretty sight. Iíd have to agree with her.

Before they head off to the challenge Rocky wears his buff like the girls do and puts coconuts in them. (what an ugly girl he makes...Iím totally not snacking on him anymore). He goes that way to the challenge.

My snack... I mean, Jeff tells the loser tribe that the have a great attitude for a team that canít win squat. He also tells them that Gary is officially out of the game. But they still have to play the game. Someone is going to tribal council.

Their challenge involves cages. Makes it easier for me to snack. Four members are locked in separate cages out in the water. One member starts out and unlocks the first person. The person just released goes to unlock the next person and so on. The last person and their rescuer get into a boat and they go back and pick up the rest of the rescued tribe members. They then paddle into shore, go up and form a human pyramid. The top person has to stand up and unlock the final cage, releasing the last member of the tribe. First tribe on their mat wins immunity. Oh and the winning tribe gets a bottle with a note inside it. I flew over to check it out. Man, theyíll be surprised!

So while Iím snacking away they get started on the challenge. Fat tribe stays in the lead for the the whole challenge but loser tribe does manage to catch up towards the end. They both form their pyramids but the fat tribe finds the right key first and wins immunity.

They excitedly open the bottle and read the note. It informs them that if they want to keep immunity they have to trade camps with the other tribe.

They talk about it for a moment. Immunity or Club Med? They choose Club Med so loser tribe actually gets a break this time and doesnít have to go to tribal council.

Iím tired from all this flying and snacking so I hitch a ride back to Luxury Island with the fat tribe. As soon as weíre back Dreamz starts gathering everyone together and wants them to decide right then and there who will be voted out. He singles out Cassandra and Lisi as the only two people, in his opinion, who they can afford to lose. I bite him.

Stacy says Dreamz is shooting from the hip. He doesnít know that the tribe is her, Boo, Alex, Lisi and Ed.

Cassandra knows she is a target. At least with me. I bite her.

The big five talk about who to vote off. Lisi wants to vote off Liliana instead of Cassandra, saying she is the biggest threat. Alex says to keep Liliana because Cassandra is weaker. The girls want Liliana. Alex says she deserves to stay. I agree. She makes for some good eating.

This is intriguing, more exciting than anything thatís gone on in this fat camp before. So I tag along to Tribal Council. Itís all dark and scarey, with well-placed firelight. The fat tribe gets torches for the first time.

They all miss Gary. Dreamz feels invisible. Lisi calls Dreamz on his little speech about who to vote out. Dreamz defend himself, saying he didnít want people to go off into little groups. Alex says heíll vote for what is best for the tribe. Liliana brings strength to the tribe and works hard with the guys. Cassandra sucks up to Liliana.

Iím getting dizzy. Iíll snack on Jeff while everyone votes.

Liliana votes for Cassandra. Lisi votes for Liliana. Cassandra votes for Lisi.

My snack tallies the votes and Liliana goes home with six of the eight votes. She is shocked and says, ďIf they didnít get me out now I was gonna beat Ďem.Ē

I am exhausted. I think maybe Iíll sleep here at Tribal Council and go visit the loser tribe tomorrow morning. Or maybe the fat tribe. I hear that they begin to fracture as tribe. And that Yau Man starts looking for the immunity idol. And that maybe Rocky and Earl fight. Or maybe itís just a challenge. Youíd better watch next time to find out.

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