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Survivor: Fiji - Episode 7 Summary

'Fireballs, Bowling Balls, Piñatas and Jury Seats' By vince3
Original Airdate: March 29, 2007

Previously on Survivor:

Mookie smacked Rocky to get at a bug, while Earl and Yau-man were the only two DAWs still in the game to know that the Hidden Immunity Idol wasn’t at Exile Island, it’s in the camp!
Earl tried creating a crab run to give Yau a chance to find the idol, but between the hard ground and insufficient tools, he couldn’t find it. Then it was time to “Drop your Buffs!”, because a tribal switch occurred.
The tribes picked afterward were: Earl, B-O-O, Michelle, Cassandra, Yau-man, and Stacy for tribe one and Edgardo, Mookie, Alex, Rocky, Dre, and Anthony for the other.
Edgardo won the Roshambo to draw for buff color, camp name and location. He drew orange meaning Team Testosterone went to Ravu’s have-not camp, and Earl’s crew went to the Club Moto.
Lisi, left without a tribe, thought she was toast, went to Exile Island instead, much to her chagrin. Earl, Michelle and Yau-man enjoyed Club Moto’s amenities, while the Testosterone boys left geeky Anthony to tend to the fires.
At the very physical Immunity Challenge, Moto came through and surprised the boys. (Too bad they didn’t show much of the challenge, though… it was a fun one!) When Ravu got back to camp Anthony and Rocky were led to the gallows.
At the explosive Tribal Council, Anthony tried to defend himself but got sent packing. Twelve players remain. Who’ll be voted out next? (Rocky was seen with the classic “I’m gonna shoot myself in the head hand gesture” shot. Foreshadowing? Nah…..)

Check out
Kircon’s Summary for more details

Day 17, Ravu Camp:

A boat appears on the horizon carrying the Sea Hag Lisi, who arrives on the beach. The guys figure she talks before she thinks so maybe she’ll be okay with the Testosterone crew. Lisi realized that she cracked up at the tribal switch so she spent her time on Exile Island putting the pieces back together. Lisi claims she had “spiritual enlightenment” (crazy flourish) on Exile Island. *rolls eyes* Lisi I think you said it best last week after reading the clues: “Yeah, Whatever!” Lisi does realize that maybe the numbers are her, Alex, and Edgardo vs. Mookie, Rocky, and Dre (who she didn’t get along with at all…) which is currently an even split. Maybe she took remedial math lessons on her stay on Exile Island? *shrug*

Cue the Credits!

Day 17, Moto Camp:

Looks like rice for breakfast for HelloMoto today. Earl recaps that his tribe is also split 3-3 down original tribal lines. Earl then tries to get the rest of the tribe out to the beach to fish, get the beached boat unstuck, anything so Yau can go looking for the Moto Hidden Immunity Idol. Yikes, Earl’s mixing his metaphors, saying that Yau finding the HII will be the “Ace in the pot!” There goes Yau with the pick and shovel! The boat in question is marooned WAY out in the sandbars, so getting it free might take a while. Meanwhile, Yau found the Idol! Moto’s Idol? A black sea turtle necklace, complete with rope chain. He rakes the ground so they don’t think he was digging, and then back to his coconut scraping… Yau goes with Earl and shows him the Idol, currently in his pocket. Uh-oh, Yau thinks he and Earl will be Final 2? For now, he’s good because of the Idol, but later? He’ll regret saying that….

Reward Challenge: Hot La Crosse Buns

(Before you start groaning at the title, don’t blame me, this is what CBS is calling it…) The challenge is to launch fireballs using a “flame thrower” (a steel-cupped Jai Ali stick) into three separate targets. The premise being, if the fireball lands in the target it’ll ignite the flash paper tribe name and that tribe will score a point. First tribe to three points will win the reward: The next morning, a seaplane will pick the tribe up and take them to a private Fijian Arcade with Foosball and Air Hockey tables, a Bowling Alley, and of course what arcade day wouldn’t be complete with hot dogs and beer? (cheers from the DAWs!) Plus the winners will send one of the losers to Exile Island.
Round 1: Earl vs. Dre. Earl lands just short, Dre hits the target! Ravu 1, Moto 0
Round 2: Michelle vs. Lisi. Both land short.
Round 3: Yau vs. Edgardo. (Mookie makes fun of Yau’s grip) Edgardo went wide left, Yau scores! Tied at 1.
Round 4: Boo vs. Mookie. Boo lands just short, Mookie scores! Ravu 2, Moto 1
Round 5: Cassandra vs. Alex. Cassandra short and right, Alex short and left.
Round 6: Stacy vs. Rocky. Both land just short.
Round 7: Earl vs. Dre. Jeff asks Dre “What are you more excited about the hot dogs or the beer?” Dre says he doesn’t drink, so the hot dogs are his choice. Earl lands just short. Dre hits the target! Ravu 3, Moto 1. Wait a minute, that means that Ravu won? I might be the only summary writer to say this so let’s have it be special: Ravu Wins!

Ravu elects to send Earl to Exile Island in an attempt to limit the access to the Exile Island clues and the opportunity to get the idol there. (That’s what they think!)

Day 18, Ravu Tribe

We’re heading to the Reward Fijian Arcade! The location is called Kava Bowl. The food buffet includes popcorn, brownies, big hot dog buns, and hot dogs with some cheese, onions, ketchup and mustard for condiments and of course, there‘s beer! A small feeding frenzy ensues, with the Ravu’s resorting to putting two hot dogs in one bun in an attempt to fill the bun up better. The place has a pool table, an air hockey table, a foosball table, a pair of bowling lanes, and a virtual golf game. *sigh* Where’s the Dave and Buster’s flag for sponsoring this Reward? And since when does an Arcade not have video games? *sigh* After some shots of the DAWs enjoying themselves, we head off to Exile Island.

Day 18,Exile Island

Earl having being here for the third time, rechristens Exile Island to become Earl Island. He doesn’t see the need to pick up clue 7 because Yau already found his tribe’s idol. Earl’s ready to start taking reservations, but the accommodations need some work. The view is beautiful, though.

Back to Ravu

The feeding frenzy starts to come back to haunt Ravu because they ate too much, too soon, and too fast. End result? Tummy aches, and some puking into the toilet. *blech* Rocky starts taunting everyone else for eating so stupidly since there’s still an Immunity Challenge today… (Might be time to put Rocky’s name on the gallows….)

Day 18, Moto Camp

There’s a little bit of a sullen mood around HelloMoto due to their first ever challenge loss. Boo thinks if they lose the Immunity Challenge, Yau will be going home tonight. (Hold it! Yau was the only one to score a point in the Reward Challenge and *he’s* the one that would be going home!?! This is without considering the fact that he now holds the Hidden Immunity Idol….) Yau’s in a better mood, mainly because of the HII, he’s in an alliance with Earl, and now he’s come up with “an evil thought”, he’s going to make a fake HII and bury it in the HII’s original spot, only not as deep. He does this while Cassandra and Stacy are on the couch, not paying him any attention. He paints a little face on a coconut shell half, puts “I.I.” on it to give a hint that it might be the HII, wraps it up in the cloth that contained the original Idol, and then says to the camera while the girls are sleeping out of earshot, “There are so many Immunity Idols around here” *snerk* Yau’s hoping for an Immunity Challenge win so he can save the HII for later, but if they do manage to lose, he’ll keep his ears perked up and see if he becomes the potential boot target. Remember the HII is not an automatic shield this time, you must choose to play it AFTER people have voted, but BEFORE those votes are read.

Immunity Challenge: Blind Rage

(See above…) At the start, teams will designate a caller, the rest will be blindfolded and will head out, one at a time, into their own corral to try to smash paint filled skull piñatas, which also contain a bundle of puzzle tiles in their team color. After receiving their tiles they will then be led to the far area which is where the puzzle board is. Then they’ll head back and tag their teammate to go back out. Once they have gathered all five bundles of tiles they can remove their blindfolds and race to the puzzle board to come up with a two word phrase. Winners get Immunity, “a guaranteed one in eleven shot at the million.” Losers, of course, Tribal Council, must vote somebody out. Teams will have the option to switch callers if necessary. (a foreshadowing look at Boo and Michelle…)

At the start, Michelle will call for Moto, Lisi will call for Ravu. Stacy and Alex are first out on the course for their respective teams. Stacy hits her skull first. As her team is leading Michelle does a little hopping jig while giving out calls toward the puzzle board. Alex, meanwhile sent his skull swinging and can’t connect. Then he knocked his skull off of it’s string, so he had to smash it on the ground. Cassandra is out next for Moto, bouncing all the way. (If she’s not careful, she will have a very bruised face soon…) As soon as Alex returns for Ravu he asks to be switched in as caller. This also happens to spare Lisi from running onto the course until the final puzzle solve…. Edgardo is next out for Moto. Cassandra connects on her skull, which sends Michelle back into dance mode. After a few wild swings Edgardo connects, and is directed to his board by a yelling Alex. Earl and Dre are the next out onto the course. Earl finds his skull quickly using the weapon as a backstop for the return swinging piece of skull. Dre, after a few swings that might have fanned a few flies, connects. Earl returns and sends Boo out onto the course. Boo runs along the corral down one side following the wooden fencing. Boo was at his skull, but now he’s heading right. Michelle calls out “left, Left, LEFT, your other Left!” *thump* *giggle* (that was the sound of Estee ROTFLHFAO, why? her Survivor: Society Islands story catalog Look at Episode 2, which also had a blindfold challenge and look for a “your other left!” directed at a Tony. It becomes a running gag from there….) Once Boo figured out which way Michelle wanted him to go, he starts making mighty swings at the skull (All the while a version of Beethoven’s Fifth is playing in the background…) When he finally does connect, he shatters the skull into a million pieces! Thankfully, there was no damage to the puzzle pieces. Boo returns back to his teammates heading backwards, using his machete as a cane. *rolls eyes* Yau’s the last on the course for Moto, and Michelle’s really hopping now! So much so, that she forgets exactly where on the calling platform she was and takes a spill! Michelle’s trying to tell Yau where to go, but her voice is starting to give out, and he can’t hear her. Boo offers to switch and be the caller. He gets up onto the platform, only just after taking off his blindfold. Unfortunately there must be a small pause because Boo can’t see! His eyes must readjust to the sunlight. (Oh, brother! And Estee‘s got another giggle fit going…) Yau finally gets to the skull, smashes it, and finds his pieces. Mookie got his puzzle pieces, which was Ravu’s last, and after (Oof!) crashing into the fencing in front of the puzzle board, he’s heading back. Moto takes off their blindfolds and Cassandra’s the first one down to the puzzle board, Baywatch bouncing all the way. Mookie tries to run back (OOF!) and takes another hard blow into the fencing. It’s now a race to solve the puzzle. After first thinking that maybe a word was “Castaway”, they discover that there’s no W, Stacy asks for Michelle’s opinion, and she figures it might be Cannibal for the first word. Moto thinks they’re ready. “Cannibal Isles” is their solution. Moto wins Immunity!

Day 19, Ravu Camp

The mood is appropriately bleak for this bunch of losers. Edgardo and Alex figures that loyalty is better than strength, especially heading toward the impending merge. Lisi, grateful for a chance to prove her loyalty reveals that the HII isn’t on Exile Island it’s in the camp. Of course, there’s a small problem… she can’t remember the clues! She thinks the clues were vague! Dre reveals that Rocky’s on the chopping block, Mookie doesn’t want to vote out Rocky. Mookie is thinking about swinging Dre toward voting Lisi, but then Rocky starts opening his mouth and inserting his foot. Rocky thinks he was the one pulling all the strings in the previous tribal councils. LOL! Let me get this straight, Rocky, who was in a “majority” of 3 with the first boot, and was partially aligned with the second boot, thinks that just because he liked the last two boots he pulled the strings !?! Oh brother! Lisi is seen digging around the cave area where the HII on Ravu is hidden……

Tribal Council

First up, Jeff rakes Lisi over the coals for her quitter attitude after the pick-em last week. Lisi wasn’t completely worried about it since she had three former tribe mates on both tribes so she figured she’d have a friend waiting for her regardless of where she ended up. Dre figured Lisi was done and he didn’t want to have to pick her up because she’d be a drain but changed his mind when she came in and acted like one of the guys. Mookie is asked if physical strength is a factor about the boot, he gives a diplomatic answer. Lisi is asked about any adjustments after the TC, and she starts up the annoying laugh, with a statement that she’d be like “Wow, I’m still here!?!” (Not the best way to endear yourself, Lisi…) Surprisingly, Alex and Edgardo were not shown getting a question from Jeff (at least not a televised one…) Jeff reminds them about the HII rules. Rocky’s the first to vote and is shown voting Lisi. Edgardo’s next, then Mookie, then Lisi’s shown voting Rocky, then Alex, then Dre. Jeff’s off to tally the votes, asks if anyone wants to play the HII, no takers. Here’s the votes: Lisi (nervous look), Lisi (dumbfounded look), Rocky, Rocky (blink), Rocky, Rocky is the 7th person voted out and the first member of the jury. Jeff observes that Rocky didn’t see that coming, and says “If it could happen to Rocky, it could happen to you.”

Next time on Survivor: Lisi has *another* nervous breakdown, the tribes learn how to tribal dance, and at Ravu, the hunt for the HII starts to get dirty…

Rocky, any final words? *primal scream* “I’m extremely PO’d, I’m angry, they got me good. I didn’t see it coming. Now, I’m on the Jury and hopefully none of those cats will win the million bucks.” What? No “Adrian!” cry? I’m disappointed……

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