The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love

The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love News

'The Bachelor' alum Tenley Molzahn engaged to boyfriend Taylor Leopold
Vienna Girardi talks about her tragic twins miscarriage -- "It just seems impossible to stop thinking about it"
'The Bachelor' alum Vienna Girardi sadly miscarries twin girls -- I tried "everything to save them"
Former 'The Bachelor' winner Vienna Girardi reveals gender of twins
Vienna Girardi, former 'The Bachelor' winner, reveals she's expecting twins!
Former 'The Bachelor' bachelorette Alexa McAllister's cause of death ruled a drug overdose
'The Bachelor' producers and former contestants, including Jake Pavelka, express condolences over Alexa McAllister's death
Former 'The Bachelor' bachelorette Alexa McAllister's sister-in-law talks suicide: No one knew her mood disorders, fueled by alcohol, were that bad
Former 'The Bachelor' bachelorette dead from apparent suicide
'The Bachelor' alum Tenley Molzahn: Knowing Ben Higgins, I would choose Lauren Bushnell for him
Tenley Molzahn: Ben Higgins and I "definitely" had "a very special relationship"
'The Bachelor' alum Tenley Molzahn reveals she's dating the man she's "going to marry"
Ali Fedotowsky won't be returning to E! News as a correspondent this fall
Gia Allemand's boyfriend Ryan Anderson shares chilling details and emotional journey of losing the reality TV star to suicide
'The Bachelor' bachelorette Elizabeth Kitt and 'The Bachelorette' bachelor Ty Brown get married
'The Bachelor' pays tribute to deceased Gia Allemand in Juan Pablo special
Former 'The Bachelor' bachelorette Elizabeth Kitt and 'The Bachelorette' bachelor Ty Brown get engaged
Gia Allemand's boyfriend Ryan Anderson breaks silence on suicide: Every day is a challenge
Jake Pavelka: I loved Gia Allemand but tried not to get in boyfriend Ryan Anderson's way
Gia Allemand's mother Donna Micheletti: I told Gia's dad her suicide was his fault, I blame him
Gia Allemand's mom on her suicide: Gia wasn't depressed, her menstrual cycle put her in "a dark spot" and blurred her vision
Gia Allemand's mom Donna Micheletti discusses 'The Bachelor' bachelorette's suicide
Gia Allemand friend: She felt she was failing in the part of her life that was most important
Gia Allemand remembered at funeral in New York
Gia Allemand reportedly committed suicide after boyfriend said he didn't love her anymore
Gia Allemand's funeral plans announced and memorial service held in New Orleans
Gia Allemand's mother Donna Micheletti shoots down comments made by daughter's alleged "friends"
Gia Allemand reportedly had depression history, struggled with insecurities and demons
Gia Allemand reportedly hung herself, been upset over rocky relationship with beau Ryan Anderson
Gia Allemand family: Former 'The Bachelor' bachelorette died from apparent suicide
Gia Allemand dead at age 29, cause of death undisclosed
Gia Allemand allegedly on life support, has "little pulse" and "barely breathing"
Gia Allemand hospitalized in critical condition after "serious emergency medical event"
Ali Fedotowsky dating 'Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition' host Kevin Manno
'Bachelor' couple Tenley Molzahn and Kiptyn Locke split
Kristin Chenoweth confirms she's dating former 'The Bachelor' star Jake Pavelka
Jake Pavelka reportedly secretly dating actress and singer Kristin Chenoweth
Jake Pavelka reportedly dating 'Sweet Home Alabama' bachelorette
Kasey Kahl denies he and Vienna Girardi have broken up and split
Vienna Girardi reportedly splits with 'Bachelor Pad' beau Kasey Kahl
Ella Nolan gets plastic surgery from dad of 'Bachelor Pad' contestant
Vienna Girardi and Kasey Kahl taking "next step," moving in together
Vienna Girardi gets a nose job from dad of 'Bachelor Pad' contestant
VH1 announces cast of 'Famous Food' reality show, to debut this fall
Ali Fedotowsky has kayak accident and gets five staples in head
Ali Fedotowsky show among 10 new series Style Network developing
Pavelka, Montag and Staub reportedly shooting new VH1 reality show
Former 'The Bachelor' star Jake Pavelka becoming a stunt pilot
'The Bachelor' star Jake Pavelka has new wedding-planner girlfriend
'Bachelor' Jake Pavelka: I let Ali go so she could be next 'Bachelorette'
Jake Pavelka and Vienna Girardi spar in heated 'Bachelorette' reunion
Former 'Bachelor' Jake Pavelka 'not doing Playgirl, never considered it'
Magazine denies Vienna Girardi's claim that she's posing for them
Jake Pavelka and Vienna Girardi clash filming post-split interview
Jonathan Novack: Spark wasn't there w/ 'Bachelorette' Ali Fedotowsky
Vienna Girardi: Jake Pavelka and I lied, made up wedding plans
Jake Pavelka: Vienna Girardi felt 'Dancing' should have been hers
Jake Pavelka: Vienna Girardi's no sex claim is "insane," I dumped her
ABC to air Jake Pavelka and Vienna Girardi joint interview on July 5
'The Bachelor' creator: Jake Pavelka and Vienna Girardi split "painful"
Report: Vienna Girardi had planned Jake Pavelka split since last week
Vienna Girardi: I dumped Jake Pavelka, he wouldn't have sex with me
Jake Pavelka "saddened" over Vienna Girardi split, will 'remain friends'
Vienna Girardi stepmom: 'Bachelor' Jake Pavelka never truly loved her
Report: Jake Pavelka dumped Vienna Girardi, felt she was cheating
Jake Pavelka and Vienna Girardi become latest 'Bachelor' pair to split
Former 'The Bachelor' star Jake Pavelka to appear on 'Drop Dead Diva'
'Bachelor' couple Jake Pavelka, Vienna Girardi to dance on 'Dancing'
'Dancing with the Stars' ousts Jake Pavelka and Chelsie Hightower
Jake Pavelka and Vienna Girardi: Gia Allemand will be a bridesmaid
Report: Vienna Girardi dated alleged drug lord right before 'Bachelor'
Jillian Harris: 'Bachelor' bachelorette Vienna Girardi "a doll, I like her"
'Bachelor' bachelorette Rozlyn Papa sues over sex tape allegations
Report: 'The Bachelor' star Jake Pavelka hires big Hollywood PR firm
Ex: Jake Pavelka went on 'The Bachelor' for money and TV exposure
Ex: Jake Pavelka professed his love for me after 'The Bachelor' filmed
'The Bachelor' creator Mike Fleiss: "There is sex" during the show
Porn star: Alleged sex tape doesn't feature 'Bachelor's Rozlyn Papa
'Bachelor' star Jake Pavelka denies trying to reunite with ex-girlfriend
Warner Bros. to release 'The Bachelor: The Videogame' this summer
'Bachelor' bachelorette Tenley Molzahn had feeling it wouldn't be her
Report: Jake Pavelka tried to reunite with ex after 'The Bachelor' finale
'The Bachelor' couple Jake Pavelka, Vienna Girardi will "definitely" wed
Ali Fedotowsky announced as 'The Bachelorette' star, May 24 debut
'The Bachelor' star Jake Pavelka picks Vienna Girardi and proposes
'The Bachelor' Jake Pavelka: I'm the one who has to live with choice
Report: Multiple sex tapes of 'Bachelor's Rozlyn Papa being shopped
Report: Sex tape of 'The Bachelor's Rozlyn Papa being shopped
Valishia Savage regrets 'The Bachelor' comments about Rozlyn Papa
Ella Nolan: I lied because I wanted to confront Rozlyn Papa directly
'The Bachelor' host Chris Harrison: Rozlyn Papa's comment classless
Chris Harrison: 'The Bachelor' star Jake Pavelka is "very much in love"
Rozlyn Papa denies new details of alleged 'The Bachelor' relationship
'The Bachelor' host: 'Tell All' leaves no question about Rozlyn Papa
Ali Fedotowsky: I could have returned to 'The Bachelor' and kept my job
'Bachelor' bachelorette Gia Allemand: I haven't been dating anyone
Chris Harrison: Ali Fedotowsky would be "fantastic" 'Bachelorette' star
Ali Fedotowsky would be "so flattered" to be next 'The Bachelorette' star
'The Bachelor' star Jake Pavelka: I'll always love Ali Fedotowsky
Rozlyn Papa: I fired back at Chris Harrison at 'The Bachelor' taping
The Bachelor' star Jake Pavelka cuts Gia Allemand, selects Final 2
Alleged boyfriend: 'The Bachelor' bachelorette Gia Allemand not single
Chris Harrison: 'The Bachelor' finale will "shock," "disappoint" viewers
Employer confirms 'Bachelor' bachelorette Ali Fedotowsky still has job
VIDEO: Watch a preview of Ali Fedotowsky's 'The Bachelor' return
New fiancee denies 'Bachelor' Tenley Molzahn's ex-husband cheated
'The Bachelor' host: Jake Pavelka and Ali Fedotowsky are "not over"
'The Bachelor' star Jake Pavelka: I didn't think Ali would actually leave
Ali Fedotowsky decides to quit 'The Bachelor' and leave Jake Pavelka
'Bachelor' bachelorette Corrie Adamson "knew" Jake was cutting her
Corrie Adamson: No one left is a good fit for 'Bachelor' Jake Pavelka
'The Bachelor' host Chris Harrison: Vienna Girardi "is a sweet girl"
Ex in-law: 'Bachelor's Vienna Girardi blew hubby's savings on boob job
'The Bachelor' host: Ali Fedotowsky has to "forget about" Vienna Girardi
'The Bachelor' star Jake Pavelka cuts bachelorette Corrie Adamson
'The Bachelor' bachelorette Ella Nolan: I actually liked Vienna Girardi
'The Bachelor' star Jake Pavelka: I wanted to maximize my time
Chris Harrison: 'The Bachelor' star Jake Pavelka isn't messing around
'The Bachelor' star Jake Pavelka eliminates four more bachelorettes
'The Bachelor' star Jake Pavelka: Finale will probably puzzle viewers
Michelle Kujawa: I understand 'The Bachelor' Jake Pavelka's decision
'The Bachelor' star Jake Pavelka: "Horrible," "awful" incident coming
Tenley Molzahn's 'The Bachelor' pregnancy comment "cut for time"
'The Bachelor' star Jake Pavelka eliminates three more bachelorettes
Ex-'The Bachelor' bachelorette: "ABC will do anything to create drama"
'The Bachelor' host Chris Harrison regrets going easy on Rozlyn Papa
Ashley Elmore wasn't confident prior to 'The Bachelor' elimination
Ashley Elmore: Rozlyn Papa 'The Bachelor' relationship was romantic
Report: Girlfriend dumps 'The Bachelor' producer over alleged scandal
'The Bachelor' host Chris Harrison: Rozlyn Papa "not telling the truth"
Chris Harrison: Rozlyn Papa, 'Bachelor' staffer continued relationship
Rozlyn Papa: 'Bachelor' producer relationship was "nothing romantic"
ABC orders new 'Bachelor Pad' all-stars spinoff of 'The Bachelor'
'The Bachelor' eliminates Rozlyn Papa for "inappropriate" relationship
'Bachelor' bachelorette denies producer relationship was sexual
'The Bachelor' star Jake Pavelka eliminates his first 10 bachelorettes
Chris Harrison: 'Bachelor' bachelorette had on-set affair with producer
Chris Harrison: Jake Pavelka was a "sincere" 'The Bachelor' star
Jake Pavelka: Jillian and Ed the "deciding factor" in 'Bachelor' decision
'The Bachelor' star Jake Pavelka: I didn't promise a ring at the end
ABC reveals 'The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love' bachelorettes
Jillian Harris, Ed Swiderski to aid Jake Pavelka on 'Bachelor' premiere
ABC to debut Jake Pavelka's 'The Bachelor' on January 4, air in HDTV
Ex-'Bachelorette' suitor Wes Hayden: ABC reality series is "full of s--t"
ABC formally announces Jake Pavelka as next 'The Bachelor' star
Alleged bachelorette: Jake Pavelka to serve as next 'The Bachelor' star
Harrison: 'Dancing with the Stars' to reveal next 'Bachelor' star Oct. 13
Report: 'The Bachelor' producers planning all-star edition of the show
Chris Harrison: We are "very close" to picking next 'The Bachelor' star
ABC to premiere 'The Bachelor's fourteenth season in midseason
ABC gives 'The Bachelor' early renewal for 2009-2010 season

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