Two hours somehow apparently wasn't enough time for Monday night's The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love broadcast to include a brief scene ABC had spent the previous week promoting.

Although it had been heavily teased in the network's promotional commercials, an exchange in which bachelorette Tenley Molzahn was shown telling The Bachelor star Jake Pavelka she was pregnant was omitted -- along with any explanation of the promoted comment -- from Monday night's episode due to time constraints.

"It was cut for time," a show spokesperson told Reality TV World about the absence of the comment, which Molzahn had jokingly used as an icebreaker while on a group date with Pavelka.

ABC subsequently released a copy of the deleted scene online (watch it below) on Tuesday.

"There's something I have to tell you.  I didn't know this before, but I just found out I'm pregnant," Molzahn told Pavelka, leaving him speechless.

"I'm just kidding!  I'm so sorry," she added quickly.

"It's like, I don't think I... geez," Pavelka replied as the pair laughed and hugged.

"I was kidding!  I'm so sorry!" Molzahn repeated.

"My mind was racing.  I'm like 'Okay, am I going to be okay with this or not or how am I going to handle that,'" Pavelka said.

ABC's commercials had promoted a highly edited version of the exchange.

"Just when this bachelor thought he couldn't take any more drama!" an ABC announcer proclaimed in voiceover that proceeded a clip in which Molzahn told Pavelka "I'm pregnant" and then appeared to sob.

The failure to feature any mention or explanation of the quote in Monday night's broadcast had left many The Bachelor viewers confused and frustrated and marked the third consecutive week the show's broadcasts have failed to include previously promoted material.
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Two weeks ago, The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love's season premiere failed to include any mention of the "special announcement" ABC had previously announced The Bachelorette lovebirds Jillian Harris and Ed Swiderski would share during the broadcast.  The network subsequently confirmed the announcement was a wedding date the couple had later decided not to announce publicly.

Although the network's commercials had hyped it heavily for weeks, last week's second episode broadcast had also failed to include a sound bite in which an unidentified The Bachelor bachelorette had called  ousted bachelorette's Rozlyn Papa's alleged "inappropriate relationship" a "sexual affair," which Papa has repeatedly denied.