Vienna Girardi reportedly dated an alleged big drug trafficker right before winning Jake Pavelka's heart.

Girardi allegedly dated Chase Alley -- who was arrested last month and charged with 50 counts of buying, selling and possessing marijuana, money laundering, drug trafficking and importing, and racketeering -- right up until she left for filming The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love last fall, RadarOnline reported Monday.

Girardi was also allegedly still in contact with Alley after filming the show and getting engaged to Pavelka, according to RadarOnline, which added Alley faces 20 years in prison if convicted.

While Girardi was apparently dating Alley the entire time he was running his alleged drug ring, his friend Andrew Bachanov told RadarOnline that, "he never told his girls about the drugs."

"She made all the moves," Bachanov told RadarOnline about Girardi and Alley's relationship after the two apparently met in the University of Central Florida campus.

"She would cook for him. She did all the wifey things for him."

In addition, Bachanov alleges that Girardi cooked dinner for him, Alley and a few other friends the night before she left Florida for Los Angeles to film The Bachelor.

"[Girardi] walked around like a celebrity before becoming one," Bachanov told RadarOnline. She had an expensive bag she carried her dog around with."

In addition, Bachanov said Alley dated Girardi because friends knew she was going to be on The Bachelor and "was going to be famous."

Alley was one of 41 people arrested on March 5 in connection with the drug ring, according to RadarOnline, which obtained the legal documents following a six-month investigation by authorities.

He is currently being held in Seminole County Jail on $500,000 bond, RadarOnline reported.