While many of Jake Pavelka's The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love bachelorettes had problems with Vienna Girardi, recently-ousted Ella Nolan claims she wasn't one of them.

"I liked her myself," Nolan told Reality TV World during a Thursday conference call.

"All the women there are so different and they come from all different backgrounds and walks of life. To put 15 women in a house, there to meet one man and fall in love with one man, you're going to have women who see it as a competition, you're going to have women that don't get along with each other. Vienna, she's one of the woman that she thinks a certain way or she feels a certain way -- she comes out and says it. I think it kind of rubbed some of the women the wrong way."

In addition, Nolan said she understands how Pavelka might like Girardi.

"What he sees in Vienna, none of us girls were there on their date when they're alone. She's different when she's with him then she was in the house with us," she explained to reporters.

"So I can see him not just taking the girls' word for it when he's not really seeing it on his own."

Nolan added she "loved" all the other bachelorettes, and she thinks she knows why.

"I didn't see it as a competition so I didn't get catty with the other women," she said. "Honestly, I didn't really see that there was that much drama because I kind of stayed out of it."

The 30-year-old hair stylist and single mother from Lafollette, TN was one of four women ousted by Pavelka during Monday night's The Bachelor broadcast.

Nolan and Kathryn, a 25-year-old corporate flight attendant from Lexington, KY, were booted during a two-on-one date -- with Nolan being sent home first, causing her to believe Kathryn had survived the date.

"The night that I left I was sure that he was going to give Kathryn the rose because she was left sitting there. So when I saw that he let her go also, that was a pretty big shock to me," she explained.

"But then I didn't think that they had enough time to kind of develop a bond either. So it was kind of a shock to me for him to choose her over me at first."

Nolan told Reality TV World that she had no idea Kathryn had also failed to receive the date's rose until she watched the episode.
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"I think that a woman always -- she knows, deep down, whether there's a connection that's strong enough or not," she told reporters.  "There was times when I thought that our connection was very strong, and there were times that I didn't. So I wasn't really shocked when he asked me to outside, I knew that it would be the time that I was leaving."

"I was shocked that I was going home at that time and that we didn't have another date to see how we interacted on our own by ourselves and develop a romantic relationship. So I was a little bit disappointed that we didn't have more time to develop the romantic side."

In addition, Nolan told reporters she was surprised to discover that Pavelka also sent Ashleigh Hunt and Jessie Sulidis packing during the subsequent Rose Ceremony.

"Watching it and seeing him let Jessie and Ashleigh go, I kind of expected Jessie because talking with her I didn't think they really had a chance to make a bond either," said Nolan.

"But I thought he had a great connection with Ashleigh, so to see her go that early over [Corrie Adamson] -- I love Corrie to death -- but I didn't think they had a connection that I had saw. So that was a big shock to me."

Nolan added that she thinks that lack of a connection will hurt Adamson and she'll be the next bachelorette to go -- leaving Girardi, Gia Allemand, Tenley Molzahn and Ali Fedotowsky to take Pavelka to their respective hometowns.

"I don't think that Corrie will be getting a hometown date," said Nolan. "I don't think that they've spent enough time together for her to make it to that point. I think that it's going to be Ali, Tenley, Gia and Vienna."

Nolan added that she thinks Allemand, Molzahn and Fedotowsky are the best matches for Pavelka.

"I could see him with either of those women and it going somewhere," she explained. "As far as being able to grow old with one of them, I think that his best bet would probably be with Tenley."

Nolan had previously had the opportunity to spend some alone time with Pavelka during a one-on-one date to SeaWorld, on which they were also joined by her son Ethan.

"I think that bringing my son out on our first one-on-one date -- as great as that was for me to see him with my son -- it was also kind of a double-edged sword. We'd didn't get to build a romantic connection," explained Nolan.

While she added that Pavelka was "fantastic" with Ethan and that the two "really bonded," she said it was a bit upsetting that her son met The Bachelor star and now nothing will come of it.

"I'm glad that he had the experience and I'm glad that he got to meet Jake because Jake is a fantastic guy," she said. "The hard part was after leaving the show, coming back, and my son thinking that I was just coming in to spend some time with him and then going back out to the show."

Nolan said it was "difficult" for Ethan because to him it "wasn't a TV show" -- a fact that was driven home after her ouster.

"He asked me when I was flying back out and when I told him I wasn't then he asked me if the show was over and I said, 'No,'" explained Nolan about when he returned home.

"He asked me when he was going to be able to see Jake again and I told him that I really didn't think he was going to. So that's when he was a little bit let down. He was disappointed because he liked him."

Still, Nolan said she has no regrets about appearing on The Bachelor.

"I have no regrets whatsoever about doing the show or anything that I did or anything that I said," she said.

"It was hard to be out there -- especially around my birthday -- and having to call my son and have him wish me a happy birthday over the phone. But if I did not think Jake was worth it I would have never put myself in that situation."

Overall, Nolan called The Bachelor one of the "greatest experiences" of her life.

"I would absolutely do it again," she added. "The women that I met were incredible, Jake was incredible, the staff -- everyone that I came in contact with was just fabulous."

Since she was booted before them, Nolan didn't have to think about how she would have handled the Fantasy Suite date with Pavelka, something that she "thought about many times" due to her beliefs.

"I would have accepted the overnight date on the condition that I would have made it very clear: 'This is not a time for us to be intimate with each other because that needs to be after you've made your final decision. This is a time for us to spend time together with no cameras, no mics, and just be real,'" she explained.

"I think that is very important to accept the card because that's when it becomes real, and that's how it's going to be after the show ends."

Nolan was also asked her thoughts on Rozlyn Papa, who was dismissed from the show due to an alleged "inappropriate relationship" with producer Ryan Callahan.

"First of all, I have to say that I really think that Rozlyn is a good person," she told Reality TV World, adding the two had discussed how they were both mothers.

"I really did not see a lot with her and the producer. I saw them being very friendly with each other. I didn't see anything out of the ordinary. So I have to say no, I wasn't one of the ones who went to the producers."

Due to all the media attention surrounding Papa, Nolan added she's not envious of her.

"She's dealing with a lot right now and I would not want to be in her shoes," she told Reality TV World.

As far as starring in The Bachelorette's next installment. Nolan noted that new American Idol judge Ellen DeGeneres told her she thinks she should do it during her recent appearance on DeGeneres' daytime talk show -- however Nolan has mixed feelings.

"It got me thinking would I do it or would I not. I would have to talk with producers and work everything out because I do have a son -- he comes first in my life. I would have to make sure that he was included with me, not as in meeting the men until it got down to the last two," she told reporters.

"It would be something that I would consider and that I'd really have to think about and pray about to make a final decision."