Gia Allemand's mother Donna Micheletti feels the former The Bachelor and Bachelor Pad contestant's father is responsible for their daughter's suicide.

"She asked me, 'Please tell my story' 10 minutes before she did it. 'Tell my story, Mommy,'" Micheletti told Dr. Phil star Phil McGraw during a Tuesday appearance on the daytime talk show.

"What did she [tell you] about him?" Dr. Phil asked.

"He told her she was 'the idiot, she was 'too stupid,' that 'you're no daughter of mine,' and 'don't call me for Father's Day. Lose my number.' That was the beginning of her end," Micheletti explained.

"So you think she felt abandoned by him?" Dr. Phil asked.

"Yeah," Micheletti replied.

"Was that, in your opinion, the first link in this chain?" Dr. Phil questioned.

"I think it just ate her up," Micheletti said.

"Have you talked to her father since this happened?" Dr. Phil asked.

"I told him I blamed him," Micheletti admitted. "I told him, 'It's your fault. You're the reason.'"

"I read what [Gia's father] had said in an interview: 'I wish I could take it back, it's too late. If she were still here, I would tell her I'm sorry, I love her, and she will always be my rainbow,'" Dr Phil. read aloud.

"If you want to apologize, fine, apologize. If it's going to make you feel better, good for you. Because bottom line, it's not making me feel better, your apology. You took my baby," Micheletti explained.

Micheletti said Allemand had "insecurities inside herself" that surfaced in her relationships with men -- most recently when dating boyfriend Ryan Anderson.
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"I used to tell her that, 'They're not your father. They do love you. You're just not seeing it,'" Micheletti said. "There was a last conversation that she had, and I think [her downfall] started right after Mother's Day. She said she had a falling out with her father, really badly. And I think she was devastated."

Allemand's pain from her father's betrayal apparently manifested itself in how she treated Anderson. 

"She was picking on her boyfriend, and she'll look at anything at that point to fight [about]. Because now she's insecure with that, so she's going to think they're going to do it to her too," Micheletti said.

"I read that she had a big blowup with Ryan," Dr. Phil began.

"Yes, she did that day [of her suicide]. Yes, they did," Micheletti confirmed.

"Was this characteristic of what she would do at times?" Dr. Phil questioned.

"Oh yes, definitely. She's done it a few times. But she's never done this! Ugh," Micheletti said in disbelief.

"So, she's in a relationship with someone that she loves and loves her," Dr. Phil said.

"They were going to get engaged," Micheletti noted.

"So what happened in this relationship is that she would get insecure about him?" Dr. Phil probed.

"Yeah, she would think that he didn't love her. And he just loved her," Micheletti said.

"Let's talk about her relationship with Ryan. You said it was very positive. They loved each other, an engagement was on the horizon. And then she goes into this dark phase. Did she tell you that Ryan said he didn't love her?" Dr. Phil asked.

"No, she didn't say that. She just said, 'I'm just so tired of being hurt. I can't do this anymore.' She just said, 'I'm tired, Mommy.' And after the fact, I realized she was saying goodbye to me and that's the hardest phone call I've ever had in my entire life," Micheletti explained in tears.

"I was trying to tell her, 'I love you too hunny, you've been my whole sunshine. You're my little princess. We can do it together. We can make it.' I really didn't think she would've did that and she did it while I was talking to her and I didn't know."

Micheletti also said in the past, Allemand would express suicidal thoughts but it was just a cry for attention. Allemand told her mom she wouldn't actually follow through with killing herself, but Micheletti still overreacted and took her to the hospital during those instances. Allemand would insist she was fine despite her alarming thoughts.

Official documents obtained by TMZ state Anderson found the former The Bachelor and Bachelor Pad contestant on August 12 unconscious, sitting on the steps of a spiral staircase in his home with a vacuum cleaner cord "wrapped around her neck many times."

When Anderson found Allemand, she had reportedly been without oxygen for at least 30 minutes by that point and left a suicide note in which she stated Micheletti would receive all of her property. Anderson then immediately contacted 911 and Allemand was taken to University Hospital in New Orleans. 

After remaining in critical condition and on life support for two days, Allemand passed away when her life support was withdrawn due to the fact she had "a critical loss of brain and organ function," according to a previous statement released by Allemand's representative.