The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love bachelorette Gia Allemand is allegedly already in another relationship despite still being in the on-screen running for The Bachelor star Jake Pavelka's final rose.

"She was on the show and said she broke up with me. Meanwhile, we had dinner at Philippe the other night," Long Island restaurant owner Dominick Pierno told The New York Post in a Monday report.

Pierno told The Post that he and Allemand -- one of the three bachelorettes that haven't been eliminated on The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love's broadcasts yet -- have been dating "on-and-off" for two years.

However, Pierno didn't specify what the status of their relationship was when the show was filmed last fall.

Allemand is rumored to not receive a rose from Pavelka during tonight's penultimate The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love broadcast, leaving Tenley Molzahn and Vienna Girardi -- the woman Pavelka allegedly selected at the season's final Rose Ceremony -- to face-off in the finale, which will air March 1 on ABC.