The drama is apparently just getting started on ABC's The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love.

"That is yet to come.  But it won't be any secret," The Bachelor star Jake Pavelka told Entertainment Tonight about the season's "lowest point" in an interview released Wednesday.

"[It was] horrible.  Awful.  [On] a scale of one to 10 [it was] nearing a 10. My reaction was devastation."

According to Pavelka, the "horrible" incident was much "juicer" than anything viewers have seen on the first three episodes of The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love, which was filmed last fall.

"Yes.  It's juicy now [but] it's going to get a lot juicer," Pavelka told ET

"You haven't seen anything yet," he said about the season's initial drama, which has included The Bachelor's producers dismissing Rozlyn Papa for an "inappropriate relationship" with fired producer Ryan Callahan and Pavelka's own decision to eliminate Michelle Kujawa early.

"It was early.  There wasn't a whole lot of emotion there," Pavelka told ET about Papa.  "I liked her, I was falling for her, she was beautiful.  Thank goodness it happened in Episode 2.

Pavelka also told ET that he didn't get too intimate during his fantasy suite overnight dates.

"I have nothing to apologize for," he said. "The greatest thing about the fantasy suites is you don't have to go in there and make babies. It is a great opportunity to go in there and spend more time with a girl you are falling in love with."

In addition, he also defended Vienna, who has openly clashed with most of the show's other bachelorettes.

"There is a level of honesty that comes from her that is turning the girls off," Pavelka told ET.

"It is like on our bungee jumping date, it went really well. She goes back and starts talking about it, saying, 'You really get to see who Jake is,' but the other girls don't want to hear that. She is naturally trying to talk about something wonderful that happened in her life. Bless her heart, it gets her in trouble."