The Bachelor star Jake Pavelka is going from showing off his moves on the dance floor to showing them off in the sky.

The commercial pilot and former tenth-season Dancing with the Stars contestant will be taking his flying expertise to a higher level when he becomes a stunt pilot later this year, People reported Friday.

"I'm going to get involved in air shows," Pavelka told People. "As a civilian, you can't fly in an F-16 but you can fly in a civilian fighter trainer that still goes 600 miles per hour, so I think I'm going to be flying a jet like that in several air shows this year."

In addition, Pavelka also played a pilot during a guest appearance on Friday's broadcast of CBS' Bold and the Beautiful soap opera. 

"What's ironic about the whole thing is that it's harder to play a pilot than to be a pilot!" he told People.

Pavelka was reportedly offered the role because Bold and the Beautiful producer Brad Bell shares the same interest.

"He's a pilot himself and we had a whole lot in common," Pavelka explained. "And I said, 'Absolutely!' It's fun having a part like that. And the cast members were all incredible. I got to meet most of them. But my part was with Katherine Kelly Lang and she was a doll."

The former Bachelor -- who starred in The Bachelor's fourteenth season last year after originally appearing on The Bachelorette's fifth season -- is currently dating Meghan Jones, a Dallas wedding planner he began dating last fall following his June split from former The Bachelor fiancee Vienna Girardi.

"We have taken some Latin lessons and she's getting pretty good and can beat me up on the dance floor," Pavelka admitted. "I got crazed about Latin during Dancing with the Stars. Chelsie and I, we did the samba and the cha cha, so I got bit by the Latin bug."

Pavelka also told People that there is no truth to recent rumors that he may be taking part in The Bachelor again.

"I read that story that I was begging to be the Bachelor and that was news to me," Pavelka said.