Jake Pavelka's ex-girlfriend claims "financial problems" and a desire "to be on TV" were his main motives for appearing as The Bachelor's star.

"He told me, 'I know a way I can get out of this financial burden -- I could be the Bachelor," ex-girlfriend Tanya Douglas told Life & Style Weekly in an interview released Wednesday, also claiming he wanted her to be cast as one of his bachelorettes.

"'Maybe I can persuade the producers to let you be on the show and be one of the 25 contestants, and then it's rigged for me the whole time, and in the end we can still be together and have the money.'"

In addition, Douglas alleged that Pavelka told her he would be paid $500,000 to star in the ABC reality dating series.

Douglas also reiterated previous allegations that Pavelka professed his love to her over the phone almost immediately after he got engaged to Vienna Girardi during the filming for The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love's finale last fall.

"It wasn't his normal cell phone number," she explained to Life & Style. "I later found out it was a prepaid cell phone that I believe ABC knew nothing about."

Pavelka also allegedly told Douglas to be leery of the media, according to text messages she claims he sent her that read, "Tanya, the media is not our friend. You ought to protect yourself by telling everyone, 'No comment.'"

Pavelka has previously denied Douglas' allegations the he tried to reunite with her and can currently be seen as a Dancing with the Stars' tenth-season celebrity participant.