Rozlyn Papa was eliminated from The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love during last night's broadcast after allegedly engaging in what the show termed an "inappropriate relationship" with one of the reality dating series' producers during filming.

The 28-year-old model/makeup artist from Richmond, VA was eliminated from the competition despite previously receiving a rose from Jake Pavelka during a group date, which would have ensured her safety at the subsequent Rose Ceremony.

Rozlyn has since denied the relationship was "sexual."

In addition to Rozlyn, Christina McCasland, a 25-year-old restaurant manager from San Diego, CA, and Ashley Elmore, a 29-year-old teacher from Pittsburgh, PA, failed to receive a rose from Jake at the Rose Ceremony and were also eliminated.

"I'm disappointed because Jake is someone that I definitely could see myself marrying," opined Christina.

"I definitely came here to find love. It's hard knowing that I came here for the right reason, and there are girls and there that are not. I know that for a fact."

The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love's second episode began with host Chris Harrison explaining to the 15 remaining bachelorettes that each week, they'd be going on dates with Jake -- some of which would be group dates, while others would be one-on-one dates.

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On each date, there would be a rose up for grabs and if a girl receives a rose she would be safe at the next Rose Ceremony. However if a girl failed to receive a rose on a one-on-one date, she would be asked to leave immediately. In addition, Chris said not every bachelorette would have a chance to go on a date with Jake each week.

Christina, Rozlyn, Gia, a 26-year-old swimsuit model from New York, NY; Valishia, a 32-year-old homemaker from Carlsbad, CA, Corrie, a 23-year-old wardrobe consultant from Kissimmee, FL, and Ashleigh, a 25-year-old account manager from North Potomac, MD, then learned they'd be accompanying Jake on the first group date.

The six women met Jake, who took them to a photo shoot for InStyle magazine. While some of the girls shined during the shoot -- including professional models Gia and Rozlyn -- Christina was nervous and intimidated. Jake sensed her uneasiness and tried to calm her fears by dancing with her during the shoot.

"I am thrilled that Jake is the man I dreamed of in my head," she said. "When he looks at you and he smiles, honestly the world fades and you feel safe and secure. He's an amazing man. I'm so excited to get to know him even more. I just hope so much that he's feeling the same way."

The group then went to the Santa Monica Hotel Shangri-La pool so Jake could spend some one-on-one time with each of the girls. While he was spending time with Gia, Ashleigh interrupted wearing nothing but a bikini for a dip in the pool. The plan worked well as the two spent some alone time in the water, however all of the other bachelorettes on the date eventually joined them.
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Christina was still intimidated because she felt she lacked the "sex appeal" of the other women, and she compensated with her uneasiness by drinking a bit too much.

"Christina is sure having a lot of fun tonight," said Jake. "She's really entertaining, but I wish she hadn't had quite as much to drink."

Rozlyn had her eye on the date's rose and stole Jake for some alone time. After some brief conversation, the two kept each other warm in a towel and ended up kissing.

"It was just perfect," she said. "I think it would take maybe another date to put it all out there. So now it's just going to get better."

Jake said in a confessional that he's unsure if he'd ever dated a girl like Rozlyn because she's "mysterious."

"She's definitely out of my comfort zone," he added. "I'm really intrigued and I want to get to know her more."

He then retrieved the rose and gave it to Rozlyn.

"Now that I know I'm not going home, my strategy is just to be myself," she said in a confessional.

"I'm not usually competitive with this kind of thing, but I'm not usually in a situation where I'm having to beat off other women. I'm pretty competitive. I don't like to lose. We're all after the same guy, and that's just a cat fight waiting to happen."

The next morning Ali, a 25-year-old advertising account manager from Williamstown, MA, learned that she'd be accompanying Jake on the season's first one-on-one date. He picked her up on a motorcycle and took her to an airport to personally fly her to Palm Springs for a romantic evening.

Despite her fear of flying, Ali enjoyed the flight. The two then had dinner in Palm Springs and Jake presented Ali with the date's rose before they kissed.

"This is my idea of not only a perfect first date, but a perfect beginning," said Ali in a confessional.

The evening ended with Jake and Ali receiving a private concert from rock band Chicago.

During Ali's date, the girls at the house learned that Ashley, Elizabeth, a 29-year-old nanny from Imperial, NE, Jessie, a 25-year-old cosmetic sales manager from Oakville, Ontario, Kathryn, a 25-year-old corporate flight attendant from Lexington, KY, and Vienna, a 23-year-old marketing representative from Sanford, FL, would be accompanying Jake on the final group date before the Rose Ceremony.

The news meant Ella, a 30-year-old hair stylist from Lafollette, TN, Michelle, a 26-year-old office manager from Anaheim, CA, and Tenley, a 25-year-old college admissions representative from Newberg, OR who received the initial first-impression rose, would not receive a date before the ceremony.

"I am that woman, that one woman that he's been looking for," said Michelle. "I'm not ordinary like the other women. I have so much love to give and I'm just that nice girl that everybody hates. Jake showed me that he doesn't want to be with me, so tough for him."

The next day Jake took the five women to Six Flags Magic Mountain, and they had the amusement park all to themselves. Elizabeth stole him for some alone time and revealed that she wouldn't kiss him unless he proposes.

"I'm an old-fashioned guy. I understand Elizabeth's letter and I respect her values, and if she doesn't want me to kiss her until she's the last girl, that's kind of sweet," said Jake. "I can do that."

Vienna said she saw Elizabeth as her "biggest competition" and that night she took him for some one-on-one time, where she revealed that she had previously been married as a teenager."

"I ended up calling the marriage off," she said, adding the guy subsequently got married a month later. "It was really hard losing him, so I at 18 ran off and eloped with a guy that I didn't even know. Four months later we were signing divorce papers, but it made me grow up."

Ashley interrupted with a drink for Jake, and Vienna wasn't too happy. Ashley was hoping to get a kiss from him, however it didn't happen.

"I kind of gave Jake that look like, 'You could kiss me if you wanted to.' I got a long hug and a kiss on the cheek," she said. "That does make me a little bit nervous, because I'm like, 'Maybe he didn't want to kiss me?'"

Jake then ended the night by giving the date's rose to Elizabeth and enjoying a private fireworks display with her.

The next night, the cocktail party preceding the Rose Ceremony commenced so each of the bachelorettes would have one last chance to spend some time with Jake.

"There seem to be quite a few girls who are nervous about going home, but for me I feel great about tonight," boasted Rozlyn. "Obviously, I don't have to worry about whether I'm going to stay here or not because I have a rose."

As Jake mingled with the ladies, Chris asked Rozlyn if she would join him outside.

"This is something we've never had to deal with in the history of this show," said Chris.

"What's that?" asked Rozlyn.

"I am very sorry that we have to have this conversation. It's very awkward. I'm guessing you have some idea why I pulled you aside," he continued. "Rozlyn, you entered into an inappropriate relationship with one of our staffers. That staffer is no longer working with us. Okay?"

"Okay," she responded.

"Because of what happened, we feel it is now impossible to then now form a meaningful relationship with Jake, out of respect for everybody here -- the girls, Jake, yourself," said Chris.

"So you think there's not other girls here that felt for other people before they came on the show?" she asked.

"No, not at all," he replied. "There wasn't a relationship that you had back home. There wasn't a boyfriend that you broke up with and then came on the show to start anew. It's something that just happened on our show with someone who works on the show."

"I don't think my personal life is really anybody's business," she answered.

"This is something that we take incredibly serious," said Chris. "We feel that there was a line that was crossed with our staffer."

"I'm not going to say anything," replied Rozlyn. "That puts me in a bad position."

"We're not saying it's wrong, it's something that happened. Now it's something that unfortunately has to be dealt with," said Chris.

"The bottom line is this: We feel because of what's happened it's impossible for you to continue on the show. Does that make sense? Because that's important too."

"It makes sense," answered Rozlyn, nodding yes. "I respect that."

"We feel that you need to leave tonight," he continued. "I know you received a rose. So obviously you're not packed. So go pack your stuff, and then there's a van waiting for you."

"I don't think it was anything that was deceitful, I think it just..." said Rozlyn.

"Happened?" interjected Chris.

"I guess so, yeah," she said.

Rozlyn then went back into the house and approached some of the other bachelorettes.

"I'm leaving," she said, much to their surprise.

"Something really big must have happened for Rozlyn to all of a sudden be leaving and walking out in the middle of a cocktail party," said Tenley.

Chris then interrupted Jake and Christina prior to the Rose Ceremony to explain the situation concerning Rozlyn.

"There's something that's happened that I feel is so serious that you need to know," said Chris. "And it has to do with Rozlyn."

"Don't tell me she's gone," said Jake.

"She entered into an inappropriate relationship with one of our staffers," continued Chris.

"You're kidding me!" said Jake.

"No, I'm not," replied Chris. "The staffer is no longer working with us, and it's something we felt there was no other decision to make that would be right by the girls, by you, by us that she be sent home."

"I don't really know what to say," replied Jake. "I'm just really disappointed."

"Look, I know you are dead serious about coming back here and finding your wife," said Chris. "You've said as much, that she's in that room. So I know you're dead serious about this."

"Can I get my rose back?" asked Jake.

"Yeah," replied Chris. "She didn't need to take room that one of these fine women deserves. The other thing, the girls don't know. So I'm going to tell them what's going on."

"I'd like to stand there with you when you tell the girls," said Jake. "I want them to know that I am here for the right reason and I am giving each and every girl my full intention and everything that I am and everything that I can be in order to get to that one girl."

In a confessional, Jake said he wasn't really ready for a "big bomb" like that to be dropped.

"I'm hurt, I'm disappointed because I thought she could be the one. So I feel like maybe I've just been taken for fool because I didn't see this coming with her," he said.

"I came here with my heart open and vulnerable to finding love and I didn't expect to be lied to and deceived by a woman who claimed to be here for the right reasons. It's disappointing."

With her bags packed, Rozlyn then left the house -- much to the surprise of the other bachelorettes.

"All of a sudden we see Rozlyn -- no longer in her cocktail dress -- and she's with her suitcases and she's getting escorted out of the house," said Gia. "Everyone kind off was just like in shock, like, 'What could possibly be going on right now that she's leaving?'"

Chris and Jake then entered the house and explained the situation to the ladies.

"Obviously you all know there's something going on tonight. We've all been dealing with something this evening that we've never had to deal with on this show -- ever," said Chris.

"Rozlyn entered into an inappropriate relationship with one of our staffers. But, you should know that we are extremely serious concerning what this show is truly about. Certain lines cannot be crossed, and unfortunately they were. Obviously it's something we are embarrassed about, but we've handled it and he's no longer working on the show. And because of what has happened, we sent Rozlyn home. It was impossible for her to continue out of respect for you and Jake."

Jake said he felt "kind of deceived."

"I'm not mad about it, I'm just really, really disappointed," he said. "She looked in my eyes and she told me that she was here for me. I guess before we continue, if there's anybody else here that's not sure, pull me aside right now and let's talk about it. If anybody here feels I'm not the right one for them, it's okay."

Chris then revealed that -- despite Rozlyn's ouster -- there would still be a Rose Ceremony. He then gave the bachelorettes some time to think about what just happened.

"I'm just really upset that she would be that deceitful to somebody who I'm growing this attached to and have these feelings for," said Vienna. "We're supposed to be here trying to find love and she's out messing around with a guy that's on the production crew?"

The girls discussed how they were concerned about Jake possibly putting up a wall now.

"Her behavior, it's just ridiculous," said Ashley. "It scares me that someone can lie this much, that is saying to us all these things about how wonderful Jake is -- yet three hours prior is getting it on with somebody else."

The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love's second Rose Ceremony then commenced.

"Finding out that Rozlyn had an affair with a staff member really makes me question the intent of these women that are here," said Jake in a confessional. "I just hope that giving Rozlyn a rose was the only bad decision I've made so far. At this point, I cannot afford another bad decision."

In addition to Ali and Elizabeth, Jake gave a rose to Vienna, Gia, Tenley, Ella, Valishia, Corrie, Jessie, Ashleigh, Michelle and Kathryn.

"I'm not sure exactly what went wrong," opined Ashley.

"Everything that happened with Rozlyn I think really scared Jake and showed him a lot. I don't know if he was concerned that I wasn't being genuine. I'm not sure. But something definitely turned him off It's ridiculous that Rozlyn is being so deceitful and classless, and it hurt me to see him upset. Though it sucks that I'm going home and didn't find my Prince Charming, I don't want to see him hurt again."

The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love's next episode will air Monday, January 18 at 8PM ET/PT on ABC.
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