Former The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love bachelorette Rozlyn Papa directly denied new accusations that she engaged in an inappropriate relationship with fired show producer Ryan Callahan from both host Chris Harrison and her fellow rejected bachelorettes during last night's broadcast of The Bachelor: The Women Tell All reunion special.

"Chris, the truth of the story is several of us witnessed so many things throughout the house that were just inappropriate, in our face -- the cuddling and the kissing on the forehead," Ashleigh Hunt told Harrison before Papa joined the reunion show and got an opportunty to deny the accusations.

"They weren't hiding anything and if they were trying to they were really bad at it," Hunt continued.  "Several of us, including myself, [eventually] went to some of the producers and expressed our concerns because we were just uncomfortable and then we knew nothing else until [before] the Rose Ceremony when you came in and told us she had left."

"I don't know if something sexual went on but something definitely went on because as her roommate I got to see where she was and where she wasn't and she she was not in that bedroom at night," Gia Allemand also told Harrison.

However Papa completely denied the allegations once she joined the reunion show.

"No, absolutely not," Papa told Harrison when he repeatedly asked whether she and Callahan had engaged in "anything physical" before she was removed from The Bachelor prior to the season's second Rose Ceremony.

In addition, Papa also insisted that "nothing inappropriate" happened when Callahan first interviewed her in her Richmond, VA hometown or when she was staying at a Los Angeles, CA hotel before The Bachelor's production began last fall.

"According to you... it was more of just a friendship?" Harrison asked.

"Absolutely," Papa replied.

Papa said that she believed Harrison had been referring to her use of Callahan's personal phone when he had originally told her she was being removed from the show due to an "inappropriate relationship."

"I thought you were talking about the stuff with [my son].  [Callahan] gave me his phone to use.  When you guys wouldn't let me talk to my son because there was no camera crew available -- that was your reason, 'We don't have anybody to capture it, we don't have any camera crew available.  Sorry we can't let you call your son,'" Papa told Harrison.

However Harrison challenged Papa's claims and alleged "the truth" was that The Bachelor's producers allowed both Papa and the other bachelorettes who were mothers to call their children.

"On the show, I got to call him about every day," bachelorette Ella Nolan told Harrison when he asked her to describe her own access to her child. 
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"Did your husband sign a release so that your kid could be on TV?" Papa asked Nolan, whose son participated in her one-on-one date with The Bachelor star Jake Pavelka during the season's third episode.

"Yeah," Papa said after Nolan nodded.

"But that had no bearing on phone calls," Harrison interjected.

"No.  I mean there was no issue, I would ask to call me son and they would let me call him," Nolan said.

Valishia Savage, another bachelorette who was eliminated on the season's third episode, also challenged Papa's claim.

"I talked to my kids probably every other day," she told Papa.  "I think the calling your son issue and this issue are completely separate."

However Papa continued to deny Harrison's questions about whether she'd ever had a physical relationship with Callahan at any point in The Bachelor's production.

"Chris, it all makes perfect sense. I'm sorry that you're having such a hard time with this," she added.

"Well it's difficult... isn't the simplest story the truth?" Harrison said.  "When I look at what's happened, and one day it's about your son, the other day it's just a fabricated story, and now I'm not even sure what it's about."

"What are you confused about?" Papa shouted.

"I'm confused that the only thing this has to do with was your inappropriate, physical relationship with our producer," Harrison replied.

"What was this physical relationship? I'd like to know all about it, please," Papa said.  "You have never been clear about it."

Harrison then asked several of the bachelorettes who were attending the reunion to repeat the allegations they had already mentioned earlier in The Women Tell All broadcast before Papa appeared on stage.

"We all saw you guys cuddling 24/7," Christina McCasland told Papa.  "I have never touched one of my male friend's thighs.  Like you don't do that."

"When did I touch somebody's thigh?" Papa asked.  "You guys are being silly, come on."

"[It was] so much that it made us uncomfortable and we left the room," McCasland added.

Jessie Sulidis then repeated her earlier claim that, although she had never previously told anyone other than The Bachelor's producers about it, she had told the producers that she had discovered Callahan "lying back on the stairs" with Papa "on top of him" and "making out" the day before Papa was removed from the show.

"You know I've never come out and tried to be the drama queen or [draw] attention to myself," Sulidis told Papa.  "[But] we were all by the pool and I came in and heard something by the stairs and turned the corner and I saw -- at first I didn't know it was you -- and then I saw closer up, and I saw you guys kissing on the stairs."

"You are so..." Papa sighed.

"I swear on my dog's life, that's the most important thing to me," Sulidis said.  "I swear... that's what I saw."

"On my child's life, that never happened," Papa insisted.

Nolan also described an incident in which she claimed Papa had posed seductively and told the other women to tell Callahan she needed to be "put to bed" one night.

"We were all fixing to go to bed and you were on the couch and we said 'Rozlyn, are you going to come to bed?' and you said 'No' and you were kind of on all fours for whatever reason," Nolan said.  "You had your butt up in the air with these little shorts on that looked like underwear and you put your front part down, your front top down, and you said 'If you see [Callahan] send him in because I need to be put to bed.'"

"You are -- this is unreal," Papa shouted back.  "Is this the same girl that was talking about 'fried uterus' on the show?  Come on."

"Do not try to make me look like I'm lying.  Because you are a mother, I would never, ever make you look bad... and when you left that night I was worried about you, I was worried about your son," Nolan shot back.  "I have no reason to be lying."

"I was already asleep!" Papa insisted.

"You were not," Nolan said.

Harrison then asked Papa whether she had slept in her bed while she was living at The Bachelor's bachelorette mansion, which the bachelorettes had previously claimed wasn't always the case.

"There was one night when the girls were on their [group date] that I stayed on the couch.  But I think this was after this producer guy had already been fired, actually," Papa told Harrison.

"No," the bachelorettes immediately said in unison.

"Why are you going to sit there and make it sounds like it was just us girls hanging out," Papa replied.  "I think you guys were all beautiful... I've never said anything bad about you...  I just don't understand why you would do this."

In addition Savage, who had been one of Papa's roommates, also claimed she was unable to find Papa anywhere in the house when she woke up at 4AM one night.

"I got up and I looked for you in the entire house and I didn't find you, Savage said.

"Where else would I have been?" Papa asked.

"I don't know but I looked for you," Savage said.  "I always wanted to think the best but I just don't think I believe you anymore."

"You think I left?" Papa asked.

"I think you were with him," Savage replied.

"It's a huge mansion, I mean there's tons of rooms that we were not allowed in," Nolan interjected.

Papa then asked Harrison how the producers had failed to record any footage of the allegedly obvious relationship.

"Riddle me this Chris, you have cameras all over the place and you somehow miss the biggest scandal of the season?  That's impressive!" said Papa.

"That's been brought up and we've been doing this [show] very successfully for about eight or nine years and we know what we're going to us.  And you know very well, as do these women, that  we don't shoot you 24/7, you don't have microphones on 24/7, there is a lot of downtime," Harrison replied.

"We're not running a Las Vegas casino.  We're not worried about you stealing anything. What we are trying to do is shoot a television show and the producers know -- especially if it's an overnight producer [like Callahan] -- when and where the cameras are gonna be. Is that not true?" Harrison asked Papas.

"I don't know if that's true!  It says in our contracts," Papa said.

"You were there," Harrison interjected.

"Excuse me, if you're going to ask me a question you can calm down and let me answer it!  Okay?" Papa replied, growing heated.

"It says in my contract that you can have recording devices anywhere you want... you don't have to tell me about it, how would I know?" Papa continued, sparking laughs from several of the other bachelorettes.

"I'll bet my job on it, that there aren't hidden cameras," Ali Fedotowsky said.

"No," the other bachelorettes said in unison.

"My point is why would they be like 'Oh we can put cameras anywhere we want' if you're not going to do it?" Papa asked, apparently unfamiliar with the type of standard comprehensive language included in many reality TV participation contracts.

Harrison also noted that Callahan has visited Papa in Richmond since The Bachelor was filmed last fall, however Papa insisted the pair have just remained friends.

"He and his dad actually both came.  They drove through after he was fired.  They kind of had a little man trip," she said.

"You met the parents?" Harrison asked.

"Yeah, I met his dad, he was very nice," Papa said. 

As the interview neared its conclusion, Papa rejected Harrison's claims that there was "a mountain of evidence" and "multiple confessions and multiple sightings" supporting an inappropriate relationship with Callahan.

"Just because you say it doesn't make it so," Papa said.

"I don't say it," Harrison said.

"Oh, that's right.  You just hide behind other people's speculation," Papa shot back.

"You know, it's funny... he said that's news to him, especially when you were hitting on his [now former] wife in New Zealand," Papa added when Harrison said Callahan had been friends with many of the show's staffers.

"I clearly won't dignify that with a response," the married Harrison replied.  "I will tell you that I have no ill will toward you.  I really don't.  I hope truly in my heart that you have learned a life lesson and will become a better person from this.  I do.  I wish you the best."
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