Rozlyn Papa's claims that she didn't have an inappropriate, physical relationship with a The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love producer during the show's filming aren't true, according to The Bachelor host Chris Harrison.

"She's definitely not telling the truth," said Harrison during Tuesday's Entertainment Tonight broadcast.

"Not only was there an inappropriate relationship, but it was a physical relationship between Rozlyn, between our crew member while she was on the show, period.

Monday night's The Bachelor broadcast concluded with the 28-year-old model/makeup artist from Richmond, VA being eliminated from the competition due to the allegations after being confronted by Harrison about the alleged "inappropriate relationship" during the episode.

Papa watched Monday night's episode with Entertainment Tonight correspondent Kevin Frazier and said the broadcast didn't accurately depict what actually happened during her conversation with Harrison -- specifically when Harrison was shown asking whether she knew why he was pulling her aside.

"I said no at this point," Papa told Frazier during Tuesday's Entertainment Tonight broadcast.

"This is so edited. I would be very interested for them to release what actually happened there and what Chris Harrison actually says to me.

Overall, Papa described her conversation with Harrison as "uneventful and vague."

"I think that there's a very clear reason for it," she added before reiterating her previous claims that there was "nothing romantic" or sexual about her relationship with the producer.

"I know I didn't do anything and I know I didn't have a sexual relationship with anybody while I was on the show. I am just still appalled. Appalled."

Harrison insinuated that the reason Papa didn't deny the allegations during the broadcast is because they were true.

"If you're a smart, intelligent person, which she is, wouldn't you say at some point, 'This is crazy, I didn't do any of this. I didn't have a relationship. I didn't have a physical relationship. I don't know who you're talking about.' Never," he told Frazier.
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In addition, Harrison said even if the "inappropriate relationship" simply consisted of "hugging and kissing," that would be "enough" to get her booted.

"We can't have that on our show," he told Frazier.

"This wasn't a secret relationship. They were brazen about it -- too brazen. It was brought to our attention because other girls on the show became curious about what was going on. It was pretty easy to tell something inappropriate was happening. They brought it to our attention. Then this crew member -- that knew he screwed up -- confessed multiple times to multiple people."

Frazier asked Papa about certain aspects of her relationship with the producer.

"I did not kiss the producer," said Papa before Frazier asked if she hugged him.

"I'm sure I did at some point," she replied.

"Did any physical contact happen that could've been interpreted as inappropriate?" asked Frazier.

"No, there was nothing between the producer and myself that any sane person would consider inappropriate," she replied.

"Do you believe that [the producer] told them that there was a physical relationship?" asked Frazier.

"I don't believe that," she answered. "He told me that he expressed to them he had feelings for me and he didn't feel that he could necessarily do his job."

Papa added that there were some "complaints" about bachelorettes spending time with staffers, however she denied they involved her.

"I think that there were complaints about producers giving [the] cast massages -- ironically it wasn't me and this producer," she told Frazier. "I'm telling the truth."

Papa also appeared on Tuesday's The Insider broadcast and gave her interpretation of what the network has described as an "inappropriate relationship."

"I think ABC and Chris Harrison and everyone over there are dancing around semantics," she said. "My interpretation is that it means something romantic, sexual. No, that is absolutely not true. That never happened."

Papa said she would also be willing to take a lie detector test with the "permission" from her lawyer.

In addition, Papa said she feels the real reason why she was booted and the producer was fired was because he had helped her keep in touch with her 7-year-old son during filming.

"I went on the show being promised that I would be able to talk to him every day and that they would fly him out. My ex-husband did not sign the release for him to be on camera, which is totally understandable. That's sort of an iffy situation anyway," explained Papa.

"I was there for about two weeks before I got kicked off. I talked to my son twice, one of those times was because this producer allowed me to use his phone. I don't want to throw this producer under the bus, but I wrote my son a card and nobody else would send it, and he took it and put a stamp on it and sent it to my son for me."

Papa also denied Harrison's previous allegation that she has continued her relationship with the producer.

"I do think he's a good catch though," she said with a laugh.

During her The Insider appearance, Papa was also confronted with her arrest record.

She was first arrested in June 1999 and charged with underage alcohol possession before subsequently being arrested in September and December of the same year. She was charged with petty theft both times, however the charges in both instances were later dropped upon appeal.

"I was 17 at the time. It was between myself and my ex-boyfriend's family. It was not like I stole anything from a store or something silly like that," Papa explained. "I was young, and I think we all do stupid stuff. It's a life lesson, and I don't think it's at all relevant to who I am."

In addition, Papa said The Bachelor's producers were "very aware" of her arrest history before she was cast.

"They have private investigators that go and dig up dirt, and they want you to tell them everything," she explained.

"I'm not entirely sure that's for your protection -- at the time, you're like, 'Oh, these people are going to have your back. They're going to watch out for me.' At the end of the day, it benefits them to put these things out about the girls."

Papa told Frazier she's unsure how the allegations will affect her career and simply answered "no" when asked if she'd ever consider appearing as The Bachelorette's star.

She also said any future reality television role is out of the question.

"I cannot imagine that there would be a premise that I would be okay with for a reality show," she said on The Insider.