Ashley Elmore said she was "definitely disappointed" she didn't receive a rose from Jake Pavelka during Monday night's The Bachelor: On The Wings of Love broadcast, however she somewhat expected it.

"I wasn't feeling all that confident going into the Rose Ceremony," Elmore told Reality TV World during a Thursday conference call.

"Our conversations were wonderful and they were so fun and we were laughing -- but we never really had a serious conversation. I don't really have major drama or a major story to tell."

Elmore said because she didn't have something that "evoked emotion" to talk about with Pavelka, there was nothing to discuss that would have "helped facilitate a bond."

"He and I never had that. It was more just fun, cool conversation that you would have with someone if you maybe met them at a bar or bookstore. I think that actually worked to my demise because we didn't have those bonding moments," she told Reality TV World. 

"We didn't have this major drama, story or intense moment -- and it was just sort of more lighthearted conversation."

Elmore added Pavelka did tell her that she made him laugh, had a positive attitude and was energetic -- however he then made a comment she was unsure how to handle.

"At one point he said, 'I've never met someone like you.' I thought that could be a good or bad thing, I don't know," she told Reality TV World. "So maybe my enthusiasm scared him off a little bit."

In addition, Elmore said Pavelka felt "really betrayed" the night of the Rose Ceremony because Rozlyn Papa was eliminated over allegations that she engaged in an "inappropriate relationship" with producer Ryan Callahan -- so he was looking for "genuine" bachelorettes to remain in the running for his heart.

"I think sometimes my always cheery, positive attitude can sometimes be misconstrued as me being fake or not genuine," she explained to Reality TV World. "So possibly he got rid of me because he thought I was trying to put on an act, which I certainly was not."

The 29-year-old high school teacher from Pittsburgh, PA said because she was only briefly in the competition for Pavelka's heart, she never grew too emotionally attached to him.

"I did not fall in love with him, most likely because I wasn't there long enough to develop those feelings," she told reporters during the conference call.

"But I've got to tell you he's a great, great guy. Maybe if the circumstances were different or if we had more time to spend together, I could possibly see some strong feelings developing because he was just wonderful."
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Elmore added that there were "no massive breakdown" and "no tears" after she was eliminated.

"I always try to look on the positive or bright side of things and not get too upset about things I can't control," she explained.

"Of course you're disappointed, who wouldn't be in that situation? If I were to tell you it didn't phase me, that would be a lie. Of course I was disappointed. I would have liked to get to know him better. But in the back of my head I just remember this wasn't the opportunity, but it will come. It's okay. I just felt thankful that I got to go and enjoy the experience."

Since Elmore is a high school teacher, she said she was "initially worried" about participating in The Bachelor -- however she recalled a conversation she had with her principal at end of the last school year when he told her she worked so hard at school and on her PhD.

"He said, 'I really want you to take some time for yourself as well,'" she told reporters. "So when I got the opportunity to go on The Bachelor, I sat down with my principal and reminded him of that conversation. He was completely supportive."

She added her appearance on the created a "buzz" around the school.

"My students were definitely surprised when the previews came out," she said with a laugh. "Overall, the school has been really supportive. They've been wonderful."

After she was chosen to appear on the ABC reality dating series, Elmore said she realized that filming would make her miss her "favorite holiday" -- Halloween -- meaning she wouldn't be able to dress up.

"Then the light bulb sort of went off in my head," she told reporters.

The light prompted her to go to a costume store, where she picked out a revealing flight attendant outfit that she wore during the first night' cocktail party.

"I just thought it was cute and funny. It wasn't meant to cause this huge drama, which it sort of did," she said.

"I just did it to be fun and playful. I try to approach every situation in a very lighthearted manner. To me, getting attention that way just sort of broke the ice in a sort of fun, flirtatious way. Some of the other girls on the show reacted a little more negative to it, but to me it was just simply meant to be a cutesy way to grab his attention."

Elmore said the bachelorettes were "definitely competitive" and added that was partly because they knew what a great catch was from seeing him on The Bachelorette last year.

"I think because the girls did see Jake prior and did see his interactions with The Bachelorette -- how he was just a nice guy and a gentleman and just very warm and loving -- that initially they were already excited about him before meeting him," she said.

"It almost felt like they did know him. So I would say that girls definitely were more excited because they almost felt like they got to know a piece of him from watching him on TV previously."

Since she's no longer vying for Pavelka's affection, Elmore said she does have some "front runners" among the remaining bachelorettes.

"Of course it still early on and I wasn't there all that long, but there were a few women that I just think are wonderful and beautiful -- not only on the outside but more importantly on the inside," she told reporters.

"I really became close with Tenley right off the bat. She was just extremely positive and warm and outgoing. I tried to also exhibit those same qualities. We instantly clicked on that aspect. Jake's such a great guy, and I could see him with a girl who possesses some of those attributes."

Elmore added she "also really liked" Elizabeth.

"Her and I hit it off almost immediately as well. She's a great girls also," she said. "I really liked Ali as well, and watching the episode Monday night and seeing how cute her and Jake were, it just made me like her even more."

Overall, Elmore said she enjoyed her The Bachelor experience and is excited to begin dating again in the real world.

"I'm currently single right now and obviously I didn't want to get involved with something when I returned from the show. I thought, 'Let's just wait until it airs and the dust settles and take a little bit of time for me and we'll see what happens,'" she explained.

"But I'm definitely ready to start dating again and I'm looking for a great guy."
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