The Bachelor bachelorette Vienna Girardi allegedly bilked her ex-husband out of thousands of dollars to pay for breast implants while he was deployed in Iraq.

"She took every bit of his money," Girardi's former mother-in-law Gale Riley told Us Weekly in a Wednesday report.

"I know that boob job was the first thing she had done."

Girardi -- who is one of four bachelorettes still vying for Jake Pavelka's heart on The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love and rumored to be the woman he selected when the show's finale was filmed last fall -- withdrew Josh Riley's last $5,000 from his bank account while he was deployed in Iraq as a Marine, Gail told Us.

"Marrying her was a mistake," Josh told Us. "I'd like to forget."

Once Josh returned from his tour of duty after being injured during an explosion, Gail claimed her son didn't even know where his belongings were due to Girardi.

"[She] locked his belongings in storage and would not tell us where they were," Gale told Us.

Girardi had discussed her marriage to Josh with Pavelka during The Bachelor's second episode while on a group date at Six Flags Magic Mountain.

"I was engaged to my pastor's son in high school. I dated him for four years, we got engaged my senior year. The when I was 17 I graduated and realized I wasn't ready. I ended up calling the marriage off and literally a month later he got married and was having a kid," Girardi told Pavelka before disclosing her marriage to Riley.

"It was really hard losing him so I -- at 18 -- ran off and eloped with a guy that  didn't even know. Four months later we were signing divorce papers. But it really made me grow up."

Josh told Us that he was married to Girardi for 10 months and also claimed he believes she was unfaithful while he was in Iraq.

"She slept with one of my buddies I was deployed," he told Us. "I'm 99 percent sure she cheated on me."