ABC will apparently be casting a familiar face as its next The Bachelor star.

Former The Bachelorette fifth-season suitor Jake Pavelka will serve as The Bachelor's fourteenth-season star, Brittney Gammel -- who claims to be one of Pavelka's bachelorettes -- told ABC's WKRN-TV affiliate  in Nashville, TN on Thursday.

Gammel, a 25-year-old Learjet pilot from Franklin, TN, said she'll be attempting to woo Pavelka during The Bachelor's upcoming installment but is unsure how a potential relationship would actually work since Pavelka is also a pilot.

"We'd never see each other," she told WKRN-TV.  "We'd always be flying.  We'd miss each other all the time."

The Bachelor host Chris Harrison previously announced via his Twitter account that the next The Bachelor star would be revealed during Dancing with the Stars' October 13 broadcast -- and ABC remained mum when asked by Us Weekly about Gammel's claim.

"We are not going to confirm who The Bachelor is or if this woman is even one of the bachelorettes," an ABC representative told Us.  "People need to tune into Dancing With the Stars on October 13 to find out the real identity of the next Bachelor."

Harrison had previously teased that Pavelka was "obviously" one of the candidates to serve as The Bachelor's next star.

Gammel said The Bachelor will begin filming next month and it will The Bachelorette after being rejected by Harris -- however it wasn't to try and win her back. ">premiere as midseason programming, presumably in January.