Whitney Fransway's goodbye was very difficult for Nick Viall although The Bachelor viewers didn't see much of their chemistry or connection unfold on the show.

"As if you thought one would be enough, I decided to have another two-on-one," Viall wrote in his People blog, referencing his first two-on-one date of the season with Corinne Olympios and Taylor Nolan.

Because of the group date in which Viall's bachelorettes grew impatient and emotional, "the week in St. Thomas was already off to a mixed start," said Viall. "And even though we were about half way into the journey, I was thinking only about the future. While my two-on-one with Corinne and Taylor was totally different, I still felt like what I got out of the date was beneficial."

Viall entered the date with Fransway and Danielle Lombard expecting to find some clarity.

"I went into this date hoping to get the same gut feeling that guided me the last time. My thought process was, 'If I don't see a strong connection now, then what can I build off of?'" the Bachelor revealed.

"I hadn't had a one-on-one with Whitney yet, but I felt like a two-on-one would give us more time to see what was there between us. There had always been a spark, but I went into the date hoping it could grow into a bigger flame. Unfortunately, that just didn't happen."

Viall declined to reveal exactly what was missing in his romance with Fransway, a Pilates instructor from Los Angeles.

"Whitney is a beautiful and kind person, but we just weren't right for one another. Saying goodbye felt terrible," Viall said.

The Bachelor star was hoping to fall in love in St. Thomas, but if anything, the week served as a setback.

"I know this is all a part of the process, but I had started to feel like I wasn't connecting with anyone," Viall noted.

"Although saying goodbye to Whitney was hard, I still had Danielle. Danielle and I had a great one on one back in Wisconsin, but since then I felt like we lost some of our momentum. I felt good about the time we shared on the beach, but I felt like I wasn't ready to hand out a rose yet. I decided that evening for us would be make or break."

And it turned out to be a break. Lombard expressed how she was falling in love with Viall, only for him to dump her moments later. In addition to eliminating Lombard and Fransway, Viall also ousted Josephine Tutman, Alexis Waters, Jaimi King, and Jasmine Goode in Monday night's The Bachelor broadcast.
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