The Bachelor star Nick Viall has made one thing very clear this season when it comes to his dating approach -- he doesn't want to waste anyone's time.

Monday night's episode kicked off right where last week's broadcast had left off, with Taylor Nolan confronting Viall about choosing to keep Corinne Olympios around instead.

"Last week, we watched as I decided to bring Taylor and Corinne on a two-on-one date. Things certainly heated up in the Bayou between the women, and what started out as positive voodoo vibes turned negative pretty quickly," Viall wrote in his People blog of the tension-filled date that took place in New Orleans.

"But for me, I just wanted to keep my attention to the relationships I had with them individually. I have the utmost respect for Taylor, and I really enjoyed the moments we had shared during this journey. But inevitably I didn't think that we were a good match."

Nolan refused to go down without a fight. Instead of leaving the show once the Bachelor denied her a rose, Nolan confronted Viall while he was enjoying dinner with Olympios that night. The mental health counselor insisted she's not a bully and never called Olympios stupid, which are claims Olympios had previously made.

Viall, however, seemed unfazed by both sides of the story because he said his elimination decision simply came down to how he was feeling about the women and connecting with them.

"When Taylor came back, I was shocked. I wasn't sure what to expect. While I didn't feel like we covered anything totally new, I was happy she took the chance to leave everything on the table," Viall explained. "I don't have any regrets with Taylor -- and I hope she doesn't either."

Viall's time in New Orleans concluded with a Rose Ceremony in which he ousted three bachelorettes: Alexis Waters, Josephine Tutman and Jaimi King.

"After my two-on-one there was a lot on my mind heading into the Rose Ceremony. There was something telling me that I knew what I needed to do. So I canceled the cocktail party. I told myself going into this that when I knew it was time to say goodbye I wouldn't waste anyone's time," Viall wrote in his blog.

"Josephine, Alexis and Jaimi are three women who I had grown to really care for and love to be around. I just felt like there wasn't enough of an emotional connection building. I wish nothing but amazing things for those women, and I truly believe that for Alexis there is an aquatic counterpart out there just waiting for her to swim into his heart. Who knows, maybe in Paradise?"

Later in the episode, Viall also sent Danielle Lombard, Jasmine Goode and Whitney Fransway packing in St. Thomas.
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