Kristina Schulman was the only relationship The Bachelor star Nick Viall seemed confident in during his week of dates in St. Thomas as shown on Monday night's episode.

Viall had a disastrous group date as well as a two-on-one date in which he sent both bachelorettes home, so his date with Schulman appeared nothing short of wonderful.

"Picking Kristina for the one-on-one felt long overdue. For some time now Kristina and I built a strong connection, but I had been waiting for the right date to have that extra time with her," Viall wrote in his People blog.

"I knew there was more to her that she had not yet shared with me. I was eager to spent this time with such a beautiful and charming woman."

Viall and the dental hygienist -- who was born in Russia yet raised by her adoptive parents in Kentucky -- enjoyed a seaplane ride to a private beach, where they had ample time to get to know one another better.

"After a fun afternoon, I felt like our connection grew so much deeper then I anticipated," Viall explained. "Kristina is easy to be around, she is funny and charming and more than intriguing."

Viall then revealed something he found incredibly "sexy" about Schulman.

"What you didn't see was more of Kristina teaching me Russian, and man was it sexy. It was hard to concentrate because I just wanted to hear her speak it, not myself!" Viall wrote.

At dinner that night, Viall wanted to learn more about Schulman's past and what brought her to America.

"When she opened up about her family and leaving Russia for a better life, she really floored me," Viall admitted. "I couldn't believe how much she had been through in life. I developed a new admiration for this strong and resilient woman."

When Kristina was four or five-years-old and living in Russia, her mother left her home alone for a full day and demanded she not eat any food in the house. Kristina was left with empty cabinets and ate lipstick because she was so starving. When Kristina's mother got home, she kicked her daughter out of the house for disobeying her.

Kristina was quickly placed in an orphanage and stayed there for seven or eight years. Kristina was adopted by loving parents in the United States when she was 12-years-old, but it meant having to leave her beloved sister and close friends behind in Russia. There will always be a part of Kristina that feels guilty for going after a better, more colorful life when those she loves were left behind in "black and white." 
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"I was touched with how open she was with me, and her story put so much into perspective. I think this journey helps people focus on what they want and need in their life, and Kristina is someone I could see a real future with," Schulman said.

"I woke up the morning of the group date on such a high from my one-on-one with Kristina. I felt like this week had started out perfectly, what could go wrong?"